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December 31, 2019

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Rockie Fresh loves music, period. Hailing from Chicago but splitting his time between Los Angeles and The Chi, the 28-year-old came up alongside Casey Veggies, going on to unleash their nostalgic Fresh Veggies mixtape. While he’s considered a rapper, his influences include a wide range of styles including rock, rap, reggae, and more. Read more…

Now, he unleashes his debut studio album titled Destination for his ever-growing fanbase. After 11 mixtapes or so, the 12-track project signifies “a point of arrival,” serving as his first project debuted on streaming services. In the end, he’s working his ass off to provide for his daughter so she can live the best life possible.

For those who don’t know, who is Rockie Fresh?
A young artist out of Chicago, Illinois. I make music, that’s really it.

Do you miss Chicago at all?
Nah because I be there all the time. I still live there, I just be out here a lot too. That’s my second home, I be back and forth so I still be there a lot. But I like it out here, I be missing LA a lot. [chuckles]

What do you like about LA?
I got a lot of cool friends out here. The weed is great. The weather, especially at this time of the year. But it’s cold today.

Bring us back to when you first moved to LA. How’d you meet Casey Veggies?
With Casey, we actually met over the internet first because we were on a song together. Shout out to BrandUn Deshay, he put me and Casey on the same record. That’s how we both got familiar with each other. Then when I came out here, we had already planned on linking up. He came to the studio, we made this record called “Duckin N Dodgin” which was the first song me and him dropped together. That was the birth of the whole Fresh Veggies thing. Ever since, he became my brother outside of music to the point where we’re super close with each other’s families, etc.

What’s your guys’ friendship now compared to back then?
It’s another level now, that’s my brother for sure.

How have you guys evolved since then?
We’ve evolved a lot. I’m a dad now, so I’m really focused on that. Casey has always been wise beyond his years. Musically, we grew now because now we’re able to put even more time and focus on the music. Back then, we were mentally focused but our families and different things like that… we had normal kid shit we were focused on. Now, we’re a lot older. The music is something that we work on nonstop so I feel we’re better than we’ve ever been right now.

I had the pleasure of hearing Destination beforehand, it really showcases your versatility. Talk about the different vibes and energies.
It came together super natural because I listen to all different types of music. I work with all different types of artists too so really, it was adapting to the different environments of the songs that I like. I listen to a lot of alternative rock, so I wanted to make a song that had that type of energy. I’m a huge fan of R&B, that’s why the majority of the features on the album are R&B features. Then obviously I’m a rapper, so I love to have that vibe in it too. I just stay true to the things that I like, then it turned into its own thing.

What songs mean the most to you and why?
All of them, they got different value to them. But I really like “King’s Back” because we were looking for the intro and the way it came about was super natural. It was fun to record that record. “Always Love” and “Fallin,” that tells the fans a lot of different… it answered some questions for them.

Best memory from the “Must Be” video shoot with Chris Brown?
Man. [whistles] Probably trying to string everything together for it really. It was a real grueling process, we still in the process of getting everything done with that. But it’s a part of the game.

Talk about getting 24Hrs & Casey on “Feelings Hurt.”
That record came about super organic because me, 24, and Casey, we always hang out. We always making music. I started that record in Chicago. I had went on vacation to Hawaii then when I came back, that hook was just in my mind. I was thinking about recording the whole time I was there so when I got back home, I had the little hook that “we fresh up off vacation, I’m back to work.” I did my hook and my verse, I played it for Casey and he hopped on it. Then we played in for 24 and he hopped on it. It came together like that.

How often are you guys making music compared to just hanging out as friends?
Really something gets made every time we hang out. We spend so much time together, we can have fun, go make music, then go back to having fun. It’s super easy.

Fresh Veggies was everything. Any plans of doing a joint project with anyone else?
I’d love to do a joint project with Chris, for sure. Me and 24, we got enough records to do one. Tobi Lou, he went to the same high school as me. Me and him have been talking about doing a little joint project too.

What’s your recording process like? Do you write your lyrics down or freestyle?
I do everything off the top. I’m real big on vibing on beats. It’s a lot easier for me to come up with new flow patterns when I just go off of the top. When I write, I’m sticking to a more structured cadance and I don’t really like to do that. Pretty much, I spend so much time in the studio now that as soon as beats come in, we go straight to the studio and pull ‘em up. When I catch a vibe, I just start going.

What’s your relationship with Shawn Mendez?
Me and Shawn got the same manager. Shout out my homie Andy Gerber, he introduced us. Shawn’s a super cool dude so we became friends that way. Hopefully we get to work on some music soon. Any time we’re in the same city, we always link up. I’ll pull up to his show, go to the crib or wherever they’re staying at and kick it with them. That’s my boy though.

Sean that dude. I seen it come together because my manager, we went to high school together. He was always looking for a dope singer as well as having a rapper. He had shown me Shawn on Vine, I’m like “yo he’s super dope.” But I didn’t know they’re going to go as crazy as they going right now, it’s a beautiful thing to see.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
I have no clue. It’s crazy because I didn’t get into music until I was 18, but I can’t see my life without it now. I don’t know what I’d be doing. I didn’t really like school as much as I should have, so that was leading down the path of nowhere for me. I wasn’t in the streets or nothing, so I’m not going to sit up here and tell ya’ll I’d be in jail or some shit. I don’t know, probably doing a regular job and kicking it. [chuckles]

Best encounter you had with a fan?
I actually just had an encounter recently, I went to 7/11. I had met this homeless guy outside of 7/11, he’s like “yo, I listen to your music.” I’m like “what?” Then he started rapping certain lyrics to certain songs word for word, that shit got to me. This was in Chicago, that blew my mind. I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m blessed to have really cool fans. Every time I meet a fan and I’m outside, they’re all super cool. Respectable people. They never violate my space or do nothing extra, so shout out to all the fans for being cool.


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