October 30, 2020

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Stephanie Hunt is best known for her role as an indie rock band chick in Friday Night Lights, as well as one-half of the cabaret duo Nancy and Beth, alongside television star Megan Mullaly. But now, Hunt can add another highlight to her resumé: bonafide rock goddess. With the release of her debut album under the moniker Buffalo Hunt, this young musician-turned-actress-turned-musician shows she has many more tricks up her sleeve.

Through the Ambitions of Ambiguity album, Hunt shows a diversity of style ranging from psychedelic to harmonic to acoustic. Written in an uncertain age about the uncertainty of life, Ambitions of Ambiguity covers a wide range of feelings of finding yourself through the loss of control over life circumstances — a relatable feeling for us all right now.

The video for “Walkin in a TV” is a masterpiece of realistic psychedelia, delving into scenes within scenes through the multimedia use of TVs in the TV. Directors David Guy Levy and Jeremy Cohen bring us Suzanne Vega vibes in retro 90’s throwback memorabilia screen washed over Hunt’s confused face as she navigates the freshly faded world of her new hometown of Los Angeles.

Ambitions of Ambiguity is an album that was written from trying to digest the uneasy feelings of the unknown,” she states. “Most of the songs were written while touring, breaking up, feeling the world is full of greedy people, and generally meditating on how to continue when there is no clear end in sight? How can we make friends with uncertainty? Of course, there’s no finite answer found, except to love and be kind. Each song’s a blueprint on different states of mind I encountered in phases of change and transformation. I can’t help but hope these self reflections may offer some welcomed food for thought to any listener.”

For Hunt, she’s restructured her idea of what success is, and is satisfied to think Ambitions of Ambiguity may bring even one listener some comfort in this time of upheaval. Human connection, melodies, harmony, and inspiration will always remain valuable beyond monetary means — at least in her book.

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