August 24, 2020

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Lynn Spirit is a ball of energy and fun, known for his popular phrase #GirlYouSeeThatGlitter. Boasting 658K followers on Instagram alone, the internet and social media personality is best known for his outlandish personality, hilarious sense of humor, comedic skits, endless memes, and most importantly, his brave journey from overcoming social bullying to owning his character and being the most unapologetic version of himself at all times.

Being born with a rare skin disease in the black community called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (HED) meant no teeth, minimal hair, and an inability for Lynn to sweat. His ability to continue to do what he loves — whether it’s beauty, Youtube, social media, modelling, dancing — inspires and motivates the masses. His goal is to spread self-awareness and self-care to the youth and adults globally.

Spirit originally went viral when he created a video of himself singing to Fantasia. Shortly after, he followed it with a video where he did his hair. He states, “I did about 27 pieces, I did my makeup. I was letting people see me from scratch, how I really look. The video went viral, that’s how I became.”

Now, he has the cosign from all the biggest celebrities from Cardi B to Toni Braxton to Ludacris. While Lynn is his real middle name, Spirit became a worldwide name — inviting newcomers through love. Flaunt caught up with Lynn via Instagram Live, who was posted in the car in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How did it feel to go viral? Were you ready for that?

I wasn’t ready, my miracle literally happened overnight. I did a video, went to bed, woke up to my page going crazy. I was confused, what’s going on? It blew up. At first, I didn’t know how to handle it. There was a point where my page did get hacked, I thought “dang I lost all my blessings.” In life, you’re always going to get tested. That was a test for me to build myself: self-esteem, love, all the things. When I got my fame, it was coming to me. I wasn’t ready, so I had to build. When I lost my page, that’s a test for me to build myself up first. Build your confidence, your self-esteem, all the things you need. That’s what I did, I got back on the Internet and went viral again.

You’re such a positive inspiration, turning a negative to a positive. Talk about your rare genetic condition, known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED). 

Speaking for myself, I don’t sweat. The summertime is not my time for me. The winter time is my summertime, when I get to come out and be more playful. Summertime blocks me out from not doing a lot of things. I have to stay in the house and stay cool 24/7. I could be in the sun for a period of time, just not too long or I’ll overheat. I’ll get drained, get sick or get skin rashes. It’s very difficult.

You had your own experience with social media bullying, how did you overcome that?

I’ve learned to look at myself first. The things people were laughing and picking on, I said “you know what, let me turn that into something they can laugh at. I could laugh with you guys, instead of everyone laughing at me.” I started doing skit videos showing who I really am, they began to laugh with me. You want people to laugh with you, not at you.

This is me, you’re either going to love it or you don’t. People started to grasp on like “hey I like what he does, he’s been himself and it’s so real.” A lot of people are afraid to be themselves. You can’t be afraid of your own shadow. You have to face that fear every day in life, period. If you don’t, what are you here for? You have to face fear because there’s something so beautiful on the other side of fear.

When did you realize you were funny?

My family always told me I was funny, but you have to know for yourself. When I got into middle school, I finally realized I was very funny. I was always the class clown in school, getting in trouble. I was naturally funny, not knowing I’m being funny.

Being from Greensboro, North Carolina, what was the household like growing up?

I’m originally from Greensboro, born and raised. After I graduated in 2006, I left Greensboro and came to Charlotte with my family. I’ve been here since. Charlotte changed my life a lot, trying to find myself and discover who I am. You go through all of the ups and downs situations to find out who you are, whether you’re gay, straight, bi, as an individual. That was my search.

Who are you mentally, physically, emotionally? I had to go through some things to accept my past. We’re all damaged in some way. I had to go soul search and forgive the people who damaged me, to heal. Nowadays, I’m at peace with myself. I’m at peace with the world. If you aren’t at peace with yourself, you can’t be at peace with the world. You have to accept the things you’ve been through because what you’ve been through is getting you somewhere. It’s making you better and stronger. If you don’t go through anything in life, how will you become a better person and grow?

Biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself from gaining popularity?

Don’t call everybody your friends. Don’t feed into stuff that people might say. Watch out for snakes. I’ve ran into a lot of snakes in this industry and circle.

How do you weed the bad ones?

You have to really go through the experience to see. Because if you don’t, how are you going to know? Most people can spot people already like “oh no I can’t mess with her,” but I believe in experience. I’ve been through experiences and learned. Sometimes you have to get your hand bitten, my hand’s been bitten many times. It helps you be more aware. Listen to yourself and your spirit, it’ll talk to you.

What are you currently working on?

Since COVID, I’ve taken a break from the internet. Everyone’s like “Lynn, where ya at?!” I wanted to live without the internet. That was real life for me, living without people keeping an eye on what you’re doing. I’ve been enjoying my friends and my family without the internet. I’m going to get back to my life because I know people are looking for it, but it’s important to take time to collect yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What do you do for self-care?

I’ve been working out with my friend, he’s a trainer and keeps me motivated. I listen to music. I’m very adventurous. I like to explore, but I get bored very easily. I like to expand my mind and be around people who are trying to get to the top, they want to eat as much as I want to eat.What’s your favorite meme of yourself?

“Girl you see that glitter!” [laughs] That’s from when I first started. I did a video and it went viral.” You see that hair?!”

Goals for yourself at this point of your career?

To be very successful, not caught up in trash. I know it’ll take a lot of work to get there. I’m willing to sacrifice to get myself there, because life is sacrifice. My main goal is to be healthy and mentally stable. People get lost in this world very quickly, money can make you change. I won’t ever turn against the people that helped me or fed me. I want to be stable first, it’s important to me.

Talk about having a platform and being able to stand for the LGBTQ community and #BlackLivesMatters.

People look up to me. I’m sure I’ve opened up doors for people to be more themselves, experience more self-love. I’ve met a lot of great people, I’ve spoke with Big Freedia. People look up to me as a person who’s so positive, but at times I can let you have it. Keeping a good mindframe, it’s changed a lot for me. I like hearing from people, “you saved my life, thank you so much.” I helped them by being myself and speaking out. A lot of people aren’t outspoken, I’m speaking for the ones who can’t speak. That’s the greatest blessing, speaking out and saying stuff for people who say I can’t.

What’s your zodiac sign?

I’m an Aquarius. Aquarius‘s are very sneaky, quiet, liars. I’m the life of the party. When I walk in the room, get off of your ass and dance honey!

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