October 20, 2020

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Nikitaa continues to bless her growing fanbase with incredible records to get lost in. Putting on for her roots in India, the singer-songwriter arrives with both inner and outer beauty, an undeniable charm, and one hell of a voice. Blending the genres of pop and R&B, Nikitaa proves you can make your wildest dreams come true by simply working hard and staying passionate.

Following her previously released singles “Clutch” and “Goddess,” Nikitaa returns with a powerful visual for her newest record titled “Universe.” With lyrics like “sun-kissed sun touching on me, eyes on my eyes, and now I know,” this romantic track captures the adventure and excitement attached to falling in love.

Speaking on the record, she states, “This is going to be my first love song, I’ve never released one of those before! ‘Universe’ has a special place in my heart. I got to write this one with Ash King, which was so much fun.”

The dream-pop inspired production provides an ethereal feel, as her voice floats over the electric guitars and synths. As a vocal nerd, Nikitaa prides herself in her ability to hit a wide range of riffs and tones. Who doesn’t want to build a universe with Nikitaa? Get inspired and listen to “Universe” above!

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