May 29, 2020

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Brooke Alexx is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. The Asian-American singer-songwriter arrives with infectious melodies and lyrics with unapologetic wordplay, stemming from her childhood experience in musical theater. Her vocals itself cut through air with unrivaled range, as she remains authentic to who she is down to the core.

Now she releases her acoustic performance of “Stole My Heart” on top of a Nashville rooftop, exclusively on Flaunt. The record serves as the third single off her forthcoming project, written with Chelsea Balan and Matt Harris 2 years after a breakup with her first true love. The song was inspired by the realization that she hasn’t felt the same about someone since.

Speaking on the performance, she states, “When you lose great love, you start to worry that you may never find it again. That’s exactly how I was feeling when we wrote this song, and I love how the stripped version brings that side to light.”

By stripping away the typical polished pop production, Brooke hones in on the raw emotion and intentional lyricism at the song’s core — with her vocals at the forefront. By replacing the original chorus chants with a new melodic motif, she matches the heartfelt emotions that come with stripped-down ballads. Brooke and her team were able to film this on top of a parking garage in downtown Nashville, while practicing social distancing by adding in separate pieces from Danny Polo and Alex Stradal on the cello.

Consider this heart stolen.


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