September 2, 2020

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Sexton’s time is now. Having made music for damn near her entire life, the Perth, Australia native is determined to be a role model for aspiring artists all around the world. With the current state of the world, the singer-songwriter prides herself in creating meaningful music that the masses can relate to, while pushing female empowerment, endless motivation, and unwavering passion. She describes herself as “a rebel with a cause, a girl that likes to keep it raw and real at all times. A girl who doesn’t want to be put in a box, music is all I know”

Having gone through her own obstacles signing to a major label, Sexton asked to be released so she could continue her independent grind. On her neck hails a “RAW” tattoo, which stands for “raw authentic woman.” Her initiative is to help females know their worth, demand respect, love themselves, and stop chasing what society paints as “the perfect barbie doll.”

With her Sexton Records baby headquarters set up in her apartment, she recently released singles “Lonely 19” and “On The Way“ during quarantine. Flaunt caught up with Sexton at the Kandypens house in Los Angeles to discuss what happened with her deal, hew newfound independence, her own label Sexton Records, advice for up and comers,

Being from Perth, Australia, what was it like growing up?

Perth is a really beautiful place for nature. Unfortunately now there’s a lot of sharks in the ocean, but I used to be deep-diving in the ocean. Running around barefoot. It’s really peaceful in my hometown, a lot of live music. I started in a band, I was the singer, the guitarist, the drummer. I still play guitar. My teacher was really great, he wanted us to know a bit of every instrument. Even if we didn’t master it, he’d force us to play different positions in a band.

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At what point did you realize you wanted to do this for the rest of your life?

When I was a kid, I tattooed my childhood home [points to right forearm]. This little front patio, I used to make all those plants and trees the arena. I knew from a very young age, I feel like it was the gods above. In Australia, we have a Tall Poppy Syndrome that’s popular in the country. America feels very “you can do it!” whereas in Australia I often found it more like “yeah alright, you can’t do it.” It can at times have a very pushing people down ‘jokester’ type culture. Growing up, I was very encouraged to find a more ‘realistic’ career path. I had a crazy car accident, which made me lose all fear and finally take the leap to come out here.

I’m so sorry, were you okay?

I’m good now. These cops jumped out of a car to stop a fight in the middle of my hometown city, a guy ran around the back and stole the police car. He’s flying through a red light, high-speed cop chase. We were coming back from the airport, me and my siblings. My brother had just become a professional golfer, it was a really big day for us so we’re celebrating. We’re going through a green light, the cop car went through a red light. We hit the cop car, bent the cop car in half. Because of the impact, we flipped over 3 times at the end and survived. My sister was pregnant as well. We’re on every news station, every radio station, we were everywhere. It was horrible because they’re announcing that my sister’s kid had died before being born, which was a lie! It was madness.

When did you come to the States?

The very first trip was 2008, then back and forth with immigration visas.

You were signed to 300 Entertainment (Young Thug, Tee Grizzley, Lil Keed), what exactly happened?

Creative differences and wanting to pursue the independent path. I asked the CEO for a release. Kevin Liles is a legend in the game, him and I always saw the same vision for me. We’re on the same page. I had a great time with them. We had a top 10 single on radio, “Space” with TK Kravitz, over 50 million streams. I felt it was time to part ways. Fortunately, me and that 300ent crew are all cool. I saw them at a YSL event before quarantine, it’s all love. Sometimes artists will sign to a label and realize it’s not the right home, it has to be right. I went back independent and started building it.

Talk about your own label, Sexton Records.

Until I find those partners that understand me and aren’t trying to completely control and change the vision when I have a fanbase of 114K, I want to find the right team to support what I’m doing. For now, I’m distributing everything under Sexton Records. I’ve managed to do a lot independently so I’m cool until the right people come along. Taking meetings every week, there’s some big stuff going on the table. We’ll see if it’s the right home for me, then I’ll do it.

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How has the independent grind been?

I work at a very fast speed, I’m dropping a song and video every week. I’m nonstop dropping product for the fans. It’s hard because you have to get up everyday and motivate your team, believe in yourself so much that you keep it flowing. At the same time, even the Coachella event was me booking myself. I’ve opened up for Migos, Bryson Tiller, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, all myself talking to promoters and booking it. I got features from major acts too just by talking to the artists. No management. I really want to inspire more artists to stay independent until they build out their vision and show people who they are, so they can live out the dream the way they see it.

What is your vision?

I want to fuck up the game. My fans will tell you, I really have the skillset to do every genre from rap to EDM. I don’t feel there has ever been a female as versatile as me in the way i’m doing it. I want to be able to inspire people, especially girls to believe they can boss up too. Play with the big dogs, take meetings with CEOs, be up there and believe in themselves. Encourage artists to really build that vision how they see it, which to me is to not have any limit on my art.

You released “On The Way” last month, what was your creative vision?

I’ve done the $40K videos, I’ve done the big, produced, over-the-top, wearing all the jewelry, all that. My fans will find in my next song “Internet Stars,” don’t let the internet encourage you to become something because you think it’s what everyone else is doing and being cool. Jewelry and flexing is fun to me, but I don’t need it. “On The Way” was me stripping everything back, believing that I don’t need to have my bright colored hair. I don’t need to have my over-the-top shit, I have enough talent to do this without all the extra shit. “On The Way” is me running in the desert for miles. I was so out of breath and so unfit. [laughs] The concept is not giving up. Sometimes we look up and see how much further we have to go, it can be overwhelming. We should look back and see how far we’ve come. I shot it on the street to symbolize that, to keep going.

How would you describe your sound?The belly of my sound is rock and hip-hop, so 2000’s punk rock with Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kurt Cobain, mixed with really aggressive hip-hop drums. Those 2 worlds are the belly of it, I stray left and right. Lyrically, I try to keep everything really raw, relatable, and conversational.

How was recording “Lonely-19” during quarantine?

I’ve actually been in a really nice bag recording in quarantine. I like big studios, but home’s always good because you can do it on your time. You’re not worried about the dollar you’re spending on the studio. I freestyle all my music line by line, so it was really easy. A lot of my fans reached out to me saying they’re depressed and stressed because they’ve lost their jobs. They’re confused with what’s going on, they’ve got anxiety because they’re cooped up in the house. I wanted to make something with a message, because I dropped an EP called Elixir before that that’s all saucy, fun, lit vibes. I wanted to get a little deeper.

3 things you need in the studio?

It used to be Hennessey and liquor [laughs], but I’m on sober savagery right now. I’ve been going for a month, not smoking or drinking anything. Feel really clear-headed, but normally it’s definitely fucking coffee. Coffee, candy, and liquor.

I love candy. What do you like?

My go-to’s are Peanut M&M’s. Have you tried Haribo Twin Snakes? They’re gas. They’re 2 snakes that are intertwined, sweet and sour. And Skittles. Anything sour’s always good.

I love your mask that says “You Are Not Alone,” what’s the significance in that?

I have a fanbase that’s very emo, depressed, anxious and stressed at the moment, which is a natural human feeling anyway. “You are not alone” is a great message overall because while you’re in your house going through stuff, so is everybody else. You’re really not alone if we’re all alone together. I call my fans the Sexton family. A lot of people don’t have real family or friends they can count on to be there, I want to be that ear for everyone to feel they’re never alone. They’re always with me. I literally spend hours a day replying to fans on every platform, every comment, every DM. Unless they’re like “let’s fuck,” those I ignore. The rest, yeah. If they’re really going through it, I’ll give them a Snapchat call for 10 minutes. I think about why I listen to music, it saved my life. Music’s supposed to help and I want to be more than a hit song.

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What does “R.A.W.” mean to you?

R.A.W. is real authentic woman. There’s a lot of Barbie doll, perfect picture pressure on girls. If that’s for you, that’s for you. But I want to create a different lane for girls to not be perfect, not always have to wear a dress or show skin. My biggest thing is to keep it real and keep it truthful, your truth at all times. I tattooed it on my neck.

What goals do you have for yourself?Damn, there’s way too many. Short-term is to find the right partner to help me elevate everything. I really want to go on tour. I had one set up right before quarantine, but got cancelled. Get this song out I have with a really big artist, we’re about to do a video.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Always remember to love who you wanna love, be who you wanna be and fcuk the world’s opinion cause you only have one life so make it your best!!

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