November 26, 2019

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Delta Heavy have returned with their first music video in over two years. The new visual for “Take Me Home” was written with two of their good friends and longtime collaborators Hannah Yadi and Jem Cooke, the latter of whose vocals are feature on the record. The single itself encompasses an emotional, epic story, a standout record from their sophomore album titled Only In Dreams that came out earlier this year.

Signed to Ram Records, the UK duo are well-respected for their daring and high quality animations, which have earned them multiple UKMVA nominations and over 60 million YouTube views total.

Now, they team up with Kun-I Chang and Shih-Wen Lin of Sky Rabbit for yet another grandiose, animated plot featuring two toy lovers who try to escape the wrath of the arcade claw machine. This tale is a metaphor for two souls in the midst of this chaotic thing we call life.

EDM.com asked Delta Heavy about the song and video. Read on to see what they had to say.

EDM.com: What was the inspiration behind “Take Me Home?”

Delta Heavy: The lyrics were written around the simple premise of two souls uniting in a chaotic world, a journey from darkness into light. Kun-I and Shih-Wen, who wrote, directed and animated the video, imagined a fantasy world set in an ’80s arcade claw machine. The story represents the emotions of the record, as a couple of plush toys are brought to life and we follow their journey to be together forever, as they are taken “home.”

What’s one thing you want fans to get from the video?

We want viewers to fall in love with the characters, and feel all the layers of emotion in the song. Fans of our other videos should hopefully feel like they are instantly watching another Delta Heavy music video. The message is simple: it’s better to go into the unknown with the one you love, rather than to stay where you are alone.

Why is this your first video in two years?

We have a perfectionist attitude to everything we do so if we aren’t totally happy with something, we won’t put it out. We have actually worked on a few other video projects in this period but for whatever reason, we weren’t happy with the final results. We’ve become known for our animated videos and are grateful to have worked with some incredibly talented directors and animators so we have set a very high standard for ourselves! We’re very proud of this one.

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