June 8, 2020

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‘Til this day, there is no rapper that sounds like OMB Peezy. The Mobile, Alabama-born, Sacramento, California-raised native arrives with his own accent, his own swag, his own personality, and his own story. When you’re in the projects, the odds are against you. The 23-year-old creates rap bangers for the streets, giving a first-person perspective of someone who made it out the trenches and turned nothing into something through his love for music.

Growing up in 2 different areas would give him the luxury of 2 different cultures, combining them into his own hybrid of the South and the West Coast. With his breakout single “Lay Down” released in 2017, Peezy’s name exploded into the mainstream light. Fast forward to 2020, he hasn’t let his foot off the gas medal in the slightest.

Peezy’s most recent release, the visual for “Let Up,” reminded fans why they love Peezy to begin with. His lyrics are inspired by what he’s going through in the moment as the words flow effortlessly from his mouth into the microphone and over the hardest beats. Having a baby at 18 years old would give him a purpose, greater than himself.

All bullshit aside, Peezy’s just here to enjoy life. Flaunt caught up with the 300 Records signee via Instagram Live, who was getting his hair done in Oakland.

Where you located?

I’m in Cali where the sun’s shining! I’m in Oakland, it’s raining and everything.

What’s new since we last spoke? It’s been a minute.

Rapping hasn’t been the only thing, I have a lot of new things going on. If you’re in the Bay Area and you want to smoke my new weed, get to Higher Connection and they’ll bring it to your door. I have my own weed strain called Overkill Purplato. It’s Indica, I don’t smoke anything but Indica. We’re trying to get it to LA for sure.

I saw your Mother’s Day post, did you get to spend time with her?

That’s my baby. I got drunk as fuck at my mom’s place, I turned that motherfucker fuck up. My mama stays in Cali.

You have a new cooking show on Youtube. 

I be cooking and shit. I don’t even like cooking for real, that’s the thing. I was on the phone playing with people at my label, we’re always coming up with different things to do on the marketing side. I’m like “I should start a cooking show.” They took it serious and put that shit together. I actually started liking cooking more than I did when I started.

What are you cheffing up in the kitchen?

A lot of shit. I cook catfish on that motherfucker, I cook a whole chicken. I called the big homie to help, we made chicken nuggets wrapped in Hot Cheetos. Good as fuck, I be throwing my shit up in there.

I honestly feel still to this day, there’s no one that sounds like you. What are your thoughts on that?

I’ve been thinking that about myself my whole life for real, but it’s good somebody noticed. Especially in an industry full of people piggybacking off what the next man’s doing. You see somebody making money off it, they try to ride that wave. I pride myself in not being that artist.

How have you evolved since you first started?

When I first started in the game, I was hotheaded and trippin’. I understand shit in a different way now. You have to play the game. I can’t handle shit in the industry like I used to. You have to handle it like a businessman. It’s business, you can’t be working with feelings. Everything I have a passion for, my feelings are in it. Don’t play with me. Nobody else is as passionate about your craft as you, they’re going to try to fuck you over. That shit’s deep.

I was telling Kenn (manager), I love your new single “Let Up.”

You like that song? Fasho. You had to set your phone down huh? That’s one of my favorite songs right now.

What were you going through when you recorded that one?

It was a lot of bitchass shit going on at that time. My day 1 partners did some fucked up shit to one of my rap partners. Everybody’s calling my phone, so I had to set my phone down on some “fuck all ya’ll” type shit.

You say you “can’t just vent to nobody,” how close or small is your circle?

My circle is smaller than a motherfucker. It’s 7 of them in my immediate circle, I’ll only be around 4 of them though. These rappers pull up with whole entourages. I’m not pulling up with 50 n*ggas, unless I want to bring the whole projects out one time.

You say the video was easy to shoot, almost a million in less than 2 months isn’t bad.

Not going to lie, I beat myself up. I’m trying to hit a million in a day. I deserve those types of numbers. I read in a book, it basically said “you don’t need to be around nobody who’s comfortable where they’re at.” I’m never comfortable where I am because I’m not going broke.

What’s it going to take to get there?

I don’t know mayne. I be looking at Instagram like “damn, I might have to snap a n*gga.” Hell nah, I’m not that type of n*gga who wants to go viral. It is what it is. I’ma get mine in due time, there’s nothing I can’t do.

What about collaborations?

I don’t like people man. I won’t even fake I want to be around you. If I don’t fuck with you, you gon’ feel it. I don’t even have to say anything. I can’t hide that shit. I’ve been trying to work with people, but motherfuckers threw my vibe off. They be creeps.

Do you have a mentor in the game?

Me. People say I’m an old n*gga in a young n*gga’s body. I never go to someone like “bro, I need some advice on this.” I can’t get myself to do it. I have been around E-40 and B-Legit, they’ll be talking and I’ll pick up little shit they’re throwing down.

What about your creative process, do you freestyle everything? 

Yeah, unless it’s one of them beats that you have to tell a story on. If it’s a storytelling record, I’ll write that. I freestyle most of the shit.

“Money don’t mean shit, my son smiling make me feel richer.” How has fatherhood changed your outlook on life?

You can ask anybody who knows me, I didn’t used to give a fuck about nothing at all. I had my baby at 18. Once I had my baby, it’s like goddamn. Everything I was about to do, I’m thinking of my little boy. He’s going to be 5 on August 18th.

How excited are you about the new EP with DrumDrummie?

I’m juiced for real. I be wanting to put music out so my fans can hear the growth in my music. I don’t want to drop something, then wait 6 months later and drop something that sounds totally different without them seeing what brought me to that different sound. I try to keep pushing like that. Because of Coronavirus, I couldn’t drop my TOO DEEP FOR TEARS tape. I wanted to drop something in the meantime, that’s why it’s called In the Meantime.

How you guys come together to decide to do a whole project together?

The first coming out song “Lay Down,” I stole that n*gga’s beat off YouTube. I’ve been fucking with DrumDrummie for a long time. Once the song started taking off, I doubled back and paid for it. But another n*gga in Cleveland had the same beat, he went to jail. He bought the beat, so I had to buy it from him. He ended up needing the money though because he was against a real charge. Shit, I’d rather give you the money anyway because you’re up against it type of shit. That whole situation’s gangster.

What are your favorite records?

My favorite song’s “You Know How To Love,” that’s my shit. I like “Halo” too. Not gon’ lie, I fuck with “Sleep at Night.” I got a raw ass video for “Sleep at Night,” that bitch gangster.

I know this was 2 years ago, but I had no idea you had a song with NBA Youngboy. He doesn’t just fuck with anybody. 

On God, real shit. That shit took me to another level. Shout out Youngboy. I don’t want to say I’m anti because I’m a cool motherfucker, I’m very approachable. Ask any fan who’s seen me in person, they know. I’ll sit there and talk to you. You see me at the gas station, I’ma chop it up with you. But when you get into the industry and start meeting people in the industry, this shit will fuck you up. It might sound cliche by now, but n*ggas be weird. I’ma keep it 100. They’re not all weird, you’ll find some genuine people.

“Big Homie” is at over 23.3M on Youtube. Did you think it would go up like this?

That was unexpected too. See I had recorded it, then I posted a little snippet on Instagram. That motherfucker started going viral on Facebook. I’m on that Facebook shit, people sleep on Facebook. Facebook’s jumpin’. I knew it was a good song, but I wasn’t even thinking about it like that. I called the cameraman over to the house one day, I didn’t know which song to shoot. I’m scrolling through my Notes, I see the “Big Homie” song. I’m like alright, let’s shoot “Big Homie.” It was a different cadence, they weren’t expecting me to come on some shit like that.

What are some goals for yourself at this point of your career??

I want to  be like Jay Z. I want to be like them people, that different type of money. I was talking to my young n*gga like “bruh when you broke, you’re living in the past. When you’re rich, you’re living in the present. You have to be wealthy to live in the future.” If you have no money, you’re riding in a 2003. If you’re rich, you might have a 2018. But if you’re wealthy, you have the cars that come out 2 years from now.

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