August 26, 2020

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CXLOE is ready for her big break. The rising Australian dark-pop artist comes from humble beginnings, starting her career by releasing videos on YouTube and playing intimate shows at local Sydney venues, but continues to prove she’s a force. With no specific genre when it comes to her sound, the singer-songwriter makes groundbreaking music with an aim to push the narrative forward. Floating between alternative and electronic, she lets her vocals do the talking.

Now, CXLOE returns to premiere the official music video for “One and Lonely.” Serving as her ninth and favorite single to date, the record exudes a powerful message about loneliness, something we’re all familiar with especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The concept is something that’s always weighed heavy on CXLOE’s mind: traveling alone and going from airport to hotel, constantly being away from her partner for long periods of time and needing to rely on technology to feel connected. Spending most of the year away from her partner, the track encapsulates all the endless flights and sleepless nights away from each other.

Touching on the video, she states, “I’ve been dying to release it for over 2 years! When we got the treatment back from the director Joey Hunter, I was speechless and gave him free reign. We used a lot of Vaporwave references for inspiration which felt so different from anything I had ever done, but still so in line with what I envisioned for the video.”

Beautifully complementing the track, the “One and Lonely” video does not disappoint. Giving off a futuristic feel, the visuals tell a story of their own. With pops of color, tactful choreography, and raw emotions shown throughout, the video echoes the pain and frustration felt in the lyrics.

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