September 7, 2020

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K Goddess is here to put on for her city of Brooklyn, in ways far beyond music. Boasting 170K followers on Instagram alone, the rapper, model, actress, and philanthropist prides herself in being 100% authentically true to herself in all facets of her life. Having only been rapping for 4 years, her grind and hustle allowed her to get it out the mud to now declare her place in the rap game.

Rising to prominence in 2017, K Goddess has had the spotlight on her since high school. While she was known to be one of the best basketball players at her school, it was in college when she began writing raps and discovered her unwavering love for music. After linking with Cardi B producer SwiftOnDemand, K released her critically-acclaimed debut mixtape Diary Of A Goddess, and even received a rare cosign from UK rapper Giggs after remixing his hit single “Whippin Excursion.”

What sets her apart from other female rappers is the fact that audiences are able to really connect with her. She states,” The audience can really connect with me. A lot of these female rappers don’t be what they rap about, K Goddess is 100% what she raps about.”

From dropping visuals to “FRIENDS” and “PIMP” to reality television to donating over $30K to #BlackLivesMatter organizations, K Goddess continues to make an impact on the world in the best way she can. Flaunt caught up with K via Instagram Live to discuss the reality of growing up in Brooklyn.

You recently dropped the “FRIENDS” visual, talk about creating that record.

Making “FRIENDS” was really funny because I had a hook written down for a very long time. The beat kept getting deleted, we finally got the final version of that beat. Once I recorded and laid down the hook, it was crazy. It’s a hit. What I’m talking about there led up to me releasing the “PIMP” video. In that song “if I say F you, I meant that lil n*gga.” Stop playing with my time. If I say I’m done with you or cut you off, I’m done with you.

You say “you’re a project baby, no Kodak.” What was the reality of growing up in Brooklyn?

When you’re raised where I’m from, Brownsville, you have to grow up before your time and age. I was 12 years old in the streets acting like I was 18 years old. It’s hard but as you get older and become grown, you realize what’s embedded in you from being so young is what helps you in the long run — in the future with business and everything else. I’m happy about it.

At what point did you realize this music thing was real?

3 or 4 years ago, I decided to take it seriously. I did music my whole life. I’ve always written rhymes, always done poetry. I’ve always listened to music. Music was always an outsource for me when I was going through things. I started putting my blood, sweat, and tears into it, every day. I told my grandmother “I’ma make sure this music is what gets you out of the projects.” From then forward, it’s been my foot on their necks. No stopping!

What inspired “PIMP”?

What inspired “PIMP” is who I am. I was raised to finesse, make sure I do what I have to do. I have females in my family who are madams, female pimps. My mom was a madam, my aunt’s a madam, so that inspired my lifestyle. That’s what we really have going on over there.

What does moms think of the music career?

She loves It. My mother’s a rapper too, she’s rapped her whole life. She feels like I’m following her footsteps, my mom supports. My grandmother’s trying to get used to it, she can’t deal with all of the curse words. She asked me the other day to do a gospel rap song, I’ma try it. [laughs]

I mean, you got the “Bad Bitch Commandments”!

Yeah I know right? Jesus commandments!

Was that a real therapy session in the music video?

No, I wish. [laughs] It was actually me being both the therapist and being myself. The creativity behind that video was really dope.

Do you believe in therapy?

Hell yeah. Everybody that comes from the hood needs some type of therapy.

How’d you get the name K Goddess?

It’s funny, I was in college playing basketball. My name’s my first and last name, so K Washington is what they called me. I had a friend at the time named A God, he suggested I call myself K God. I’m like “nah, people will think I’m your girl.” After a while, it became K Goddess. Kept that name ever since, 8 years now.

How good are you at ball?

I was really good. I actually thought I was going to go overseas or to the WNBA. I was a point guard and shooting guard. I still play sometimes.

What do you want fans to get from “Don’t Ask”?

“Don’t Ask” is to always make sure you protect yourself, always make sure you don’t allow a man to manipulate you or use you. Make sure you’re always 10 toes down and have your own backup, 100%. It’s me speaking from personal experiences. Don’t ask about no dudes I used to deal with. Obviously if I want to talk about it or our history’s good, I’d be speaking about it.

What do you look for in a man?

I don’t discriminate honestly. I like my n*ggas a lil gangsta, but loveable. Not too out there, I don’t like a flashy dude. I like them prepped for the goddess. [laughs] It’s hard for me to explain, that’s why I don’t be out here cuffing them like that.

How was that piercing sis?

It’s doing much better. My lip went down a little bit.

I got my dermal piercing re-done yesterday. 

All my dermals rejected, I’ve never had one dermal that ever stayed. I’ve had about 4 dermals. One on my face, you could see the scar still. 3 on my chest, they all rejected.

Giggs is so fire, talk about remixing “Whippin Excursion.”

That song was amazing superproducer SwiftOnDemand’s idea, he put me onto Giggs. I heard Giggs on Drake’s album, but I wasn’t really in tune. Swift’s the one who had me research him, and put me onto “Whippin Excursion.” He thought it was a great idea for me to remix It. He wanted me to do Giggs’ flow, it was super hard but I finally got it. Soon as I dropped the video, Giggs reached out to me. It’s always been love. Still till this day, we follow each other. That’s how my fanbase started over in the UK, New York wasn’t the first to support me. [laughs]

How was It rapping as fast as he does? Because he goes off.

It was really dope. It worked hand-in-hand, it wasn’t too much of a challenge when it came to rapping like him. It became more of a challenge when I was trying to drag the words, “Whippin Excursion!” [Giggs voice] Trying to do his accent, that’s what was really hard. I have super love for the UK, I’m excited. I’m going to be making a trip out there soon.

How is your hometown presence?

It’s really good, it’s growing every day. I see more and more they’re overprotective over me. Wherever I go, everyone’s always pointing me out. “Hey K Goddess right? Keep going! I’m watching you.” It keeps me on my toes and keeps me sane, allows me to see I’m doing something for a reason. Especially when I’m depressed, my fans reach to me or I’m going to the store and somebody says “yo keep going,” it’s a sign from God.

What do you do for self-care?

I pray, take a bath, smoke a blunt. I have 2 doggies, with their bad asses. My dog started lifting his leg up, now this little boy pees on everything. [sighs] He only pees on the pad when I give him a small spanking. He pees on the pad for the first 3 hours but after that, it’s urine everywhere.

I yell at my puppy, then I feel bad.

Mm-mm, discipline that dog!

You’ve donated over $30K to #BlackLivesMatter charities, what inspires you to give back?

I’ve always been one to help my community. I started making a lot of funds by playing online games via social media. Once I realized how much money I was making, I decided to give back to the foundation of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. I decided to contribute wipes and diapers to single moms and single dads. That’s always how I’ve been. The community helped raise me so I figured the least I could do is help the community raise the youth, because the youth is the future.

Goals for yourself at this point of your career?

At this point, my goals are to get on Summer Jam, Powerhouse. To get on all of the major platforms that I have to get on in order for them to know that K Goddess is here, I’m staying and not going anywhere.

What can we expect next? 

I’m dropping an EP real soon, expect me to be everywhere. I’m about to take over every city in every state, period!

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