August 25, 2020

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During an unprecedented time in our planet’s history where artists are not touring around the globe, these two brothers are using the time to their advantage and making movies in the gaming and esports industry. The two-time voted #1 DJ’s in the world, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are adding “entrepreneurs” to their repertoire by opening up a music, gaming, and lifestyle agency named The Smash Universe.

The company will focus on content creators, gamers, and lifestyle influencers providing management, creative services, and PR/marketing concepts, in addition to developing both real-life and digital events. One half of the famous duo and co-founder of the agency, Dimitri Vegas, took the time to chat with Flaunt regarding the new endeavor.

How did The Smash Universe get started? 

We’ve had a long-term goal to expand our creative operations for some time. The project has been in our minds for a while, but it was the shape in which it’D function that wasn’t quite there yet. After we got introduced to Miranda by one of our team members, it immediately felt good. Miranda brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, along with our Smash The House team and our manager Nick Royaards, so now we have the nucleus of a formidable team.Over the past few months, there’s a lot of talks regarding how we could combine our efforts and build a new agency. The Smash Universe is the result.

Why launch now in the middle of the global pandemic?

For us, it was more the question “why not?” The creative arts are still alive, esports has become bigger in 2020, and while touring isn’t happening right now, the entire entertainment industry still has a place in our lives. We want to connect the dots of music and gaming and so much more through this new agency.

You have an all-star team with you, how did this team get assembled?

The bulk of the team has been working together for years. Nick’s been our manager since 2012, we’ve been in esports for a while now and our Smash The House team has been growing since 2010. We’d been in touch engaging in talks with Miranda through one of our team members. A lot of ideas came together, it all happened quite organically.

What exactly is The Smash Universe? What is your goal for this agency and clients?

The Smash Universe is a global music, gaming and lifestyle agency. Gaming and Music are two separate worlds, we aim to bring these together with our team’s expertise on both sides of the spectrum, creating a strong synergy while focusing on full service management for our artists. A lot of opportunities lie ahead of us and we’re in full-throttle to keep going with the momentum we have right now.

What makes the company different from other management companies in the same space? Why should influencers and talent consider your company? 

There are really only a few agencies doing this kind of service right now. With what we’re able to bring to the table, we’re probably the only agency of this type to actually be able to offer what we can offer. Why talent should consider us is a decision they need to make for themselves but, as a team we’re proud and excited to have an enormous pool of experience, resources and relationships between us.

What are you doing to standout at a crucial time when platforms like TikTok are looking at getting banned in certain parts of the world?

Our operation is focused on the global impact of music and gaming. Our talent pool will be international too. As DJs, Mike and myself have performed all over the world, our manager Nick and the team have a good understanding of how different global markets work. We want to bring this knowledge and experience into The Smash Universe.

You’re not only the twice-voted #1 DJ in the world, but you’re also an entrepreneur, eSports gamer, voiceover actor and video game character. What other projects are you doing? What triggered you to do all these other endeavours besides music? 

Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with gaming, comics ,and movies. Music has always played a part in my life but away from the DJ shows and studio, I always wanted to get involved in the movie business and comics. Being able to formulate my own esports team or get a chance to do the voiceover of Peter Parker in the Belgian version of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a boyhood dream to me!

How does The Smash Universe fit into post-COVID world?

Our expansion actually came about in some part because of Covid-19. We saw an increase in the creative and sporting projects we’re involved in, particularly the esports side of things. Our goal is to deliver content, projects and talent that can co-exist in the entertainment and live industry, whether that’s the one of old or the one that lies ahead of us.

I’ve heard you’re an excellent cook, is there any recipes you can share with us for those who love to cook and try new things at home?

[laughs] My brother Mike is the real cook. His ability to make the most insane meal out of the most basic of ingredients is incredible. One of the many things I love about being on the road with him is not having to miss amazing home cooked food.

Congrats on your success with your recent hit “Say My Name” and for being voted the #1 Big Room Dance artist in the last year and ALL-TIME on Beatport! Are you working on new music?

Thank you! We’re extremely happy with the feedback with the new single with our brother Regard and the way it’s performed on streaming service. It’s been fantastic so far! Discovering we were Beatport’s #1 Big Room Dance artist has made August a crazy month for us. Due to

Coronavirus, we’ve had to halt out touring, but we’ve maintained our efforts on the music side and have a lot of new and exciting material to come. New single coming soon!

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