September 22, 2020

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Polo G needs no introduction. The Chicago rapper tells a true story of a kid who turned his dreams into a reality, when all the odds were against him. From his upbringing in the streets of The Chi to making millions off music, real name Taurus Bartlett has no plans of slowing down — consistently blessing fans with the “pain” music he’s known for.

While his biggest song to date might be a toss-up between “Pop Out” featuring Lil Tjay, “Flex” featuring Juice WRLD, his breakout single “Finer Things” or recent fan-favorite “Martin & Gina,” it seems he has yet to put out a mediocre record. Paying tribute to the late Tupac on his last album, THE GOAT, which went Gold almost instantly, Polo gives up to the title ‘Greatest of All Time”, through and through.

Plus, he’s got a one-year-old and Baby Cap is the cutest. Flaunt caught up with Polo G, shortly after he performed a 30-minute set at Stream LIVE By Bndr’s headquarters in Hollywood. The live streaming company is moving full force into the industry, providing and capturing high quality production with high quality music artists such as Polo himself. Read below as we discuss the masterpiece of GOAT, performing virtually at Stream LIVE, Tupac his favorite rapper, his Top 5, fatherhood, and more!

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing you at all these different stages of your career. how does it feel to be where you are now?

Shit feels good man, can’t wait till the world opens up so I can see more of it though.

You’re a big touring artist, how’s quarantine been for you?

It gave me more time to work, lock in. I’m locked in more than I’ve ever been in my life. I made the most music that I’ve ever made in quarantine ever, right now.

Do you record at home? 

Home, anywhere I can find a studio I’m recording.

So how much music you got? 

A lot. [laughs] I’m working on an album. I’m not really with that deluxe shit. I want to put out a whole new body of work.

THE GOAT is a masterpiece. Certified Gold, one billion streams, what do these numbers mean to you?

It means my fanbase is growing, and people are really receptive to what I have to say.

“Martin & Gina” is my favorite song on the album. Bring us back to when you made that record. 

Tahj Money hard. I was actually in Dubai on vacation, that’s when I came up with the song. I came up with the hook shortly after that. I actually asked my sister, “what you think I should say?” Because you know, it’s a girl’s song. I took that TLC song “I don’t want no scrubs,” that’s how I came up with that. “Only talk to bosses, independent, can’t be fucking with a scrub…”

How was it actually acting in the music video? It came out incredible. 

That’s my first time acting. Pretty Vee made it real comfortable, the Instagram model/comedian. She helped me be comfortable throughout the process. The director Rico, he’s really good at coaching me through it too. That was my best video shoot as far as how I felt throughout the process, that’s the funnest one I ever did.

Hit-Boy told me “Flex” was one of the last sessions he had with Juice WRLD, what did it mean to have Juice on the album? 

It meant a lot to work with Juice, that’s why I wanted the song to be on the album so bad. I only recorded one song in studio with Juice WRLD, which was “Lonely Road.” Other than that, we used to just chill with each other. He sent me that verse back after he’d slid on Hit-Boy. He did the verse for me and surprised me.

What was your reaction?I was getting off of a plane, I was on tour still. I was on my way to a show. Either his manager Peter or Hit-Boy, one of them sent it to me. I’m listening to it and I hear his part, I just got to smiling.

What did it mean to kick off the show tonight with that song? 

I try to in any way that I can show appreciation for him, commemorate him in any way. When I open up for tour again, I’m opening up with that song all the time.

How did it feel performing virtually on Stream LIVE here in Hollywood?

It was cool. Whether there’s a crowd or not, it’s the same feeling for me. Another day at the office.

How does it compare to real shows?

As far as feedback, it’s different. Shit, it’s really all one in the same to me. I’ma still try to give it my all.

What does it mean to have your artist Scorey open for you? 

It opened my eyes to the type of impact we’re making together. Really happy I started that shit rollin’. Scorey is a dope artist so I know somewhere down the line, this shit gon’ be big. Shit, it’s big right now to me.

How did you find him?

I found him on Instagram through a mutual friend. Another artist from Chicago, his name Lil Romo. He’d posted his song on his Story, it wasn’t out yet. I saw the song and felt it off bat.  I tried to figure out who Scorey was, DMed him right after that. Ever since then, we’ve been locked in.

That’s the only artist on Capalot Records, right?

Officially. I got two artists on my own prior to that. Capalot Records was officially established when I signed Scorey.

What do you want Capalot Records to represent? 

Dope ass artists and real appreciation for the art. Everybody I pick up gon’ be hard as fuck in their own way, in their own lane. Whether it’s turnt music, heartfelt music, pain music, whether they’re versatile, whatever the case may be. I’m not picking up no artists who aren’t… feel me?

Last time you said you didn’t feel like “Heartless” got the recognition it deserved, do you feel like it does now after putting it as track #2 on the project?

Nuh uh, it needs 100 million on that motherfucker. I still fuck with “Heartless” heavy though, one of my favorite songs. I got some new shit that’s finna drop that’s better than that.

Talk about paying homage to Tupac on the closing track, “Wishing For A Hero”? 

Tupac is arguably my favorite rapper of all-time. I wanted to show my appreciation for him. I really wanted to separate myself from other artists because we’re in the day and age where you’re compared to everybody that’s doing their thing. There’s not many 20-year-olds that’s rapping over a Tupac beat and delivering, so I keep shit like that in mind.

What about him do you see in yourself? You guys both being GOATs in the rap game.

Being outspoken. Our mindset mirrors each other, but mine comes as a reminisce of him. I paid attention to him a lot, so that’s what makes me think the way I think when it comes to music or my outlook on life.

Favorite Tupac song? 


I loved hearing your little sister call you the GOAT to close out the project.

That was dope, really was a dope finishing touch on the song.

Family’s a big part of your life, I actually got to speak with your mom the other day. How does it feel having her on the journey? 

It’s someone I could trust over anyone else, because this is a corrupt game. You definitely want genuine-hearted people around you, so I keep my OG in the loop of things.

Baby Cap is one years old. How is it watching him grow? 

He started walking a couple days ago. It’s weird still, seeing him doing new shit be fucking my head up. I want him to still be crawling now for some reason. [laughs]

Biggest lesson you’ve learned in fatherhood? 

Really before he came, where my life was headed, I learned to be more mindful of what I do.

What is your passion for fashion? 

I’m a dripper, that’s for sure. I’m the freshest n*gga on Instagram. I’m the freshest rapper. I’m Top 5. [laughs] 

Who else is in theTop 5? 

I fuck with the way Lil Baby be putting that shit together. Dolph be putting that shit on. Gunna be putting that shit on. It’s a lot of rappers that really be drippin’, but I’m one of the hardest. Moneybagg, shout out to Moneybagg. Durk be having that shit on too.

Favorite brands?

Amiri, Ralph Lauren for sure, and Jordan.

You and Lil Tjay got any unreleased coming? 

Yup, we finna drop some shit soon. Before the year ends.

Did you feel the pressure to have to top “Pop Out”? I mean, “First Place” was fire.

But that shit wasn’t “Pop Out.” [laughs] We have to be strategic on our next drop for sure because we have to shake the world.

How does it feel to be able to both be able to close out your shows with that record? 

That’s raw, we young n*ggas. He’s the New York version, Polo of his city. I’m the Tjay of my city. Young niggas doing their thing.

Is there someone you want to work with that you haven’t yet? 

Shit, Drake. That’s it, I’m trying to go for the throne.

Goals for yourself at this point of your career?

To be the best. That’s all I want be, is the best. The best version of myself, always unlocking new shit that I could do. Always delivering whenever the time comes. Really solidify myself as one of the dopest artists alive.

Anything else you want to let us know? 

Go cop THE GOAT, my shit finna go Platinum. Working on a new album, coming soon.

How many plaques do you have? 

Shit hold on, I got it in my Notes. I got so many on the way. I only got 10 plaques at the crib, but I got about 17 songs that went Gold or Platinum.

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