October 29, 2020

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Sydney’s self-proclaimed DIY alternative/pop artist AIRPORTS spills the tea in his latest pop-punk banger “LOSER.” A painstakingly honest track detailing being unlucky in love, real name Aaron Lee isn’t ashamed to show his feelings in love. He wants us to know we shouldn’t be embarrassed to confide our true emotions with someone or be labeled a ‘loser’ in doing so. The bold and spirited track highlights Lee’s opinions of love bombing and fickle relationships, but through a light-hearted, sarcastic lens.

Lee shares, “It’s when you look back and realize how bad a person made you feel for trying to love them, a fun and sarcastic take on the drama of it all.”

“LOSER” sees AIRPORTS exploring his love for pop-punk, while maintaining his signature sound of edgy electro-pop. Dancing between two sonic worlds, the songwriter is determined to resist categorization and forge his own path. Taking 100% control of the track, Lee penned, performed, produced and engineered “LOSER” entirely by himself, allowing the music to take it’s natural direction and refusing to alter for anyone.

Muted synths, funk-fuelled basslines and animated melodies infuse the song, bringing it to life and emitting a fun and playful atmosphere. “LOSER” oozes an IDGAF attitude so call us a loser, we don’t care!

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