August 28, 2020

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Topic is an international superstar. Hailing from Germany, the producer and DJ has been making music for 12 years now, and 6 years professionally. Getting his start in both hip-hop and dance music, he always loved and appreciated both cultures. His sound can be described as “melodic dance music,” yielding emotional songs that people get attached to — but still with a beat where they can groove and dance to.

He states, “Especially these days with Spotify and people having so much access to all the music out there, there’s a lot more crossover happening right now. It’s always been fun to make different genres.”

It was his 2019 single titled “Breaking Me” that went completely viral, amassing nearly 670 million streams, stamping his name in the music industry. With the official music video released less than a year ago, it already hails over 63 million views and counting. His synergy with vocalist A7S has yielded more than one hit, most recently teaming up on yet another global hit — this time with Lil Baby on their latest collaboration, “Why Do You Lie To Me.”

Flaunt caught up with Topic via Zoom to discuss the importance of social media, getting Lil Baby on the track, studio essentials, and more!

Talk about your roots in Germany and Croatia, how does that influence your life and music?

My dad’s Croatian and I’m born in Germany to a German mom. I started making music around 12 years ago, it was actually my music teacher who got me into music. We had it in high school, they taught us how to produce music on Logic and I really got hooked on it.

How has social media helped jumpstart your career?

Especially in the beginning, social media really helped me to kick off my career because I wasn’t signed to a label directly. I self-promoted my music all the time. In the beginning I used YouTube a lot because I was always uploading my music there. It went viral on YouTube and also Facebook, which I used a lot in the beginning too. Right now,I use Instagram constantly. TikTok’s is also pretty important. I don’t create that many TikToks myself, but for the “Breaking Me” I noticed when big TikTok stars are using the song, it really helps to grow its popularity.

Did you think “Breaking Me” would be as big as it became?

No, definitely not. I had success before with a few songs in Germany and Australia, but I never imagined a song like “Breaking Me” would take off. “Breaking Me” is #72 on the Billboard charts in the US, and Top 20 in the Airplay charts. I never would’ve thought something like that could happen.

Bring us back to that studio session, what was the vibe? 

I always work with a songwriter from Sweden, we were in a studio like every other session we did. It was nothing special that day. We started that idea and we actually weren’t liking it a lot in the beginning. We had it around for a few two months and didn’t work on it. We went on another songwriting trip to Miami, we thought “let’s listen to this idea again.” We listened to it and thought maybe it’s worth it to finish it, and that’s what we did. We started to like it a lot and decided to put it out as soon as possible.

How does it feel to have it go Gold and Platinum in so many countries?

It’s crazy! The song was doing well in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Australia, but now it’s gotten huge in 16 or 17 countries. I think some more will be following, it’s a crazy feeling.

Your new single with Lil Baby, “Why Do You Lie To Me,” how did that come about?

We actually made that one before “Breaking Me” was even born. It’s quite old. Lil Baby already agreed to do the song with us before “Breaking Me” was released, so I’m really happy he already liked the song.

How did that happen? 

We sent the song to our A&R and we were thinking “who could spit on it?” They hooked us up with a guy in Atlanta who’s very well-connected. He sent it around and Lil Baby liked it.

What was your reaction when you heard it with his verse on it?

When we first heard the verse we knew it was a great one.

What’s your bond with A7S?

We work together a lot, we write all the songs together. I just came from a songwriting trip from Spain, we became really close friends. We always go to the studio to make music and hang out.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?

I actually started to work a regular business job at a company. It’s business economics, I’d still be doing it if I didn’t do music.

What do you feel when you’re producing?

I have a lot to say, like energy almost. There are no boundaries, you can do whatever you want. Especially these days with all the technology, you have everything on your computer or laptop. You can take it everywhere you want, that’s great.

3 things you need in the studio?

Good speakers, good vibes, and a good view. Or good lights.

I could see your lights right now, is that where you record?

Yeah, this is my studio at home where I usually produce music. When me and A7S go to a studio session, we like to work somewhere where we have a nice view.

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