May 15, 2020

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Ayelle is here to bless her fans once again. This time, the Swedish-Iranian releases her highly-anticipated new mixtape titled NOMAD, exclusively on Flaunt.

Having written songs since she learned how to write, Ayelle has established her sound with her emotive vocals and honest lyrics. Her music is inspired by real-life experiences encompassing everything from self-worth to relationships to challenging the status quo. While she grew up in Sweden and Spain, she made the leap to relocate to London to take her music career to the next level.

After receiving the PRS Momentum Fund in early 2019, during a time she was releasing a new single monthly, Ayelle now calls New York home. The NOMAD tape arrives after months in the making, a collection of songs collected and written over the past two years. Ayelle sings about her own self-reflection as listeners around the world are invited to explore those uncomfortable yet essential feelings to one’s growth.

Speaking on the tape, Ayelle states, “All my life I’ve strived to live outside of my comfort zone and to learn how to embrace uncertainty. This quarantine has been the greatest test yet and I hope this mixtape can be a space for people to lean into that uncertainty, to feel all the emotions that are being triggered right now and hopefully come out at the other end stronger, more resilient and more at peace with uncertainty. It’s an ongoing process and I have by no means mastered it yet, but it does get easier when we loosen our grip and stop trying to control our everything, and it sometimes opens up new doors that we would never have noticed otherwise.”

The goal is to be fearless and step outside your comfort zone, whether it’s physical or emotional.

Photo: Polly Hanrahan

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