October 16, 2020

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In 2020, PERRIS has already stolen our hearts. The Brooklyn-based musician exploded onto the scene with his viral TikTok video, promoting and pushing #BlackBoyJoy in the best way he knows how. With everything he does, he’s pushing the positive movement by breaking down all stereotypes that come with racial profiling, especially when it comes to black men.

This past summer, PERRIS enduring the worst of the worst: protesting, getting arrested, cancel culture, and of course police brutality. Now, he tells his truth in his new single titled “TRAUMA,” paired with an incredibly powerful visual to match. With lyrics such as “‘cause America ain’t understanding. They gon’ try to say we got a whole month, and that makes it an advantage.”

Black History Month shouldn’t just be one month of the year, it should be every single day. Using his voice to speak against systemic racism online and in real life, PERRIS continues to use his platform for the greater good. More than falf the costs for the production of the video was raised in a fundraiser, using free studio time to create this powerful record. The title “TRAUMA” itself encompasses PERRIS’ personal experiences coming up as a black male in America, along with all things Black Lives Matter.

PERRIS states, “Our world has nearly gone back to normal, and I think this song will do two things: encourage a community that has been disheartened by a lack of change and remind us that there is purpose in our voices.”

100% of proceeds from the record and visual will go towards Children of Promise, an organization whose mission is to uplift children with incarcerated parents.

With this platform, it only made sense for Perris to continue speaking on something larger than himself, but the method had to change. As a musician, Perris knew this was an opportunity to use his gifts for the greater good. Knowing a crowd is behind him, Perris fundraised more than half the cost of a music video production and received free studio time to create a song titled “TRAUMA”, birthed from personal experience as well as the collective experience of black America. Donating all the funds made from streaming services and video views to Children of Promise, an organization whose mission is to uplift children with incarcerated parents, Perris knows that this project was always made for something bigger than himself, dedicating it to the memory of his father, who was wrongfully imprisoned for a period of Perris’ childhood.

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