July 21, 2020

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K Camp is a staple in the rap game, most recognized for his endless catalog of hits. From 2014’s “Cut Her Off” to 2015’s “Comfortable” to 2019’s “Lottery (Renegade),” the Milwaukee-bred, Atlanta-raised recording artist continues to prove over and over his diversity and ability to stay relevant in today’s oversaturated music industry. Whether he’s creating bangers for the club or R&B ballads for the ladies, his music reaches the masses all around the world.

The official music video for “Lottery” currently hails over 25 million views on Youtube and counting, but the real viral moment arrives on TikTok, one of the most uploaded videos on the app to date. While Camp was bummed to not be able to perform or tour the record due to Covid, it received a standout remix from his good friend Quavo from the Migos.

Now, the 30-year-old shifts his focus to his Rare Sound imprint, releasing his RARE Family compilation album featuring Camp himself, labelmates True Story Gee, GENIUS, and Lil Bird, and features from Mozzy, Yella Beezy, Eearz, Seddy Hendrix, and Jaylii. This follows his critically-acclaimed K.I.S.S. 5, the last installment of the series released in April.

Flaunt caught up with K Camp via Instagram Live, who was more than ready to turn up at the cookout on July 4th. Read below as we discuss the new project, the making of “Lottery,” his drip, and more!

How’s 4th of July in Atlanta?

K Camp: Shit, we just getting started. We’re in the city right now, we’re piping it up. Trying to get drunk and get everybody activated, it’s hot as fuck. I’m trying to get everybody drunk, we have to be great hosts in this motherfucker.

RARE Family Compilation album out now! How you feeling?

K Camp: We’re feeling good. We worked hard on that album. New signee, Lil Bird in the building. We got Bobby Kritical at the liquor store, True Story Gee at the liquor store.

You got Bobby on the liquor run?

K Camp: Bobby went on his own liquor run. [laughs]

What are you most excited for on this project? 

K Camp: Really letting the world get a chance to see the gang and their talent levels. Really giving everybody a platform where they can branch off and do their own thing. That was for everybody else to dunk that shit when they drop their own solos, keep going and keep striving.

You’ve had Rare Sound for a couple years now, what’s the meaning behind the name? 

GENIUS: We wanted to create something that matched the music, which is rare. We were really out in LA for a while after the whole Coronavirus hit. The sound started to change, we really clocked in. We’re really trying to build a business and build a label, the vibe we had was just rare. We were always different from the rest of the industry and their tactics. We wanted to start with the sound, that’s how we bounced off and made it happen.

How would you describe the sound? 

GENIUS: It started out of Atlanta, because we moved back to Atlanta to start working on the production. It’s a lot of heavy 808s, the Bobby Kritical’s with the real melodic feel to it. Not too much is going on in the production so you can really give the artist a chance to flow on the beats and come across on the message. That’s what makes it rare, you can really feel the music and artist when you listen to it.


Talk about the fire album cover, you guys look like you had a breakfast of champions!

Lil Bird: That was a good day, so fun.

GENIUS: Hot as fuck.

K Camp: Hella fly! Me and GENIUS were in the studio, we cooked up with the idea. We hit up our homegirl Skye, she does a lot of designs and creative design. She brought us to life. My stylist met up Metta was there for the clothes, making sure we look as good as possible. We execute, we take good pictures all the time. We sat there and kept that shit moving.

Any themes to the project? 

K Camp: We’re a family, it’s mafia-based. We got our own thang, mafia style like back in the Al Pacino days. We’re a gang, we believe in really sticking together. Locking in and creating the best shit.

Talk about the features from Mozzy, Yella Beezy, Eearz, Seddy Hendrix, Jaylii.

K Camp: Seddy just called me right now too, from Drama and Our Generation now. We got Eearz from Ear Drummers. That Mozzy song is 3 years old, Mozzy’s my dawg. We got Yella beezy, we worked on that record the same time we worked on K.I.S.S. 5. That was another one that had to make the project. Jaylii went crazy on “Own It,” she’s a new prospect we’re looking towards. One of the best songs on the tape. Keeping our eyes open, just vibing.

What songs mean the most to you and why? 

K Camp: “New Beginnings” is one of my favorites, the feeling behind that record is powerful. It puts me in that vibe, in that zone to keep hustling. Keep going. It’s one of them. And “Bussa Move.”

How’s the new studio in the A? 

GENIUS: We’re in it right now!

K Camp: The party’s outside, we got a 5,000 square foot compound. We do a lot of production, video shoots, everything.

K.I.S.S. 5 slaps, how’d it feel to close out the series? 

K Camp: That’s the last one, I’ve been doing it since 2011 in my home basement. A 5-piece is good enough. I did a whole bunch of R&B singing, so we’re going to wrap that one up and keep it where it’s at. I closed it off on a high note. If I go for 6, I better have Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce in that motherfucker. It’s definitely possible, I’m only doing a 6 if I got the biggest features in the world.

What’s one thing you want fans to get from K.I.S.S. 5?

K Camp: A vibe, who I am as an artist and what kind of energy I can bring to the table. When I’m on my rap shit, when I’m on R&B shit, there’s no lane I can’t tap into. Songwriting, it doesn’t matter what. When it comes to music, I do that shit.

I saw you had Rubi Rose introduce the tracklist, that’s my girl.

K Camp: Shout out to Rubi, she got a wave going right now. We got a song coming on her album. I did some shit with Rubi, I’m waiting for that shit to drop.

What can we expect from the deluxe? 

Lil Bird: The deluxe, that’s going to be extra. I got a song on deluxe. GENIUS got a song on deluxe, each artist is going to have a couple tracks on there. It’s more collabs.


You’ve also been in the studio with Kaash Paige, what are ya’ll cooking?

K Camp: Kaash been locked in here all weekend. Drunk as hell on the bikes, riding on the 3-wheeler thinking she’s a rockstar. That’s my dawg. She’s about to drop an album too, she came down here to lock in with me and vibe out. We’ve been cooking up the whole weekend.

You have a song called “Black Men Don’t Cheat,” what is your take on relationships? 

K Camp: I’m not in one so I can’t speak on it. [laughs] I’m single and ready to mingle, it’s 4th of July.

Do you hope to settle down one day? 

K Camp: Of course, I’m not trying to be a player for the rest of my life. When I find one that can handle K Camp, then that’s her.

Let’s talk about “Lottery,” what was it like seeing it go up on TikTok? 

K Camp: It was bittersweet because while I was going up, we got hit with a pandemic so I couldn’t enjoy it. I couldn’t even tour off it, I couldn’t do nothing off it. I felt like I was in the matrix. It did what it did but I couldn’t enjoy it. The benefits of it is giving me the leverage to drop K.I.S.S. 5 on a high platform. Coming off that momentum was a great thing, then dropping RARE Family right after. But we couldn’t do anything with it for real.

I thought “Lottery” went up before the pandemic? 

K Camp: It did, but it was going up up right before the pandemic hit. As far as going on the road, we were about to go on K.I.S.S. 5 Tour so it was going to be a lot of real action. Based on the song though, we couldn’t really tag them forreal.

Bring us back to that studio session, were you feeling yourself? 

K Camp: Yeah, we were on tour. I was on the “Switch” tour, we were in New York. We had a couple off days, we were at Alicia Keys’ studio. It was one of those days, it wasn’t even a planned vibe. Recording and in that bag, in the zone. I played it for GENIUS’ ass in the hotel room, that shit was bangin’ off of the laptop. About to bust my laptop speakers. He said it was vibe, so I went back and knocked the verses out. I put it on the Gram the next day and my fans ate it up. I dropped it 2 or 3 weeks later. We were still on tour when we dropped the record.


Talk about getting Quavo on the remix.

K Camp: Quavo’s my homie. I’ve been knowing Quavo, we’ve been running in the same circles for a long time. Same shows, so that was love. Quavo is my dog.

I know you love fashion, wow would you describe your drip? 

K Camp: This is a black t-shirt. I forgot what kind of black jeans, I’d have to look at my tag. Fendi shoes, bust down on my wrist, and a RARE chain. You dig?

What brands do you like? 

K Camp: I don’t really have favorite brands. I like what looks good on me, honestly. If I put it on and it feels good, if the texture feels good and I get compliments from the pretty ones, that’s what I’m rocking.

How do you create a vibe in the studio? 

K Camp: Women, alcohol, weed.

GENIUS: That’s about it.

K Camp: Just good vibes, positive energy. Having the mindset that we’re going to make some good ass music, that’s it.

At the cookout, you have the aux. What’s one song you’re playing?

K Camp: “Pineapple Juice,” let’s turn them up. We’re about to get them drunk, turn their ass up right now.

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