October 20, 2020

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Given the importance of the 2020 election and the current state of our political and cultural climate, COVID-19, social injustices and more, fashion and lifestyle brand SEAN JOHN felt like now was the time to relaunch their iconic VOTE or DIE campaign. The relaunch comes 16 years after the original launch in 2004 and is empowering individuals to go out and vote with a sense of urgency on the issues that impact our society.

Photo Credit: RO NEW YORK

The new digital campaign not only encourages consumers to vote, but also sparks conversation around current issues (education, human rights, economics, etc.) along with powerful visuals including two videos, one that features the former Obama press aide, Desire Barns, most known for her iconic impromptu speech that went viral on the internet while the other video uses real men and women who are outraged and ready to make a change in the world. New striking campaign images that include bold tag-lines with a call-to-action also released.

Photo Credit: RO NEW YORK

Sean John of course also brought back their famous “Vote or Die” t-shirts as part of a capsule collection. New styles with bold messages (“if not now when?”, ‘Black Lives Matter”, etc) are also now available. While celebrities are not the focus for this campaign Selena Gomez and Lebron James have already both been seen wearing the t-shirts in support of the movement.

For further information and updates, please visit seanjohn.com/voteordie

Photo Credit: RO NEW YORK

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