‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Had The Best Life Message.

December 16, 2019

Sunday, December 15th

Holy shit. I’ve literally never been so cold in my entire life. I was at Rolling Loud from 3pm until 10pm & I swear I’ve never been so cold. Just when you think LA has the best weather in the world… I’m literally freezing right now this very moment. All I wanted to do was go to the movies — I brought a blanket and I was still cold.

Shout out to Corey for picking me up. We went to see Jumanji: The Next Level at 10pm at AMC Burbank 16, which was a jampacked theater. This film just came out this weekend so it makes sense. It also got pretty high reviews, 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and 66% on the other side. I never know which one to believe. Honestly, I’m just a huge fan of Kevin Hart and The Rock. Awkwafina was also a nice surprise. Love seeing Asians on the big screen.

IMDB plot: In Jumanji: The Next Level, the gang is back but the game has changed. As they return to rescue one of their own, the players will have to brave parts unknown from arid deserts to snowy mountains, to escape the world’s most dangerous game.

This is the sequel to the first Jumanji, which I honestly can’t remember if I’ve seen. (This seems to always be the case). It was honestly just a feel-good movie that put you in good spirits. It’s 2 hours and 4 minutes long which I think they could’ve cut shorter for a PG movie, but hey. I also really appreciated the life message: Getting older doesn’t suck. It’s actually a great thing.

I’m about to be 29 in January & I’m literally freaking the fuck out. I literally feel like it’s only downhill from here. #help

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