September 25, 2020

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You may recognize Abby Jasmine as the freestyle rapper who went viral on Vine, not only for her rapid flow and catchy rhymes but her infectious and carefree attitude. Quickly gaining a cult-like following within the social media community, the 22-year old has since forged her path as one of the music industry’s top breakout artists to watch this year.

Fresh off her recent release of acclaimed album Who Cares?, her biggest and most polished project to date, she arrives back on the scene with Smoke DZA featuring their new track and video for “First Day Out” — premiered exclusively on Flaunt. The first line in the record, “I’m getting tired of your shit,” sets the mood for a record emphasizing the struggles of being stuck in a toxic relationship, a recurring theme in Jasmine’s lyrics and videos.

Speaking on the record, Jasmine states, “The title “First Day Out” came about because it’s the first song that me and my producers worked on the first day out of quarantine, on a recording trip in the Hamptons. I didn’t go to jail. [laughs]”

The Staten Island native’s vocals have evolved over time ranging from dreamy to edgy: a seamless merge of R&B, funk, and hip-hop. Not an easy feat for someone of such a young age, but her raw talent combined with each track’s masterful production makes it look and sound easy.

Watch the video directed by Jonathan Astacio and produced by Cinematic TV above.

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