October 12, 2020

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With the catastrophic events that have plagued 2020, more than ever are we turning to music to be not only our escape, but a reminder that there’s hope at the end of the tunnel. Insert LACES, FLAVIA, BELLSAINT, and Amanda Brown who have teamed up to release their encouraging anthem titled “they say.”

Spearheaded by Jessica Vaughn, professionally known as LACES and CEO of Head Bitch Music, the record was created after falling victim to sexual assault within the music industry. Being a survivor doesn’t mean pushing those negative memories out of your life, however; rather obtaining the strength to rise above it. At a young age, Jessica signed to Geffen under the moniker Charlotte Sometimes, and was thrown into what they call “the holy trinity of horror stories of women in music.” She was overmedicated, assaulted, and left in the dust by her team and label.

Thankfully for the rest of us, Jessica is willing to tell her story and use it as fuel for others who are suffering from these same exact scenarios. As a certified counselor and advocate for sexual assault survivors, Jessica connects with others in a mutual healing process. In “they say,” she croons, “they say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” The record touches on the importance of overcoming trauma and taking the much-needed healing time to recover and get back on your feet.

Jessica states, “Going through a traumatic experience can be so isolating. It’s easy to feel alone in it, but that alone feeling feeds the pain. The more power we give secrets, the more they control us. I hope this song lends itself to a survivor’s empowerment. They’re not alone and we’re standing in solidarity, in pain, in power, and in the fight.”

The record was written alongside LACES’ dear friend Garen Gueyikian, in a safe and supportive space where she was able to draw from these difficult personal experiences. The result is a beacon of hope, allowing victims and survivors all around the world to confide in.

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