47 GiNO: 17 Years Old & On His Way To Greatness

September 21, 2020

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47 GiNO is only 17 years old and already proving his worth in the music industry. One look at him, and you’ll immediately notice his signature curly hair.

One listen of his music, you’ll immediately catch a vibe. Plus, he raps about real-life struggles and experiences, reminding the masses that we all got through it in this thing called life.

He states, “It’s pressure. If you hear my music, you can tell off the rip.”

Now he’s under the wings of Jason Geter, the music executive and mogul is known in the industry for discovering and signing only the best talent from T.I. to Travis Scott to Iggy Azalea.

On “NO MERCY,” GiNO raps about “I ain’t tryna speak if it ain’t bout the cash, me and CASHAE bout to run up that bag,” shouting out the production team he works the most frequently with. Always feeding his fanbase, he drops his most recent singles and visuals for “No More” and “No Mercy.”

AllHipHop caught up with 47 GiNO in the middle of recording. Being a teenager with that type of work ethic is definitely admirable, and the real ones can appreciate.

AllHipHop: What was it like growing up in Miami?

47 GiNO: It’s different. In Miami, especially in Florida, everybody got their own different style. You go to ATL, it’ll be different from people in Florida. In Florida, you got your own slang. The way you move, you got your own thing.

AllHipHop: When did music come into play?

47 GiNO: I started when I was 15, always around studios because of my big bros. They’d always have me in the studio, one day I said “I want to do music.” I’ve always wanted to do music. Always be writing songs, but I never thought about taking it serious until I started freestyling. I usually freestyle, messing around on beats. My people would always tell me “yo you hard, do music. Start dropping songs.” I went to the studio, recorded some songs. I released them and everybody started f##king with me. I kept it going, kept dropping.

AllHipHop: I know you dropped out of high school and was primarily raised by your grandmother.

47 GiNO: The first year of high school, in my head I already knew what I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be working a 9 to 5, I wanted to do something different. I had a different purpose from everybody else. In school, I stopped doing good. I didn’t care. I’d finish a test and go home, just doing it to get it out the way. I’d leave school and go right to the studio. My whole time in high school was two months, everyday I was in the studio after that. Everyday.

In school I got into this fight and they suspended me. I went to the suspension school in Homestead when I got kicked out, wasn’t feeling it there. It’s pointless, why am I gonna have this on my record? I stopped going and did this music full-time. I was always with my grandma because she supported me the whole way. She wasn’t telling me “you gotta stay in school, you gotta do this.” She didn’t force me to do anything, she let me do what I wanted in my life. I ended up telling her I wanted to do music, I love it. From then I kept doing songs and songs.

AllHipHop: Who were you bumping growing up?

47 GiNO: Coming up, I was always listening to different genres. Recently when I’m with my boys, we listen to some rock stuff and some trap. We mix it up. When I was coming up, Lil Wayne. The OGs in the game. Ross… Florida! I was always listening to people crazy with the flows, what they said. That always got my attention.

AllHipHop: You’re so young, at what point did you realize you wanted to be in the music business?

47 GiNO: When I started to see my growth. I’ll drop a song and see how much I improved from the last song I dropped. That motivated me because I’m getting better. Especially the people that supported me, that struck with me. Damn, even if I got a couple 100 people who f##ks with me, I’m still doing something. That always kept me going. I’m getting better, I’ma keep working and see what happens.

AllHipHop: What’s the spiritual significance in your name?

47 GiNO: Gino has something to do with half of my last name. 47 is an angel number, I see that number a lot. I searched it up, it means “stay on the right path.” After that, it was 47. At first, my name didn’t have 47. Gino by itself. Over time, I put 47 because I kept seeing it. Every time I saw it, it was something good. Yeah, that gotta be a part of my name.

AllHipHop: You just released “No More,” who or what inspired this track?

47 GiNO: There’s certain times I’d go into the studio feeling like “I want to make something hard with a crazy beat, or something slow. When I made “No More,” it was different. The whole vibe, the whole mood and energy made me feel like “I don’t want to care no more!” [starts singing song] The whole time, I’m doing the melody in my head while hearing the beat. I freestyle most of my music. I don’t even write, I just think about it. As I’m thinking, I’m punching in and recording. That whole time, I kept punching in with that melody, that flow, that vibe. Kept it going. That goes for people who be going through stuff, I know how it is. It be hard.

AllHipHop: How did you land with production team Cashae and Heavy Sound Labs?

47 GiNO: It was over Instagram. One of the persons I used to work with in the studio, Cashae was working with that artist and that artist knew me. The artist that knew me went to Cashae and said “yo, I have this super young artist and he’s hard.” Cashae found me when I was 16, I just turned 17. Cashae followed me, I followed them.

We started interacting through DMs, texting “yo, we gotta link!” Never linked. We always set it up: “Friday, we’re gonna do something!” Friday comes and we’ll both be doing our own thing working. One day we said “let’s do something for real.” I end up sliding to the studio with my boys. Off rip, I already love their vibe. It wasn’t the feeling when you meet someone and they act like they’re better. “Oh, I’m helping you!” It’s more “let’s help each other,” out of love. Wasn’t even no signed deals, off love. The first time I went over there, they’re playing beats. Every beat, I was freestyling the hook. “Yo, lemme lay that down.” We made 4 songs. Me and Cashae got 200 something songs in the vault sitting there. They’re ready to go, we pushing them out little by little!

AllHipHop: What were those convos with Jason Geter like?

47 GiNO: Oh my, that was intense. My manager Jordan said “yo, I’m friends with Jason.” At first, I thought “who’s that?” She started telling me about him, I never knew he’s the one with the Grand Hustle and Trap. I’m always worried about “okay I gotta do this, I gotta do that.” I don’t even be looking around, trying to look out for myself. Looking at that, that’s crazy! He for real wants to work with me?” At first, I didn’t believe it. We got on a phone call, the love he shows is crazy.

He said “I can take you to the next level, we can do big things.” I really felt it. He saw my vision, what I wanted to do and how far I wanted to take it. I didn’t want to be the artist who pops, and your career’s over. I want to be an established artist, pushing out hit records. Me and Jason kept talking back and forth, we’re like “yeah, let’s do it!” I ended up signing with Heavy Sound Labs, it’s been a crazy experience. Even my grandma and my people, they’re proud of me. My grandma’s like “I ain’t never do none of that. When I was your age, I was in school trying to focus. Look at you, living life!” It’s a blessing.

AllHipHop: What makes you stand out from these other rappers?

47 GiNO: It’s different. When you hear my music: the tone, the way the beat is with my voice. When you listen to me, you can’t hear somebody else. You can’t say it sounds like him a little or this beat sounds like that.” The way I do my music, I was trying to stay away from sounding like somebody else. I want to do it so when you hear it, it’s something new to your ears. Damn, ever heard this type of music before. I try to set a bar.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

47 GiNO: Definitely snacks, 100%. You know about Cantina? It’s only in Florida. We get Cantina, be chillin’ on that. Hot Cheetos. I need water. Grandma cookies, vanilla! Chips honestly. I don’t care which, just some chips and I’ll be good.

AllHipHop: Do you write or freestyle?

47 GiNO: I do a little bit of both. If I’m freestyling already when the beat comes off, I’ma freestyle on the beat. If I’m listening and come up with something, I’ll write. Sometimes I’ll write a hook, then freestyle a verse. In depends, I do it different. One day I’ll write a verse, one day I’ll freestyle a hook.

AllHipHop: How has quarantine affected you?

47 GiNO: This is the best time to work, stay focused and do your thing. That’s all I’ve been doing. Look, I’m recording right now. [shows microphone]

AllHipHop: Best encounter you had with a fan?

47 GiNO: I was shooting my music video in this water park on a beach. I was walking and I kept noticing these 3 boys were following us the whole time. My boy says “don’t even stress.” They’d follow us everywhere! We go down, they go down. We go here, they go here. I said “I’ma see what’s up.” I ended up going over there like “what’s good?” They said “I was scared to come up to you, but I really f##k with you.” [laughs] You should’ve came to me, it’s no pressure. He said “you’re shooting your video, I don’t want to interrupt.” I appreciate it. He said “can I get a picture with you?” I ended up getting a picture with all 3 of them, that was crazy. Love to them.

AllHipHop: What can we expect next?

47 GiNO: So much to take in. Music videos, a lot more songs. A whole bunch of more creativity.

Stayed tuned, a lot of pressure. We’re only going up from here.

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