October 21, 2020

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If you love good music, Chase Atlantic is your new favorite band. Hailing from Cairns and Sydney, Australia, the musical trio composed of best mates and two brothersMitchel Cave, Clinton Cave, and Christian Anthony — have recently found their new home in beautiful Los Angeles. Having amassed over 200 million streams across all streaming platforms, the guys take on a very DIY approach, producing and making all their music and music videos themselves.

With the recent hit of COVID-19, the guys were forced to be homebound, after years of touring and headlining shows all across the globe. Having released a string of EPs, Chase Atlantic sports a crazy dedicated fanbase, mostly teens and young adults who can relate to every single word in their lyrics. Under management with MDDN, a company started by Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, there’s no doubt they’re on their way to becoming a household name.

Most recently, they released their new single “MOLLY” via Fearless Records, which holds fans over until the release of their self-titled debut Chase Atlantic. Flaunt caught up with all 3 members via Zoom, who recently moved into their new home in LA. Read below as they discuss how they got started, the importance in touring, the inspo behind “MOLLY,” studio essentials, how they got their name, and more!

You’ve been in Los Angeles for 4 years, how is it?

Christian: It’s a great area, really great.

Mitchel: Fantastic view.

How does LA compare to Australia?

Christian: Australia’s beautiful. We love Studio City too but the industry and work, it’s much better to be in LA. Everything’s happening over here. We miss family, but we enjoy being in LA. With COVID right now, there’s not really opportunities there. It’s lockdown in the house anyways.

Bring us back to that moment you guys came together. 

Mitchel: We were 14 or 15.

Christian: We met about 8 years ago auditioning for a boy band. It was a different time back then, when One Direction was poppin’. Definitely wanted to do a boy band thing, didn’t really work out. At the time, Clinton was producing, Mitch and I were starting to get into it. We had a little couple projects before we started doing it for a University project for Clinton. Nothing serious at the start, just fun making songs in our bedroom. 2016, we had our first song take off with “Friends.” We started to put on our own tours, putting on our own shows and doing everything ourselves. We met Joel and Benji Madden, they really took us under their wing. Flew us out here, took care of us, got us our first deal. It’s been the same thing ever since, we’re still writing and producing it all.

Who brings what to the table? Since there’s 3 of you.

Mitchel: We all bring a little bit of everything. Christian and I produce on Ableton, Clinton produces on Logic. We normally start a song in Ableton, then transfer it over to Logic once the majority of the background is there. Clinton does a little vocal editing and video editing.

Christian: The saxophone, we bring the saxophone to the table.

Clinton: We all produce. Mitchel is the lead singer. We do other things, we play rhythm guitar. I play a saxophone on stage, I play the guitar. When we play live, it’s more like a rock show. You go from a hip-hop/R&B world into a constructed live rock show. We do a bunch of everything, try to get our hands in everything we can. Pretty hands-on.

Congrats on your new single “Molly.” Who or what inspired this record?

Christian: It’s a take on an unhealthy relationship you can’t let go of, whether it’s about substances or about another person. An on and off relationship, going through that and learning you need to leave and disembark.

Mitchel: You could you could say exes inspired the song maybe?

Christian: Yes. Exes! [laughs]

Clinton: It’s a style that’s been uniquely ours since we started. It’s really inspired by lots of different artists that we all fused together as one, becoming our own unique little tune.

What does it mean to take the good times with the bad?

Clinton: It’s so important to have that balance. You have to go through the trials and tribulations to find that balance. It’s something you always go search for, even in a relationship.

Mitchel: Acknowledging the bad times as well, in case it is an ex’s situation. Remembering things that weren’t necessarily great in relationships so you don’t go back to them. If it was good, then you remember the good times.

Clinton: Good times and bad times, an equivalent exchange.

How did you guys get your diehard fan base? 

Christian: We got it actually from Die Hard 2, we’re in that movie. [laughs] Just kidding. We’ve been a band for quite a few years. We’ve taken the state of progression route rather than the route where we become a viral artist, something that’s just trending. We’ve taken the slow route to get to where we are.

Mitchel: Lots and lots and lots of touring. We were the second most toured band in the world in 2018, we had 150 shows in a year. Going from playing to 80 kids at Jack Rabbits in Florida to 1800 kids in London, it wasn’t a quick step at all. There wasn’t a get rich quick routine, it was a slow process over 3 or 4 years touring every couple months. Slowly building the backbone of it. Clinton: Listening to music that we believe in helped us too. The fans we do have can resonate with tha, they latch on to that music longer. They want to stick around longer, there’s longevity in it.

How much do you guys miss performing? 

Mitchel: Performing is amazing. Being onstage is such a good feeling, especially when the crowd is fully engaging. Everything around touring is a little bit stressful as you do it 40 million times, but it gets a little bit better the bigger the tours get. We love performing, it’s a great feeling.

Christian: It’s definitely nice to take a break this year. We made the conscious decision that we weren’t going to take a little break, COVID made that decision for us anyway. We wanted to have a year off, so I guess…

Clinton: It was a year off that came with the negative stuff as well.

What did you spend your time doing in quarantine?

Mitchel: Making the album, trying to stay busy.

Christian: It’s hard, definitely the most unique situation we’ve ever been in. We’ve shared busses on tours, but this is the first time we’ve ever had to constantly wake up every day and see each other’s faces. It’s a beautiful thing, but we miss touring. [laughs]

What are you most excited for performing in Brazil next year?

Mitchel: It’s great. Obviously if COVID is still bad, we’ll have to reevaluate. But it’s great to have something optimistic to look forward to, and for the fans to look forward. We’ve never been to South America. São Paulo is our second biggest market, so to get over there — the dedication from those Brazilian fan accounts, it’s going to be really nice to go over there and meet them in person.

How does it feel to mass over 200 million streams?

All: Really good. [laughs]

Christian: It’s a good reflection back to us that what we’re doing maybe is working. Everything you do in this industry you’re unsure about. You never know what’s next, you know what to expect. To have that behind us is solid proof that we’re doing the right thing. People are enjoying the music, it’s great. It’s a good feeling.

3 things you guys need in the studio?

Mitchel: Umm, it’s basically our bedrooms. [laughs] A bed, speakers, and a PlayStation.

Clinton: Maybe a box of White Claws. It’s definitely better for the hangovers. Weed as well.

Christian: Weed is tight. [laughs]

What goals do you have for yourselves?

Christian: I don’t know if we really set goals, but definitely know we want each album to grow and be better musically and sonically. Want to play bigger shows.

Mitchel: I want to go to the moon.

Clinton: We’ll do a trip, we’ll do the first show on the moon.

One thing fans may not know about you guys?

Mitchel: They know everything. They’re little investigators, they know everything.

Clinton: The fact that we’re slightly more normal dudes than we make us out to be in our music. We do enjoy playing. We’re pretty chill, play Call of Duty a lot.

Christian: I’m not very good at Call of Duty.

Mitchel: Because we’re all producers, we’re all introverted in a way. We become extroverted when we play our shows and when we meet people, but we’re pretty introverted by nature.

Christian: We’re nerds.

Where’s the name Chase Atlantic from? 

Christian: We made it up. [laughs] There were no names…

Mitchel: We put 2 words together we liked a lot when we’re younger, it felt natural. It doesn’t mean anything which is good so that when you hear Chase Atlantic, you think of the band and not the ocean or the bank.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Clinton: The album will be coming out soon. Get ready, it’s going to be the best one yet.

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