October 16, 2020

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Between releasing his debut EP Astronaut Complex earlier this year and a collaboration with rapper gnash, one could say it’s been a busy year for singer-songwriter Alt Bloom (aka Ethan Thompson). The indie-R&B musician has been spending his days in quarantine creating unique, atmospheric tracks such as “Getting To Getting,” premiered today exclusively on Flaunt.

Following on his previous tongue-in-cheek releases, “Getting To Getting” finds Ethan exploring his own feelings against a backdrop of road trips and hazy summer parties, a song he wrote, recorded, and produced entirely himself. If his last track “text talk touch” was about the miscommunication and confusion that ensues when you’re only talking to someone over apps and texts, “Getting To Getting” is about the excitement that comes when you know the person you’re into feels the same.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Ethan states, “I always try to clear my mind before I write a song. When I do, usually some moment or moments in my life come out. ‘Getting To Getting’ is about the excitement you get when you go out to meet a person you’re digging on and you see that they’re digging back. The night turns into an over the top heart beat ride and this song is in the middle of that journey.”

Whether you found true love in 2020 or you’re wanting to enjoy the sweet vibes of Alt Bloom, check out “Getting To Getting” now!

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