November 3, 2020

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Cyrus Dobre is a social media maven, and he’s equally as talented with the music. Coming up as one of the biggest Youtubers alongside his Dobre Brothers, who have amassed a following of over 9.84 million, the gymnast turned recording artist has swooned the masses with his down-to-earth, infectious personality and athletic ability to dance and do backflips. Now, he’s breaking through the music industry, unleashing feel-good bangers for listeners to enjoy and vibe out to.

Embodying the definition of good energy, Cyrus lives in the moment and appreciates life for what it is. He describes himself as “a positive guy who feeds off good energy and tends to hang around people with good energy. Caring, strong, fight for what I love, want to help others reach their best potential, motivator. Some would say I’m a leader as well.”

Carrying an incredibly loyal fanbase, teamwork has been a vital component in his success. He believes when people come together, they’re stronger than when they’re by themselves doing something. Unity’s a big thing, serving as a lot of the inspiration behind what he does. Following his debut single “Goin’ Up” featuring Tory Lanez and “You Know You Lit” featuring Lil Pump, he returns to unleash “Bye Bye,” inspired by NSYNC’s timeless smash. This release holds fans over until the release of his first solo EP titled Next Level.

Flaunt caught up with Cyrus via FaceTime, who had touched down in Miami to shoot his latest music video. He actually drove from Maryland with two of his bros so he could get his matte black BMW X6 M in the shot. Read below as we discuss his life mission to make people smile, coming up with his brothers on Youtube, the inspiration being “Bye Bye,” goals, and more!

You say you want to “unite people and put smiles on their faces.” Have you always been this way?

I’ve been this way, but I’ve blossomed more throughout the years as I have grown up. Found more of myself and was able to open up more to people in public. You see that through the content I make, through the way I dress, doing hopefully more music the audience will hear. It’s a journey. I always have, I discovered it through the years.

How was it growing up in Maryland?

I grew up in Gaithersburg, around the area of Baltimore. I grew up in the DMV area, very diverse area. Area full of good energy. My best friends, my day ones are still with me here till this day. It’s very family-oriented the way I grew up, when it comes to the neighbors, where I’ve lived. I’m grateful for everything I’ve experienced and the people in my life.

When did music come into play?

Music’s always been a big thing in my life, my family, our culture. I was dancing and singing to Michael Jackson before I did a cartwheel at 2 years old. Another thing always in my life was gymnastics. I incorporate that in a lot of content I make, and soon hopefully in performing my music. That’s something a lot of the audience hasn’t seen of me, my passion for music. I express a lot of myself through my content, but more so through my music. People will get to know who I am more as a person through my music, that’s my choice to truly express who I am. It’s the right time for me to share my music with people.

How long did you live in Los Angeles for?

I lived in LA for a year in a half. I know a lot of the streets more than my own hometown sometimes.

Why only a year and a half?

We wanted to try it out. I went there with my brother’s families, my friends. We wanted to try something new, that’s when we started a lot of our influencing on social media. It was a lot of connects but we realized when we came home, we had more resources. More of our close friends. It worked out better to be in home base. We still go to LA for business, back and forth.

Coming up with the Dobre Brothers on YouTube, how did you guys build such a huge following? 

First, it was family coming together. Good energy coming together. We’re each our own personalities, we were different. The content we make, what we want to do no matter what it is, it makes people smile at the end of the day. It makes people laugh, it’s good vibes. Through that, we became influencers through everything else: TikTok, Instagram. A lot of people say you’re a Youtuber, I’d describe myself as an influencer. Music too, I want to influence people through my music. That’s one of my true passions.

What is it about your music you want people to take away?

I share a lot of my own personal experiences through my music, but I also have my own ways of spreading my words of wisdom and reminding people to live life. Because you only live once and you have to make it count, as long as it’s good vibes and being who you are. I want to be an example you could be yourself and make good music, you don’t have to be like everyone else. You can be different, create your own art. It’s the melody, the beat, the rhythm, how I feel, how me and my producer come together to create the sound of the song. It’s a spiritual experiment, it’s great. God is good, it’s crazy.

How important is social media for your career?

It played a big role because that‘s the way we’re able to connect to our fans. We have amazing fans, I’m so grateful for them. Majority of our fans are the future of the world, we want to be good role models to them. We’re able to have special experiences with our fans. We helped a lot of people through a lot of hard times, anti-bullying and life in general. We’ve been able to help people out, that’s all we strive to do.

How’d it feel celebrating your first million subscribers?

Oh man, it was a blessing. We’re grateful. We worked really hard, we grinded through everything. Had a lot of arguments. There were as many bad times as many good times, but that’s all part of the journey and brought us closer. Soon, we’ll be grateful to hit 10 million. That’s unbelievable, how much love we have from the fans. We’re grateful overall, God is good.

Was there a certain strategy or secret that worked for you guys?

There’s no other secret other than being yourself. One of my Instagram posts, I put “no one is you and that’s your superpower.” Be yourself, be different, stay consistent and keep working hard. When you start to have fans, you get there, you make a commitment. You build a family in a way, you gotta be there for your family and people you love.

You spearheaded the music endeavors amongst the brothers, talk about your songwriting talents.

Once we started our Youtube, I started looking into beats. I was always freestyling in school with my best friends growing up, and still do to this day. I wanted to incorporate some music into our content because it’s different. We’re a group, we’re close. We can dance, we love music overall. A lot of the music I wrote and we all wrote together was tailored towards the future. Good vibes, that’s why it hit the millions it did. Now I’m able to really do my thing with my true passion, which is music. Be myself through it whereas the songwriting I wrote before, it was true from the heart but it was more general. Now you’re getting me, who I am. My take on music and how I roll with it.

You released “BYE BYE,” what was NSYNC’s influence on you?

In my generation, I’m a millennial. NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, all those pop stars were big back then. I created a song as my take on it. The inspiration behind mine is saying “Bye Bye” to the negativity. What’re you going to do when your future gets blasted in front of you? You have the choice to live the life you want to live, saying “Bye Bye” to all the stuff that’s holding you back. My take was a bit different. Overall it’s good music, to be able to write this song myself my own way.

The visualizer already hit a million views, how does that make you feel?

I’m grateful, but I know I have more to give. Stay tuned and be ready, gotta keep going. I have a whole EP I’m ready to release. My official music video for “Bye Bye” dropped October 30th, I’m really excited. You can expect a little bit of a Halloween theme, me and possibly my alter ego. You’ll have to find out.

How was linking with Tory Lanez on “Goin’ Up”?

Everything happened close to the beginning of the year, early January, through a mutual friend. I was grateful to link up with him, have my producer produce the beat. We came together and created, sent it over and the vibes were there. We wrote the song together. Our voices, everything was in sync. He’s one of my favorite artists, very talented. I was grateful to have that feature and show people what I can do. We killed it.

You posted “started from the bottom,” what was the bottom for you?

Literally starting from the bottom. My parents were immigrants to this country, we worked hard through the gym and everything we created as a family business. There was ups and downs, we didn’t stop. I worked hard through my sport to be able to do what I can do. Study, go to school, build and learn the skills I needed to do well in life and be a benefit to society. I worked hard to be where I am, I didn’t have everything I had when I started. I dedicated my whole life up to now to be where I am. I want to be a good influence to society, that’s all.

Where’s your dog Romeo?

One of my friends Roman is watching Romeo. He has his own dog too so he’s chillin’ with his best friend right now, it’s great.

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