May 22, 2020

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From the UK to the flowering vistas of Los Angeles, London Richards arrives with the release of his emotively energetic new track titled “CHECK ON ME,” igniting a fresh dose of feels across genres of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative. Premiering the Robbie Soukiasyan-produced track on FLAUNT, London aims to inspire and instill positivity with this scorching new single. He states, “With everything going on in the world, my purpose is to use my creativity to benefit humanity. I hope to spread an abundance of joy and ultimately help people generate compassion for self and others with this record.”

At the age of 23, London has made quite the name for himself making a roar on the music scene years ago with his moving melodies and masterful messaging around people finding and believing in themselves. “Check On Me” speaks to that same sentiment of shining a light on human experiences as he embarks on a new journey in music, courtesy of his new label signing to the illustrious Red Bull Records.

“I see a great opportunity with Red Bull Records,” says London of his signing. “I look forward to radically disrupting culture with my vision and being the global catalyst in the evolution of people. I hope to help heal and unite all and will continue to lead my community, helping them realize that all power comes from within.”

Leading his charge in music and more, London Richards’ formidable pen as a writer, coupled with his agility as a performer, makes him a superstar in the making and one of the most exciting artists to watch for 2020.

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