October 15, 2020

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Duchi Da Vinchi is in his own world, somewhere thriving in outer space. Splitting his time between New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Mars, the 24-year-old recording artist is in his own lane with his own out-of-this-world persona that fans can’t help but gravitate towards. Working closely with producer Kids of the Forest, Duchi finds his niche as he spits truth over dark and moody soundscapes.

Now, Duchi returns with his newest single titled “Lonely Fuck,” premiered exclusively on Flaunt. Tapping Atlanta’s own Asian Doll, the record begins with the disclaimer “I only fucked you ‘cause I’m lonely!” — fittingly as we’re all cooped up in our houses in quarantine. “Lonely Fuck” is a diss to all the clout-chasers and toxic personalities in the world, as Duchi delivers his bars over hard-hitting bass.

Speaking on the record, Duchi states, “When I have an empty space in my life, I have this weird urge to fill it, even if it’s with something or someone I know isn’t good for me. In those moments you can take away the space, but you can’t escape feeling lonely.”

Both Duchi and Kids of the Forest knew this record was special the moment they heard the beat, with an assist from Brandy Purp. Immediately, Duchi called in Asian to body the open verse. Listen above and remember, good vibes only!

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