September 7, 2020

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The Prince of LA is stamping his name in the rap game, one banger at a time. The name itself yields his roots in Los Angeles, attached with an outgoing, energetic persona that’s contagious to all those around him. When it comes to his sound, he prides himself in his ability to make all types of records, from turnt club anthems to R&B ballads for the ladies.

Getting his first taste of viral success from his record with Blueface called “Come And Find Me” back in 2018, Prince displayed tremendous growth since he first started at the young age of 12. Being the youngest one out of all his friends, it was his father who first showed him the ropes and taught him how to rap.

Fast forward to 2020, Prince experienced yet another viral moment: this time with DaBaby’s artist Stunna4Vegas. The two collaborated on “Flow Through The City,” shooting the music video at the beautiful Kandypens house in the Hollywood hills. The hilarious clip of Stunna accidentally ripping off a girl’s ponytail landed on every major hip-hop account on social media  — of course, with Prince right next to him.

Flaunt caught up with The Prince of LA via Instagram Live, who was located in Atlanta doing a press run and putting in that work. Read below as we discuss how the collab with Stunna about, his love for fashion, studio essentials, performing, and more!

New single “Flow Through the City” is a banger! How you feeling?

Me and Stunna turnt that shit up. The fucking clip went viral unexpectedly. We literally shot the video, went to sleep, and that bitch was viral.

I know it was my video, who was the first person to post it? 

Literally that’s the exact video off your Story, but I didn’t even know that happened. This person I know texted me a Twitter link, RapCentury posted. After that, it was SayCheese, No Jumper, DJ Akademiks, Power 106, XXL, everybody. I’m like goddamn! You caught that moment. That’s how you know everything’s meant to happen because you didn’t even know, you were just recording.

How’d you link with Stunna4Vegas originally? Was that done in the studio?

It’s crazy, Dababy threw a private party in the hills Grammy weekend. I was there with my manager, we’re moving around. I got introduced to Stunna, it was a brief interaction. We took a picture together, but I never posted it. Then Coronavirus kicked in, content was getting dry so I said “fuck it, let me throw this pic up.” I posted it to ask the fans, “what does this sound like?” Bro DMed me and said “let’s give it to them, I’m in LA right now.” From there, we connected our people and “Flow Through the City” came out.

I know you had some contenders for what the song would be called, what were the others ones?

I didn’t want to call it “City,” I didn’t want to call it “Flow” because both of those are too plain. I was thinking about the name: The Prince of LA, “Flow Through The City” featuring Stunna4Vegas. Long as hell but fuck it, it makes the most sense. That shit was dope, we had fun at the video shoot. Shout out Kandypens, they showed crazy love. We had a hell of a night. No cap.

Did ya’ll cook up in the studio?

How shit goes nowadays, our schedules don’t be aligning. We did the song from two different spots, I was in LA and he did his shit in Charlotte. He flew out here to do the video but when we made the song, we weren’t even together. More a send back and forth type thing.

How was it when you heard his verse?

That shit was dope. My manager pulled up on me at the studio, he said “bruh, they sent the files sent in.” We heard it, he gassed up on there talking his shit! Bro did his shit, flew to LA, showed crazy love. Everybody else fucking with the song, we keeping this shit moving.

What else can we expect from you music-wise? I know you dropped your Arrogant album.

Facts, dropped Arrogant. I’ma be dropping a lot of turn up club shit. Since I did this song with Stunna, I got momentum going right now. As time goes on, October or November I might slow down a little bit. I like doing the slow shit too. You know me, I be on the rap/singing wave. I’m in between.

For those who don’t know, how’d you get your name?

I’ve been doing music since I was 10 years old, but those were practice years. I used to be something else, aka the Prince of LA until I dropped that shit.

What was it?

I’m not saying that Shirley! You posted a clip and it went viral, hell nah! But look, the name Prince of LA is self-giving. Me doing music so long, it was other n*ggas poppin’ years ago and I was always the youngest on the scene. That name is earned, I was always giving back to the city. Even n*ggas older than me doing their shit, I was always there. At this point, nobody’s challenged it.

How’s your relationship with Blueface?

It’s cool, bro’s doing his music shit and I’m doing mine too. We’re both working. He’d already got a plaque before, already had on his own tour. I’ve been on tour, but not my own headlining. At this point, we both doing our shit. He got some shit he’s trying to accomplish, I got my shit I’m still trying to accomplish.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I’ma keep it real, selling out an arena. A lot of people out here are content selling out to 2,000 people, I’m trying to be on some Chris Brown shit and selling out 17K people at the Staples Center. The biggest part for me is ticket sales.

Do you miss performing?

No cap, my shows used to go up. People can go to the bottom of my page to see the tour videos I did, my shit went crazy. I do miss performing, this Covid shit needs to blow over because it’s throwing everything off.

3 things you need in the studio?

I don’t require much. I don’t even smoke like that because it puts me to sleep.

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