‘The mix’ co-hosts share How Music and nightlife are evolving​

August 10, 2020

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Three co-hosts of ‘The Mix,’ which aired on Fox Soul in early August, share how they’re using a new platform to drive conversations about culture.

Rapper T.I. thought he was being pranked during his guest appearance on the premiere episode of “The Mix,” a new millennial/Gen Z talk show executive produced by his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. But, as it turned out, his stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins, who co-hosts the show alongside Romeo MillerAnton PeeplesJamie DuBose, and Jazz Anderson, wasn’t joking with T.I. when she revealed her pregnancy live during the show’s Aug. 4 debut on Fox Soul.

Beyond baby announcements, “The Mix” is a platform for voices of the future to explore all things culture, dating, viral trends, Kanye antics, #BlackLivesMatter, and so much more. Loop Magazine spoke with three of the show’s hosts—Zonnique, Romeo (a multi-platinum selling artist, performer, actor, host, and son to the legendary Master P), and Jazz (a female lyricist gaining popularity for her time on VH1’s Rick Ross-helmed show “Signed”)—to learn more about how music is at the core of the quintet and how that commonality will inform the conversations they have on air.

What excites you most about co-hosting The Mix?

Jazz: I’m excited for “The Mix” because we haven’t had a show geared toward millennials and Gen Zs since “106 & Park.” There’s a lot of talk shows out there, but they’re all geared toward older people. Now, there’s finally a talk show my age group and the young generation can relate to.

Romeo: I’m excited for the youngins to have voices in the next generation. There hasn’t been anything available like this for the youth. We need that perspective, that voice. That’s how we’re truly going to make a difference in this world. I’m excited. I call it gumbo, we have a nice mixture of everything. We got Zo over there, she’s going to have her story time. Jazz is going to be 100. Anton’s the off-the-wall host. Whatever he’s feeling, he’s going to tell you. Then we got little Jamie who’s representative for the younger generation as well. It’s a great combination of opinions, voices, people truly chasing their dreams and trying to make a difference.

“It’s a great combination of opinions, voices, people truly chasing their dreams and trying to make a difference.”

How is music the common thread that ties you all together?

Zonnique: Everyone’s musically inclined and is in the entertainment business in some type of way; it definitely helps us relate to each other.

Jazz: All of us speak through our music. Now we can actually have a platform where we don’t have to just inspire and empower people through music, but you can actually hear us talk and speak.

Romeo: Music ties everybody together. Bigger than us, music is that universal language where I don’t have to understand you, but I can play a song and feel you. I don’t have to speak what you speak, but I can play a song and hear the same thing. We have some pretty amazing family members that happen to be in music, and ourselves.

How do you intend to weave music into your talk show?

Romeo: It’s a part of us, it’s always going to be in there. There’s going to be a lot of musical guests. The cool thing about this show is there are no limits. Like my pops says: “No limits.” We’re going to have a bit of everything on this show, from politics to gossip to what’s really going on in the world. It’s like chilling with your homies on the couch, talking about everything.

How do you approach the responsibility of being the “voices of the future”?

Jazz: It’s powerful; we have to send the right message. No matter what we’re talking about, I want people to be able to relate to us. I want us to be personable, charismatic, so people can say, “I see myself in them.” It’s big shoes to fill since no talk show has been around like this, but the cast is all great at what we do. We’ll make history.
Zonnique: It’s very important for us to be those voices and really have people on who other people can relate to.

You are all strong black figures. How can you continue to push the narrative for #BlackLivesMatter?

Jazz: Social media is the fastest growing medium for content right now. You’re going to hear us talking about #BLM every Tuesday, how we want equality. We’re also using our social media platforms to get that message out. Equality, voting, to make a change and difference. It all happens on social media for sure, being we’re the generation that uses that platform so heavily. I have a voice in that.

As we move out of the pandemic, how do you believe the behaviors of your generations will change in the nightlife space?

Romeo: A lot of people are going to go to the club with their fancy masks on. I hope they do social distancing, but as long as they got the masks on that’s all I can ask for. Those masks make a big difference whether you believe the hype or not. If you sneeze in that mask, you’re protecting everyone around you. People will wear them popping masks, but they’ll still be bumping and grinding.
Jazz: I’m in Houston, we’re not on lockdown anymore. Nothing has changed; people are going out with no masks. I still wear my mask.
Romeo: This show’s important because a lot of people don’t understand the importance of this. Whether it affects you or not, it’s affecting somebody. We want to be a voice to show people we all got to play our part. Being safe, voting, if we truly want to make a difference, us—the younger generation who thinks we’re invincible—we have to step up and be responsible.

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What about the way we consume music and entertainment?

Romeo: More people are going to start paying attention to music, appreciate it more. We have more time to actually digest it.
Jazz: Streaming has always been major. Now I see they’re streaming concerts; it’s quite innovative.
Zonnique: The car concerts! Where you can pull up in your car and everyone stays in their car.
Romeo: We’re more conscious and cautious now. We’re going to pay more attention to health and our safety. It’s going to make people appreciate not only their jobs, but life more. That’s what the pandemic did for a lot of people who never had the time to let it all soak in. Makes you appreciative overall.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Romeo: We want to get DaBaby on the show because that’s Jazz’s celebrity crush. Come mix shit up with us, Baby!
Jazz: Blowing up my spot!

What about you Romeo, who’s your crush you want to get on the show?

Romeo: Hey man, some things are better kept in private.

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