March 25, 2020

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Tammy Rivera is a female boss bitch with layers on layers. Describing herself as “a whole lot of people,” she’s a mother first, a wife, an entrepreneur, an artist, and a family girl. She adds, “There’s more titles I’m going to add to that,” with a chuckle.

While you may have discovered her name through her relationship with Atlanta rap legend Waka Flocka Flame, the 33-year-old is an artist in her own right. With a true love for R&B down to the core, Tammy just hopes to do her idols (such as Brandy and Usher) justice. Her records embody romance and relationships, giving hope that true love does exist.

Following the success of their marriage and stint on Love & Hip Hop, Tammy and Waka return for their new show titled Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka on WETV. Produced by Entertainment One, the series comprises of 6 one-hour episodes showcasing the reality of settling into married life in their new home in Atlanta. From home renovation to parenting their teenage daughter Charlie, the drama and juiciness continues.

Tammy is also proud to push forth her swimwear line T-Rivera, while readying her new album titled Conversations. Flaunt

Besides you and Waka, who’s your favorite hip-hop couple?

I love Cardi and Offset, they’re dope. I like Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s relationship. But my favorite hip-hop couple is Chance and his girl. They’ve been together since before he was poppin’.

What are you most excited for with you and Waka’s WETV show coming out?

To give people insight on who we are, just a young married couple. Us going through our trials and tribulations, want to hopefully help somebody or maybe give someone some laughs.

You and Waka have been together for 8 years. What’s your biggest pet peeve about Waka?

Actually, going on 10. We’ve been married for 6. It’s his indecisiveness. He’s a Gemini. One day, it’s one thing. The next day, it’s something else. The one thing he decides on is food. Everything else, he has so many different ideas, so much. I always tell him he’s like 5 different people.

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Do you consider yourself an R&B artist?

Absolutely, 100%, I love R&B. That’s what inspires me, that’s what’s driving me. That’s what I want my music to exude.

How many years have you been recording?

It’s now been my third year. It’s amazing. It’s therapeutic. It’s exciting because you get to learn the things about yourself. I learn my voice everyday, what I can do. The thing I want to explore more is understanding who I am as an artist. I’m still learning, I’m figuring this all out. [laughs]

Do you feel that R&B nowadays has taken a back seat to hip-hop?

Absolutely. R&B is if not dead, it has been dying. A lot of people are starting to realize it though, and trying to come forward. Hip-hop comes from R&B. I do feel like nowadays, the respect level for R&B has definitely shifted throughout the years.

Can we expect records with Waka?

I have a feature from him on my album. He said he was nervous. He said it was really hard, because he’s not used to rapping about love. For him, he said it was hard. [laughs]

Top 5 artists in rotation?

Let me look at my phone and see. I always have Brandy in my rotation. I do, she’s amazing. I can’t wait for her new album, she’s one of the best vocalists ever. Usher, he’s definitely coming out with Confessions 3. I have Karina Hawthorne, she’s a gospel singer. She’s amazing. I have Summer Walker. Is that five?

Talk about being a female entrepreneur and starting your own swimwear line.

I started my swimsuit line in 2014. I always looked for swimsuits for curvy. Even when I was smaller, I had a small waist but hippy. They never really made swimsuits for curvy women, that’s what made me get into it. I have things I want to attenuate and things I want to hide. I started contouring my swimsuits to my body and that’s how I came up with T-Rivera Swimwear.

Definitely want to get back to Ready To Wear, I started that when I was first seen on Love & Hip Hop. I think it was too premature for my career because people didn’t know who I was and I was using leather and expensive panties, like “girl, I’m not going to buy that. Who are you?” But now that I have established myself in the fashion world, I’m definitely going to dabble back to Ready To Wear.

Biggest lesson learned from shooting Love & Hip Hop?

Stay true to yourself. One thing I’m proud about is I was able to come out of the franchise unscarred. I’ve never done anything on camera that I was ashamed about, that my daughter would watch and be like “omg that doesn’t seem like my mom, my mom wouldn’t do something like that.” I was always 100% who I am on and off camera. I’m not going to do anything for the camera, not going to start beef with girls. One thing I learned is to continue to stay true to myself on and off camera.

Ideal mommy daughter date?

Watching movies on Netflix. [laughs] She hates that, or sit and watch Lifetime all day. She says all movies on Lifetime are predictable to her, but I love it. I sit there and watch it all night.

Favorite person to follow on IG?

On social media… Boosie. Boosie is hilarious. [chuckles] I’m telling you, that man makes me crack up. When I’m bored and you scroll past his page… he doesn’t mean to be funny, but he’s just funny. Me and my husband when we have our sessions and want to laugh, we’ll go to Boosie’s page just to laugh.

You have over 6.9m followers on IG, do you deal with negative comments?

It doesn’t affect me as much as it used to. Honestly, it used to really affect me before. But now I have so many followers and so many comments that I learn how to look at all the positive. I’ll have 30K positive comments and maybe 15 to 30 negative ones.

Do you respond to comments?

I do, because I want to interact with people. They ask me all the time “oh, where you get that from?” I’ll say “girl I got it from Zara” or “Target.” They’re so shocked I’m responding! So I always talk to them.

What are some goals for yourself at this point of your career?

Continue to level up. Right now, I’m learning about myself as an artist. I want to be able to sing uncut, unfiltered, with just raw emotion. I’m learning to channel that. It’s not an easy thing for me to do, so I admire artists who go out there and leave it all on the stage. It’s not just about vocal ability, but the raw emotion in it. I’m trying to channel that portion of an artist where I’m so emotional in depth into my music that I’m in another world. [laughs]

Anything else you’d like to let us know?

My album Conversations drops April 16th. Watch Waka & Tammy, What the Flaka, March 12 on WeTV, Premieres at 10pm Eastern.

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