‘Jojo Rabbit’ Is The Perfect Hitler Satirical Film

December 10, 2019

Tuesday, December 10th

Holy fuck, it’s almost the new year. Holy fuck, my hand is still fractured. Life is crazy. After a long ass day, I got to wind down & go to the movies. Shout out to my dawg Corey, we went to see Jojo Rabbit at AMC Burbank 6 (with the leather reclining seats). Immediately as I entered I regretted not bringing a blanket lmao. Blankets at movies >>>>>

IMDB: A young boy in Hitler’s army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home.

This is basically a satirical, comical movie based on Adolf Hitler and his hatred for jews. My favorite part was everyone clapping at the end. I seriously love when people clap lmao it lets you know that people enjoyed themselves. Another favorite part is when Scarlett Johansson popped on the the big screen. She’s so bae!

The little boy in the film (Roman Griffin Davis) killed that shit. I don’t know how he remembered all those lines & was able to play the part of the Nazi kid so well. Pretty much his mom (Scarlett) hides a Jew in her attic & he’s stuck between the fact that he’s supposed to hate Jews — and there’s one in his house. Honestly, this movie was entertaining as fuck. The jokes were on point, we were laughing throughout the whole movie.

Oh and Rebel Wilson is in it too. She’s fucking hilarious. The film is only an hour & 48 minutes long, the perfect length! I’d recommend this if you’re bored for sure. <3

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