October 30, 2020

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Chrissy is simply doing what she loves: exercising passion on the daily. Taking the R&B realm by storm, it’s safe to say genetics run in the family. From singing to recording to making Youtube videos to entertaining, she’s always letting her true colors show in all facets of her life. Beyond the music, Chrissy has a contagious bubbly energy we can’t help but fall in love with.

Being the daughter to legendary Producer, Screenwriter and Director Chris Stokes isn’t all it seems. A student of the art since she came out the womb, a 9-year-old Chrissy would discover her voice — but it wasn’t until 11 she had the courage to admit singing would be her end-be-all. Landing her first paid acting role on TNT’s Southland with Emmy Award-winning Regina King, then playing the lead role in Howard High two years later, Chrissy became a fan-favorite on the small screen.

At 17 years old, Chrissy began writing and instantly fell in love with the art of creating music. Her soulful, R&B ballads are inspired by real-life experiences, from love to lust to relationships. Most recently unleashing singles “Relax” and “Always Love You,” Chrissy is enthralled to be releasing her highly-anticipated album Taken, with different ballads for the masses to relate to.

Flaunt caught up with Chrissy in downtown Los Angeles, who was decked out from head to toe in high fashion. Read below as we chat about being daughter to a major record executive, inspo behind Taken, friendship with Marques Houston.

What’s it like being the daughter to Chris Stokes?

Not normal. Well it’s my normal, but not normal for the average person. Just growing up in the entertainment industry, on movie sets, in the studio, or on the tour bus. [laughs] ] It was very interesting. I felt “hmm I could be that, but now as good as them. That’s how I used to think.”

Was there pressure?

The pressure was real because when you got somebody discovering singers like Brandy, Jhene Aiko, the list goes on. I can’t compete with them. I’m not gon’ tell him yet. That’s why I waited until I was a little older to have the courage to actually say something.

You were a normal teenager in high school?

I went to high school my freshman year,I didn’t make friends. I actually sat in the bathroom stall, I was one of those students. [laughs]

Where’d you go to school?

I went to school at Diamond Ranch in Diamond Bar. I didn’t make friends like that. I wasn’t really outgoing like that. I wanted to be  homeschooled. I got homeschooled until my senior year, then I went back to regular school because my mom forced me.

Who were your biggest influences?

Brandy, Whitney Houston for sure. Right now I like  Snoh Aalegra and H.E.R.

Who or what inspired your album Taken?

Some songs are about my past situations, but the more lovey dovey ones are about my husband. He’s my boo, we’ve been married for two years. Together for 7 years in total. Remember I told you I went to school my senior year? I met him then.

Oh wow, blessing in disguise! 

I know right. [laughs] My mom’s like “look, that’s why I made you go to school!” He’s not in the industry, he owns his own logistics company.

How does he feel about these songs being about him?

“I feel so special babe, what did I do to deserve this?” [laughs]

You just released your single “Relax”, bring us back to when you created this one. 

When I made this record, I heard the beat and was in love. Me, another writer named Samarra, T-Black, we all got together and wrote it. It’s inspired by my husband. Sit back and relax because you do so much for the family,  it’s my turn to take care of you now that you’re home. Cook you a little dinner.

You have a son and you have 2 dogs, talk about balancing all that you do.

I don’t even know how I’m doing it. I grew up pretty fast. I’m going with the wind, seeing wherever it takes me.

What is the best part about motherhood?

That I have somebody that loves me so much. By default, because I pushed him out. [laughs] He likes my songs.

What are you most excited for with your new album Taken?

I’m excited for people to hear what I’ve worked so hard on. When you work so hard on something, you want somebody to be able to listen to it and other people to see what you’ve done.

What are your favorite records on the project and why?

“Alright” and “Sometimes” are my favorite because they’re vibey. You can sit back, have a glass of wine, and chill.

Is that your ideal night at the crib?

Yup. Wine, chill, play some smooth songs. I like oldies too.

What’s your recording process like?

First I write, I prepare at home. Make sure I get it together so when I get in the studio, I smash it and I don’t have to be there too long. Sometimes, I’ll be so in my feels, I want to get it so perfectly it takes me a whole day to finish one song. Experiences inspire me, everybody goes through their own personal experiences. My experiences make me want to pick up a pen and piece of paper, and write.

What does your dad think of your music?

He’s super supportive. At first, he’s like “nah I don’t want you in the industry.” Then he lightened up. He saw I really wanted to do this so the supportive father side kicked in.

How was it working with Marques Houston on “F.L.Y.”?

Super dope. He’s like my uncle. He was there at the hospital when I was born. I remember when I came out the womb, I’m like “oh what’s up Marques?” [laughs] Just kidding. Now, I’m friends with his wife. I grew up around him my whole life. When Miya came around, we all clicked together. She became my best friend. I was her maid of honor at their wedding.

How’s working with a legend like Marques?

It’s fun, it’s normal. Marq, come to the studio and do a song with me. “Alright cool, I’ll meet you there in a minute.” [laughs] He’s such a legend the song will go to the next song and you won’t even realize it because it’s so relaxing and chill.

What was the best part of shooting the video?

Both of our mates are in it. Miya’s in it, my husband Giovanni is in it. The video is out now! Me and Marq laughing, we can’t stay serious.

Talk about starting your beauty channel with Miya. 

Just silly, silly friends. She just got married so she’s in that newlywed stage, they’re settling into their new house. We haven’t been able to make new content but we’re about to start back. I’m letting her get settled in, they got married a month ago.

What’s your passion and love for beauty?

I love lipgloss. I love eyelashes.  I love makeup. I love it.

Do you like fashion as well? 

I like fashion but on a normal Chrissy day: I walk around the house with the most bummy outfit. I go to the store with my bonnet on. I put the mask on, and they can’t see who you are.

Do you get recognized in public?

Last year I went to New Orleans, it was the first time I ever got recognized. I was at Ross, because Ross is my jam! My favorite store hands down, they have the best candles. They got the big ones only for $5.99. I was at Ross, and this lady says “Is that you “Chrissy?!” I said hi. She said, “oh my gosh, I recognize you from Instagram!” Really? Because I look tore up right now. [laughs]

3 things you need in the studio?

Wine. Maybe a little Courvoisier or Hennessy, if I’m feeling a little lit. And water. Maybe some tea for my throat. Preferably the wine. [laughs]

What are your dogs names’?

Benji and Bambi. I got them from Craigslist during the quarantine for $500 a pop. I told you, I’m all about deals! [laughs] my dogs are brother and sister, they’re cute. My one-year-old loves them. All he does is scream and pull their hair, they hate him but he loves them. [laughs]

What is it you want fans to get from your story?

I want people to get to know me outside of instagram. People can look at your instagram and make preconceived notions. I want people to know who I really am, I’m really cool and chill and what not. Just because I did my make up and posted a picture, this could have been from 2 weeks ago. Most of the time it is. [laughs] I’ll do my makeup on a Sunday and change outfits, do a couple pictures and post them throughout the week. Most of the time, I’m not done up.

What misconceived notions do people have?

People feel like okay, I’m on Instagram posting selfies. People think I’m conceited, I want people to know that I’m pretty chill.

Goals for yourself at this point in your career?

I don’t have any goals. I’m doing what I love and seeing where it takes me. I’m going with it and seeing where it takes me. I love to sing, I’m doing what I love and we’ll see where it goes.

One thing that you want things to get from the project Taken?

I want people to vibe and chill out. Sit back, get a glass of wine, chill, and play it.

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