Ben Affleck Deserves An Oscar For ‘The Way Back’

March 7, 2020

Friday, March 6th

You guys! I’ve been so emo lately 🙁 I can’t get out of my head. Been listening to Jhene Aiko‘s new album CHILOMBO & fucking crying bruh. I need to snap out of it. And tonight’s movie did NOT help. The Way Back starring Ben Affleck was SO fucking good. I genuinely want people to see this movie, it really touched me.

Today’s Friday & I had a full day. Went to yoga, stopped by a few spots, & was so happy I could make time for a late-night movie. We hit the 10:30 showing at Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk Hollywood. I love/hate coming here. It’s really nice, but the $5 parking fee literally bugs me. Shout out to Victoria for being my date, it meant the world.

IMDB plot: Jack Cunningham was a HS basketball phenom who walked away from the game, forfeiting his future. Years later, when he reluctantly accepts a coaching job at his alma mater, he may get one last shot at redemption.

Bruh, this movie brought back so many feelings. Where do I even start? First off, the film opens with Ben’s struggles as an alcoholic, and it’s so fucking real. So many people are struggling with this disease, yearning for a way out. I definitely drowned myself in alcohol in high school & college but I can happily say I haven’t drank since August 2012. The whole premise of addiction is one very near dear to my heart & I’m still hoping to find a way to combine both music and giving back in that field. (Also… once I fix myself too).

Second, it’s centered around Ben being a coach for a high school basketball team. I totally played bball in high school, and it honestly devastated me realizing my right wrist is still healing from the fracture & I’ll probably never be able to shoot again 🙁 I’m so negative right now, I hate it. But it did bring back a lot. I miss those days, even though we sucked. (I sucked too).

It’s an hour 48 minutes long, the perfect length. Definitely a heartfelt drama. It got 90% on Rotten Tomatoes but it deserves 100%. I hella fuck with this movie, minus it being so sad. I cried. Definitely.

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