May 22, 2020

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AzChike is here to put on for the West Coast, with his own sound and his own lane. What’s crazy to think is the South Central Los Angeles native actually started out making “conscious rap,” before turning it all the way up. It was his 2017 single “Burn Rubber Again” (which paid tribute to the legendary Too Short) and 2018’s “Licked Up” featuring Almighty Suspect that would jumpstart his solo career, after putting on for his AzCult rap group for several years.

If you’re a fan of AzChike, you already know what type of energy he’s on. His aggressive flow and braggadocious bars make for hard-hitting, party anthems that you can slap at any time, anywhere. Currently signed to Machine Works/Atlantic Records and under R Baron management, Chike is ready to prove why he’s a staple not only in the city, but the music industry as a whole.

Most recently, he released his new EP titled Yors Truly, while releasing endless visuals for his growing fanbase. Flaunt caught up with AzChike via Instagram Live to discuss his new project, his love for The Temptations, love for fashion, and more!

How are you holding up during quarantine?

Shit, just working. Music, smoking, watching stand up comedy. That shit’s really funny to me, I be laughing like a mothafucka. Recently, I watched the Aries Spears one. He’s slept-on, he’s hella funny.

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests?

New hobbies, I stopped fucking with these raggedy bitches. That’s probably it. Quarantine is bringing out the real colors. Man, I’m better off alone. [laughs]

You put out a song called “Bad Bitch,” what did you expect?

I know, it’s not “Broke Bitch” though! [laughs] They’re not getting nothing. They’re lying and deceiving. They know how to get shit without asking. I’m not stupid! Bitches are weird. You have to let shit play out. I’m better off alone. I’m in this thing by myself.

Do you eventually want to settle down and be married and have a family?

High-key, I do want a big ass family. I need other people to pick on and make fun of. Who better than your wife and kids?

That’s not a reason to have a family! 

That’s what families do though right? I’m that family member.  

You released your Yors Truly EP, why is it spelled without the ‘u’? 

A n*gga trying to be different. I didn’t want it to look the same. Because J Cole has a project called Yours Truly. It’s hella old, but it’s still J. Cole.

How’s the fan reception been?

It’s been hella good, a lot of people been fucking with it. It high-key pushed me to drop one more EP at the beginning of June, with features this time. Yors Truly has no features, it’s all me. I really work hard, I don’t like sharing songs. It’s here and there. I got n*ggas I fuck with, they know who they are. Besides that, I don’t go around like “who wants to get on this song?” Bitch, I’m good by myself. N*ggas can’t keep up with me anyway. Honestly, I put a lot of work into my shit. I’d be damned if I send someone my song and he gives me a bullshit verse. I’d be hot, hell nah.

You got some bangers with 1TakeJay.

That’s what I’m saying, they’re my go-to n*ggas. That’s mandatory, it’s a must.

Do you have a crazy feature price?

Nah, I don’t even care to do them. I turn money down if I don’t want to do a feature, I don’t give a fuck. It’s not even a crazy feature price, it’s really me. My decision, I choose not to. It keeps me exclusive. When you do see me on a song, you’re like “oh okay.”

In this world of oversaturated music, do you feel you have to do a little extra to stand out?

Yeah, that’s automatic. Music and streaming, everything’s picking up faster and faster. N*ggas are doing more numbers than they ever did. They’re getting millions of streams literally. Social media is at an all-time high. I naturally keep up, it’s nothing forced. It’s something I really like to do so it just comes to me.

What made you name your song “DIARRHEA”? 

A n*gga really poppin’ that shit, no cap! That’s my first bar of the song I wrote: “I don’t hold shit back, bitches diarrhea.” Alright, diarrhea for sure. I don’t hold back, none of that.

How was the video shoot?

Sweaty, Hennessy, hot. I got the green screen in the studio. There were only 3 of us, still hotter than a mothafucka. It was dope though, that shit took longer than we expected. It was a good experience.

Have you been shooting during quarantine?

I’ve been shooting hella shit. I’ve honestly been doing a lot like there’s no fucking quarantine. I shot some shit with Ceraadi, they my dawgs right there.

See, you did a collab! 

That’s different, I’ve been fucking with Ceraadi. I brought them out to one of my first shows in Los Angeles at the Echoplex, they were on stage. That’s the thing, I’m not giving any of these little weird ass new n*ggas a verse. I don’t need that shit. I’m good by myself, fuck all that.

How was the video shoot?

That shit was lit! We were in the low rider, it was lit. I was fucking with it.

How did you find out about them so early? 

They were already dancing to Cali music. It came to a point in time, everybody was going up. Me, 1TakeJay, Rucci, shit started hitting the scene, they’re dancing to our shit on Youtube. Of course, we post everything. We gravitate to each other. Invited them all to our first show, it’s been lit ever since.

How tight is your circle?

Super tight, because everybody’s coming up at the same time. We feed off each other. If I get some information I can give to the next, I will. It’s tight. It’s dope. I see a lot of shit like that. I was watching The Temptations movie. [laughs] You know who David Ruffin is? “I got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside, I got the month of May.” Before they blew up, they did a contest. They ran into Diana Ross, everybody was nobody. It’s so crazy how everybody meets up at a low point and becomes legends in the end. Diana Ross and The Temptations, legendary.

Are you comparing The Temptations to your circle?

Somewhat, I really compare the early Death Row shit to our circle. If you watch the Up in Smoke Tour with Snoop Dogg, Tupac, all them, that’s what the fuck we look like. The Dogg Pound, we’re really running that deep. We’re all still doing our own thing, we all carry our own weight.

Someone just said they want to collab on a baby. 

A baby? A baby what? A baby tiger? Carole Baskin. They said a tiger is cheap, I thought they were expensive.

Did Carole Baskin kill her husband? 

For surely she did. Bitches are conniving. That bitch had people working for her for 5 years for free and she didn’t even know their first name. [chuckles] She’s cap.

We were all shook when Mac P Dawg passed. How’d that affect you?

That shit was left field like a motherfucka. You wouldn’t expect that at all. Really me, yeah I know Mac P Dawg but my whole thing is I’d rather be there for the Shoreline homies. No matter how I feel, I know it hit them harder. If anything, I’ll be there for them. Help them more. I know that shit can make you feel lost, losing a homie like that. Shit’s not making sense anymore.

What was your relationship with him?

That’s my dawg for sure. We hella fucked with each other. Mostly at shows, we’re always fucking around. Regular shit, nothing out of the ordinary. He’s never been like “aw Chike, we gotta get on.” No weird shit. He always fucked with me as a homie, he never asked for shit.

What do you think needs to happen? This shit’s been going on in hip-hop way too much, waking up to another person gone. 

It’s been an ongoing problem. It might feel like that to us now, but n*ggas been dying in rap shit. What can change? I can’t even say. That shit’s beyond me. There will always be drama and politics, as long as there’s gangsta rap. N*ggas talk about 30 clips and opps, it’s always going to be something. Personally to the rap n*ggas: stay on your 10 toes.

What’s one thing you want fans to get from Yors Truly

Just turn up! That’s it. They know me, I ain’t asking you for shit. Turn up to my shit. A n*gga bringing those sounds now, then I’ll come back around with some features. Give ya’ll some great collaborations. I got Rucci, Sada Baby, Mike Sherm on some shit. Slide out right before the summer.

Craziest memory from the Shoreline Mafia tour?

I fell off stage plenty of times. Most memorable one was me falling off stage. I had the champagne bottle and the mic and I didn’t drop neither, but I dropped myself. I was running and I didn’t see where the stage ended, I did a front flip off that mothafucka. Definitely memorable. Oh, we beat a n*gga up in Denver. That was turnt.

What’d he do?!

He was trying to tag on our sprinter. Cypress [Moreno] went out there, one thing led to another and he had to slide on that. He went out there to see what’s going on, we thought it was a fan. When he went out there, he seen a n*gga trying to write some shit. N*gga tried to run, Cypres chased him down. We heard a commotion, hopped up off the sprinter and got up on his ass quick. [laughs]

What if they were trying to tag Shoreline?

Hell nah, not on the sprinter! We have to pay for this. It’s out the budget, you fucking up money.

How much Hennessy you drinking?

None right now, I’m back on my champagne diet. I love champagne. I damn near 2 bottles last night, we were smacked. It’s always a celebration when I’m rapping.

What inspires you the most?

The homies. Waking up, living how I be living. Everyday life.

You’re always dripped out. How would you describe your fashion sense?

I really just be putting shit on. Right now, I have a Calvin Klein shirt, some sweats, Burberry frames. I love fashion. I got a big ass Dior book right here, about 1000 pages full of clothes. That shit was $800. They had a Chanel, but that bitch was $1400. I like reading, but I don’t like reading that much. I fuck with fashion heavy, it’s a different outlet for me. Another way to show off. I don’t have to be flashy with money, I don’t have to show a n*gga I have 10, 20 bands on me. You see what I’m wearing. You’re not wearing it. You don’t know where to get it, you know what it is though.

You listen to The Temptations. Favorite 90’s R&B singer? 

I fuck with Jon B. It gets jiggy, definitely get the bitches ready.

You put out bangers, can we expect a more R&B side to you?

Probably soon. [laughs] Not going to force it though. It’ll happen, just not on my terms. It’ll probably be somebody else’s song and I’ll be a feature. That’s usually the bridge between the 2.

What are some goals for yourself at this point?

Do better than what I’m doing now. Stupid visuals. Between me dropping my own and featured videos, I have 10 videos out right now in 2020. We’re 5 months into the year. I’m trying to double everything but at the same time, make it make sense. Make sure it’s real genuine. They got plenty of music, I’m in the studio every night.

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