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Roddy Ricch Plays Keyboard For The First Time At Hollywood Palladium

December 29, 2019

Saturday, December 28th

Wow, I haven’t written a blog about a show in days. Well, I’ve slowed down a lot on going to concerts because I’m old and washed. I’ll go if I really love an artist but otherwise, my interns got it covered. Roddy Ricch is totally worth it though. Tonight was his sold-out show at the Hollywood Palladium. Hometown show!

Today, I worked. Got to interview Kali Hawk about her jewelry line H.Crowne, then went to go check out a venue for my birthday (on the 8th, actual bday the 9th). I’m so fucking old. Then went to Weho to sell back some clothes & purses. Melrose is too lit for that shit, the hypebeast stores are real.

Pulled up to the Palladium around 9pm, Roddy came on 30 minutes later. The DJ was playing bangers but I hate waiting for artists to come out. Literally tell me a set time, & I’ll be there. Last time I was here was for the MGK show, but this shit was packed! Plus Roddy just dropped a fucking incredible album: Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social. Got to interview him for on Variety right after he got the Grammy noms, really enjoyed our conversation.

Finally he came on & kicked things off with “Intro” off the album, such a beautiful song. Next he did “The Box,” which is the #1 song in the country right now. He had to bring it back to close out the show too, the crowd still went crazy. Roddy rocked a black tee with all his blinged-out chains. He’s legit a superstar. His voice and melodies are unreal & he really hasn’t missed with any of his records.

Die Young” was the song that really blew up mainstream, & he always give a heartwarming message about being locked up & coming out the projects. Super inspiring. “Every Season” was next. He intertwined his old stuff with the new & each record hit home. “Down Below” was next at which point you notice the live band on stage with him. That bass player was going off!

He did “Start Wit Me” featuring Gunna next & I honestly could not tell if it was actually Gunna who popped out. A bunch of people in ski masks came on stage, he called them his homies. But literally the ski masks, we couldn’t tell who they were. Next he did something that he said no rapper has done before in his life: proceeded to play the keyboard while performing “Perfect Time.” What a talented human being. “PETA” featuring Meek was next before “High Fashion” with Mustard. He informed us Mustard was in the Bahamas right now or else he’d be there onstage with him. The screen was lit though, he paid tribute to all the beautiful females from Rihanna to Zendaya to Beyonce to Megan Thee Stallion.

“Boom Boom Room” was next before my personal favorite: “Bacc Seat” with Ty Dolla $ign. Shit’s ratchet & I love it. He goes, “this is for anyone who’s had sex in the back of a car.” Bitches screamed. Of course, he had to do “Racks In The Middle.” RIP Nipsey.

He actually told us his first time at the Palladium was at Nipsey’s show. He was standing there thinking “cuz hard.” Definitely a full circle moment. Next was “Gods Eyes,” the first song he thought would go from his new album. Then his personal favorite: “Roll Dice.” At this point, we saw people on stage setting up tall mic stands, setting up for “War Baby.” That’s that’s the last song on the project and he described it as a record that describes who he is as a person to the core. Then the choir came out, which was so damn fitting for the chorus. Beautiful.

Of course, he had to do “Ballin.” He even brought his granny on stage & shouted her out. Ended the show with “The Box” again & left us with a really positive message: “If you want to be something in life, you can do it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep God first, 1000.”

Roddy is one of the realist.

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