May 18, 2020

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Lyrica Anderson has been killing it for a decade, who’s bubbly, sweet personality arrives equipped with one hell of a voice. The singer-songwriter is a Los Angeles native (specifically Santa Clarita) with a lot to say, inspired by real-life experiences and struggles. It was the moment in middle school when she performed Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” in a talent show competition that she knew music would be her end be all.

Having written for some of the greats such as Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Tinashe, and Jennifer Hudson, the 32-year-old has since switched her focus to her own artistry, spilling her heart through the lyrics in her ballads. Hailing 1.7 million followers on Instagram alone, Lyrica’s personal life has been in the spotlight since she appeared on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The reality television show would air out all her laundry with the father of her child, A1 Bentley.

In any case, Lyrica is a proud mother to their child Ocean Zion Bentley. Her most recent single “Marriott” is a powerful message to her ex-husband, unveiling a layer of vulnerability and honesty that fans all around the world can appreciate and relate to.

Flaunt caught up with Lyrica who had one-year-old Ocean in her arms, to discuss quarantine life, her new single “Marriott,” a horrible edible trip, favorite restaurants, and more!

You’ve written for some of the greats: Beyonce, Jeezy, Demi Lovato…

Yes! Miley Cyrus… woo, the list goes on. I started off as a songwriter. I used to be signed to Disney as a songwriter, it went up from there. Now I’m most focused on my album, my project.

“Marriott” is inspired by A1 obviously, was it hard for you to be so vulnerable about your relationship? 

It was really hard. I come from a show where I was being honest, but some people lie on you. You’re always trying to prove yourself. This isn’t true, this is true, whatever. It’s a show with a lot of rumors. What I love about music is you can with no hesitation, tell your truth. Nobody’s going to say “that’s not you, that didn’t happen.” How’s someone going to tell you what you’re feeling in the moment or what you went through? It’s a very vulnerable place to be in to write a song about a breakup, a move out, what you went through during that time. It reaches people the most when it’s your truth.

Were you staying at the Marriott?

Period, yup! [laughs] There’s so many other hotels, nicer hotels people say. Some people have asked me “why aren’t you at the Mondrian?” I went and stayed one night at the Marriott, I got a suite and I was mad comfortable there.

They need to cut you a check!

Okay?! That’s what I’m saying. I’m definitely trying to get that Marriott check.

You have a line about the Shade Room, how do you not let the comments get to you?

One thing about The Shade Room that annoys everybody is it doesn’t matter the prettiest picture, the best you sound, the best you look, the perfect angle, you can promise yourself the comments are going to be “oh this person’s too fat or too skinny, or too stupid or this is bad.” It’s going to be shady, everybody’s throwing shade. It gives a bunch of miserable commenters room to vent how they feel about their own lives.

Unless somebody dies, they’re mostly posting negative things. I try not to read that or let it bother me. I’ve been guilty commenting to people, especially when they say something about me that’s not factual. Shut up, that’s not true. Somebody looking crazy in their post and got the nerve to say something about yours, chile please. [laughs] They’re always trolling.

How’s quarantine life treating you?

[sighs] I like it because it gave us a moment to reflect, work on our spirituality, be better people. At the same time, it’s hard to not get up and do the things we’re used to doing. I hate the fact we can’t do the things that we’re used to doing like getting our nails done.

Feels! My lashes, I have to wear glasses.

What?! I got my shades on because I’m so used to having my lashes on. Keeping my nails up. Even if I have to have them come to the house if I get busy. Now, it’s gotten weird. It’s too much, I can’t deal.

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests?

Let’s see, I’ve gotten way more socially active. I wasn’t as on social media. I can spend more time with my son. I get to play more, do more things with him. I go swimming a lot more, more things that don’t have to do with music all the time.

Did you learn anything from Ty Dolla $ign in the studio?

He sang his face off. He has a really dope tone. He’s a star. He has a whole vibe. He’d roll his little joint and his weed, he’d be over there vibing. He’s a really great writer too. We connect because we do the same thing.

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who else had a bad trip off edibles?

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Do you smoke?

I don’t smoke. I used to smoke weed, I had a really terrible experience. I don’t even want to talk about it, it’s so embarrassing. Let’s just say I’ll never smoke weed again because of it. I don’t even like to be around it to be honest.

Did you smoke it or was it an edible?

I ate an edible by accident. I didn’t know it was an edible. I was at a party, they had a box of popcorn. I thought it was regular popcorn so I’m eating some popcorn as a snack before dinner because I was starving. I hear to get high, you’re supposed to have 2 or 3 kernels. I ate the whole bag! It was really scary.

I’m sure you were paranoid as fuck.

I was so paranoid, it was unbelievable how I felt. Now I don’t know if it’s the memory mixed in, but as soon as I smell weed, it’s over. The smell brings me back. I’m so sad because I used to enjoy a good little high here and there. Now I just drink.

Once you have a bad trip, it’s over.

It messed it up for me. I’m sorry weed smokers.

Favorite person to follow on Instagram?

I really love Cardi B. She’s super funny. We follow each other, she’s super cool. I love her music, but also really love her personality. She reminds me of me: down-to-earth, how she believes in God, how she has the struggle. Her struggle is separate from mine but how she didn’t get it handed to her in the industry. I feel the same way about my story where it wasn’t“oh, here you go” on a platter. I have to work for everything I have till this day, we super connect in that way.

Someone asked if you guys would do a song together.

I’d love to do a song with Cardi! That’s going to happen because so many people ask for it and we know each other. We’re not best friends, but we have a little bit of a relationship. We’re cool so you never know. Maybe she’ll jump on the remix to “Marriott.” [chuckles] That’d be dope as hell.

Talk about your recording process. How do you set a vibe in the studio?

I just vibe. I like the lights blue, purple, low, but not off. Sometimes off. There are some records where I was really in my feelings. The first record off the project, I turned all the lights off to cut that record because I was super emotional. I was in my feelings. I like a cool calm mood when I’m writing.

Do you need anything in the studio?

I like my tea. If I feel like turning up, I’ll have a drink.

Is your project coming?

It’s coming, it’s not out. “Marriott” is the newest off the project coming out. I’m not telling the title yet. [laughs]

Any other endeavors we can look forward to?

I wrote down some 2020 goals in 2019 before quarantine happened. I’d love to do acting. I do act, I’m a good actress. Definitely more music, a new project. I’m working on a few surprises. I have some lines coming out as well, like how I did the lipstick line. I didn’t promote it that much because I keep getting caught back up into music, but I have more stuff coming. I might do a book. The interesting thing is my album is like a book.

What would you want your book to focus on?

A lot of what I’ve been through. Being a mom for sure, how it looks easier than it is. How the body changes from this to that. Trying to be a wife, a mom, an artist, a songwriter, a reality star, a daughter, how it’s so many hats and it’s not easy. The experiences of all that.

I love how everyone in the comments is talking about how real you are. Having a platform, talk about remaining authentic throughout all the bullshit.

Thank you! I’ve always been myself. I don’t understand how people aren’t themselves. I’ma say what’s on my mind, what I feel, what it is. I’m a Sagitarius, shout out all my Sag’s. I don’t plan on changing, I plan on being me. I try to give the fans what they ask for. I did one Fireplace Session, then that became a thing. I started getting DM requests: “sing this song, sing that song.” I’m going to focus on doing more of those. I’m me. I’m cool, I’m young, but I got a spicy side too. There’s no reason not to be cool, no matter what.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do after quarantine?

Wooo! Omg, can’t wait. Something so normal. Nothing to do with entertainment, probably walk down Ventura and eat some ice cream. Something so regular where you could walk without a mask, lick your ice cream outside. Deadass, go to one of my favorite restaurants and eat.

What’s your favorite restaurant?I have a lot of restaurants. I love Casa Vega, which is Mexican in LA. I love Katana. I love Gyu-Kaku. That’s my favorite restaurant, I can’t even say the name right. I’m addicted, going there and cooking my food. My shrimp. I love it. I can’t wait to have a Thai tea. All go eat, to hear the waitress say “can I take your order?” It’s so foreign now. I can’t wait to hug my friends. A good old fashion hug, bitch let’s go. I can’t wait to do the regular things like get my nails done. I need a pedicure, I can’t wait.

What’s your ice cream flavor?

If I could have whichever kind I want… pistachio. I really like yogurt actually. I love cookies and cream and mint chip.

Anything else you want to let the people know?

If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram at @lyricaanderson. Follow me on Twitter @lyricaanderson. Subscribe to my YouTube @lyricaanderson

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