August 15, 2020

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Kaash Paige is slated to become one of the biggest female artists of our generation, and she knows it. The Dallas, Texas rapper was actually an all-star athlete to start, killing it in softball, basketball, and even track. But her love and passion for music would soon take over, with a one-of-a-kind sound that arrives as a breath of fresh air in the realm of R&B and hip-hop. Injecting love and emotion into her lyrics, her ability to create bangers does not go unnoticed.

The 19-year-old describes herself as “a cool kid who loves making music, has a passion and wants to see everybody be great in life. My artistry stands for everybody to be themselves.” Kaash stands for “kill arrogance and stop hatred,” admitting she used to hate herself because she couldn’t be like other people. The turning point arrived when she found her own voice and became a leader.

It was her viral hit “Love Songs” that exploded on TikTok, which recently became certified Gold. Shortly after, she followed it up with her Parked Car Convos project, marking her debut on Def Jam. Beyond the millions of streams on her music, it’s her collaborations that stand out the most. She was recently featured on Don Toliver’s “Euphoria” alongside Travivs Scott, and 6lack even hopped onto the “Love Songs” remix.

Most recently, the 19-year-old unleashed her new single “Jaded,” holding fans over until the release of her highly-anticipated forthcoming project. Flaunt caught up with Kaash at the Kandypens house in Los Angeles to discuss why she misses Dallas, how she landed at Roc Nation, meeting Future, epic studio session with 6lack, and more!

You’ve been in LA for 6 months, why do you want to move back to Dallas?

LA’s a distraction. Back home, I could choose who the fuck I want to hang out with. Out here, you’re just in the mix.

Do you see the positives of LA though?

Yeah, working and being able to connect so easy. A friend will say “yo I’m going to so-and-so house,” you’re like “oh shit forreal?” “Yeah come through.” You get to connect with anybody there, that might be a blessing in disguise.

What do you miss about Dallas?

The food. LA has no good food, the South has hella food. We have ghetto chicken, fried fish, fried pickles, a lot of shit. Dallas food is good: barbeque, turkey legs, Cajun food, tacos, all the Mexican food. I’m addicted to Mexican food, it’s all I eat. I’m addicted to tacos.

What was a young Kaash Paige like growing up?

Growing up was regular. I was a homebody growing up, my mama wouldn’t let me go out unless it was outside. I listened to old Logic, old Kid Cudi, Drake, Nirvana. I played hella video games, so it stuck with me. Created the crazy sound. I like Erykah Badu. Badu’s fire, she’s from Dallas.

Have you crossed paths?

No, I want to. I want Erykah Badu on my next project, it’s super groovy and vibey. I love Isaiah Rashaad, I love Curren$y. For the next project, people get to hear me rap, because I can rap. Not rap like drill, da-da-da. Nah, mine’s more like I’m chillin’. I’m cozy, real shit.

You played softball, basketball, track, were you good?

I was hard as hell, not going to hold you. Before music I was trying to go to the Olympics. I was super fast. When I was 8, I was running summer track. I ran until I was 14. 4 x 100 meters relay, we had the fastest relay team. We never lost a race in the state. Shorty was trippin’, I think she blacked out because she was scared. That’s the first time ever losing a relay. We didn’t talk to her for the rest of the trip, because we never lost.

At what point did you turn to music then?

When you’re in high school trying to keep your grades up, trying to go to practice and go home, wake up and get ready for school, it’s a lot. I wanted to focus on music because a lot of kids in my school started doing music. If I started making music, everybody would rock with me. Remember I told you, I was a follower, but I actually had a passion for music too. Dang if I do it, everybody would be hip and start really messing with me, going crazy. When I started making it, everybody at school started singing my song but I didn’t get consistent with my music till my senior year in high school. I graduated early, when I was 17 years old.

Did you get good grades?

I’m not finna say that. I had good grades, but copy and pasting is easy too. [laughs] I was super smart in history and science, but I was alright in math. My math teacher was so cool, he’d let us work with each other. My junior year was my livest year because I started smoking. My schedule was easy, I got to actually get into the realm of making music. My parents got a divorce so I had to stop a little bit. My life’s crazy, but you conquer at the end.

What do your parents think of the music now?

They;re very happy. I sent the Gold plaque for “Love Songs” to their house. I had to send it to my parents. I remember like it was yesterday, my mom said “you need to go to college, you need to get another job. I understand you want to do music, but that doesn’t happen for everybody.” I’m like “nah something’s going to happen for me.” I had a gut feeling. Crazy because the next day, I got a call from Def Jam. I kept seeing shooting stars, I seen a lot of shooting stars when it came to all this happening for me.

Did you think “Love Songs” would blow up to what it is?

I knew it would but when I kept hearing it, it started getting annoying. I don’t want to be known as a one hit wonder because I have crazier music, that’s why I can’t wait to show on my project Teenage Fever. You know “Love Songs” and “64’,” but you don’t know that I really love music. I really love instrumentation. You guys are going to hear a Picasso in the music game, I’m going to be one of the next biggest artists in the world.

Why is it called Teenage Fever?

Because I’m 19, it’s my last year being a teenager. Whenever I drop this project, it’s showing I wrote all this. I did all this with my bro Sonic in a dorm room, to show my teenage years.

Are you still able to be a kid?

What? Hell nah, I be on the grown hoes. I be going to clubs, people show love. Nobody would even think I was 19.

Who or what inspired “Jaded”?

Drake for sure. I’ve been in a few situationships and entanglements that left me super jaded. What if I came up with this song using Drake’s “Jaded,” but made it into my own version of what I went through? “3 dots waiting for your reaction,” when you’re talking to that one person, bro text me back. What’re you doing? You see me, you’re literally not doing anything. I’m talking about stuff that kids and people can relate to. That’s how people love your music, you being vulnerable.

One of my favorite records of yours is “Euphoria” with Don Toliver & Travis Scott. How’d that come together?

I got my own version of “Euphoria” on the project. I manifest a lot. I’m in the dorm with my bro making the record, I said “Travis Scott and Don Toliver, I can hear them on the record. I can get them on this record, watch.” I never knew them at all. I’m talking to my manager Daniel like “I want to get in the studio with Don Toliver,” he says “alright bet.” When I got there, Don’s going in the studio. “Play a beat,” he starts rapping. He’s like Wayne when he gets in a booth. I thought he’s not even going to pay me no mind, he’s too in his bag. He came out like “yo you’re hard, let me hear your music.”

I played him “Euphoria” and he said “run that back.” I ran it back, he says “I’m getting on this.” He got on the record, this is fire but this for my project. I’m telling Daniel thank you, it was fire. In due time, I get a call while we’re in New York. They said “so Kaash, Don wants the record on his project and Travis Scott wants to get on it.” I was having a horrible day in New York, that made me go crazy. Travis, when I said this months ago? Crazy. This man over here is what made me link up with Don, if he did not take me to the studio, we would not have had a record at all.

How did y’all meet?

He DMed me on instagram saying he’s with Roc Nation. Even my A&R DMed me, I thought he’s lying. We’re DMing, but I was playing games in a sense because I didn’t know. I was so used to a different type of management. He stayed solid with me throughout every single twist and turn. We ended up together, going crazy. Finna take over the world.

What was your reaction when you heard “Euphoria” on his album?

It was fire. It was crazy to see everybody’s like “damn Kaash, you got a song with Travis Scott and Don Toliver.” It’s a Texas thing, we keep it trill. We’re putting on for Texas.

6lack always reached out and wanted to work with you. How was that experience?

That was random. I was getting done with my Genius interview walking around on Melrose, I get on Twitter and see 6lack. “@kaashmychecks link,” I’m like bro. I look at my pops like “guess who added me?” You know he’s not finna know but I’m letting him guess. I tell my best friend 6lack’s in my mentions, the song’s finna be crazy. It was dumb because we really didn’t even record, we sat there and talked the whole time getting to know each other. I was walking out the door to the bathroom, he’s walking in the door, we bumped into each other and started laughing. He said “I got a gift for you fam,” it was weed. We smoked and talked the whole session, got to know each other, and came out with a crazy record at the end.

Did you learn anything from working with him?

He was telling me protect your energy, don’t let everybody around you. He said the industry can get hard sometimes, be yourself. Treat this as your art, your baby. Cherish every little moment, every little thing that you do. Keep going crazy because I love your music. He’s like “you’re not normal.” I’m like “I’m not normal? You’re not normal. We’re abnormal!” He’s like “we’re aliens bro!” It was a funny session, we thought there’s a ghost in our room. We were too high, the paper fell into the floor and we’re both scared the whole session. He’s a good dude.

How was meeting Future?

That made my 2020. I was in Miami, went to a strip club the day before. I went to Boobie Trap the day before, that was crazy. How better can 2020 get right now? The next day, Dan calls like “yo where you guys at?” He sent the location, he asked “how far are y’all? Pull up.” We’re 5 minutes away. It was him and SAINt JHN shooting a video so we pull up, hella police cars, hella people on the street. I’m wondering how we’re getting over there, he said “F them, pull in. You’re getting in.” We walk in, I see Future and Uzi’s car. I’m like “damn, this finna get crazy.” That whole week, I know I’mma meet Future so I need the flyest caption ever. Already had the caption in my head: “toxic king meet toxic princess.” And I don’t take pictures with celebrities. I’m chill, catch a vibe. We sat there and talked about hoes the whole time, it was fire.

You said strip club, I know you talk about your stripper bae in “Jaded.”

[laughs] You know when you go to a strip club and you’re in love with a stripper? It’s that type of bar. “I got a stripper bae, she bugs me everyday” I had a baddie at the time that had a stripper body, she’s bugging everyday.

Goals for yourself at this point of your career?

To become a new sound. I want everybody to be like “who’s Kaash Paige?” With this project, just become fans. Fans of me and my personality. I plan to take over the world with my team. I want to have fun, I want to go to Disney World. Continue to make fly music, live everyday like it’s your last. Just do it. God set everything in stone for me and what happens, happens.

How many songs on your album?

13, it’s 12 with a bonus.

Is your version of “Euphoria” song called “Euphoria”?

It’s called “Euphoria (Lost Verse).” Like how Drake had “Aston Martin Music,” but Rick Ross had “Paris Morton Music.”

Anything else you want to let us know?

Stay tuned for the rockstar lifestyle, a lot of crazy shit happening.

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