November 25, 2020

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“Oh my gosh, Babygirl!” It’s hard not to love B. Simone and her signature, high-pitched “babygirl” catchphrase. Boasting 5.1 million followers on Instagram alone, the comedian, musician, businesswoman, and CEO of B.Simone Beauty arrives with one hell of a personality, and even greater talents.

If there’s one thing you can take away from Billionaire B, it’s the fact that manifestation is real. Everything she’s ever wanted in life, she’s been able to manifest and speak into existence. Of course with hard work, passion, and dedication, she proves there are no dreams too big to conquer. A perfect example would be her public, no-shame crush on DaBaby, eventually becoming the lead female in his music video.

When it comes to her purpose in life, B. Simone is an inspiration to all young women around the world that they too can do whatever it is they have their eyes set on. Most recently, she teamed up with Footaction for her “Babygirl” collection, made perfectly for the on-the-go woman. Whether it’s lounging, working out, or enjoying a night out with friends, this collection is for the everyday woman. Having rocked Footaction apparel since she was in high school, this collaboration comes equipped with nothing short of nostalgia and pure authenticity.

Flaunt caught up with B. Simone via Zoom, who was located in Las Vegas. Read below as we discuss her admiration for her idol Jamie Foxx, touring with the legendary Martin Lawrence, being a strong black woman in the male-dominant entertainment industry, what happened with her best-selling book “Babygirl: Manifest The Life You Want”, the Babygirl Footaction collab, and more!


Why do you call yourself the female Jamie Foxx?

Yes girl, that’s the goal. Of course I’m my own person, I’m a female in the industry. I look up to him because he did acting, comedy, and music, he dominated all those genres. When he did Ray Charles the movie, you didn’t take him as a joke. When he had The Jamie Foxx Show, he’s really funny. When he does his music, he’s so talented. He separated each one of those things and was taken serious in all those elements, I love that. I want to do everything.

How was meeting him? What was that conversation?

Oh my gosh, he’s so cool. He followed me on Instagram. I happened to be at a club in Miami, LIV on a Sunday was so turnt up. I was in the DJ booth, he actually walked up to me like “You’re a legend, hey B. Simone!” Stop, I’m literally about to cry. [laughs] Don’t do that. How are you fanning out on me and you’re a legend? He showed so much love, he’s so supportive. An amazing experience.

How often does that happen? When someone praises you…

It happens often. You go up to these people you still look up to in the industry, but they know me now. We have the opportunity and chance to work together, it’s crazy the people you look up to are now your peers. You can work with them. They respect your artistry and think you’re funny, give you advice. That’s the best feeling in the world.

Prior to COVID-19, you were touring the country with the legendary Martin Lawerence.

Yes! That was cut short but it was more than enough for me. I don’t care if it was one day, 2 days, them thinking about having me on the tour was a blessing in itself. We were supposed to do 15 dates, but it got down to 2. I’ve been doing stand up for almost 3 years now. Man that Martin Lawerence date was my last date. I haven’t been on stage in 8 months so I’m trying to get back in the groove, I’m writing again. I was physically sick. I threw up, I had a panic attack. My best friend who’s my assistant on the road had to pull me to the side and pray with me. I was so nervous, so much going on and going wrong that day.

I opened up in front of 20K to 30K people and I killed it. I ran off that stage when I was done, balling crying. If people only knew what I went through before this moment. Stand-up is scary. Martin hugged me and said “you’re a legend, you killed it. Love you man!” He walked on stage and finished the show, I’m like “Jesus is real!” I was so nervous but it was the best experience ever. I’m the only female, the only millennial, it was so dope. The crowd showed so much love, Martin showed so much love. Crazy to even think Martin Lawerence even knows my name.

Anything you learned from watching Martin do his thing? 

I learned this has longevity and I love that about comedy. Even music, everything has longevity if you do it the right way but you can always make people laugh. No matter how you look, if you get older and you gain a little weight, you can still do comedy and that’s exciting. If you’re a legend and you’re funny, those things grow with you. Martin’s been in the game for 20 to 30 years, I’m sure some of those people in the audience watched the Martin show 20 years ago. Comedy has longevity, you can always make people laugh.

Even when you’re doing the hilarious Instagram videos, how are you so damn creative?

Girl, creativity is my life. [laughs] I didn’t even feel I was doing comedy, I was ranting to the camera. “Y’all today at work, this boy gon’ text me.” It’s really stuff that happened so I didn’t feel like I was being a comedian. I was telling my story and to 90% of the women that follow me, it’s relatable. One of the main points about comedy: when you’re relatable, people can laugh with you. Damn I’ve been through that, or damn I feel her. Relatable comedy is always what I’ve tried to do.


Talk about your collaboration with Footaction, are you wearing it right now? 

Yes I am! I’m in Vegas right now, just left the strip. It’s at the Miracle Mile shops, literally in the middle of Las Vegas. I’m in 22 stores across the nation, it’s on Footaction.com. I’m excited man. I love Footaction for letting me be me. They didn’t say “oh doing this merch line with B. Simone, this is our vision and put her face on it.” No, they asked me my opinion, what I wanted it to do. They let me have a hand in on the designs. Babygirl! Love yourself, that’s the campaign. I put my heart into that. Obviously with anyone that has a product, the goal is to get it off the shelf. You don’t make a product to not sell it.

I always put personal marketing and personal life, real stuff I go through behind my products, so I can always vibe and connect with the consumer or the person buying it. Pushing these young girls to love themselves. I went through a lot of stuff in the media publicly and privately, dark times. The only thing that got me through that was loving myself. Forget what the world or everyone else thinks about you, what do you think about you? Do you like yourself? You want everyone else to like you and you don’t even like you, so love yourself first. I’m super, super excited.

What are your favorite pieces and why?

Definitely the leggings. I’m a leggings girl. I’ve been working on that 6-pack for 5 years, I don’t have one yet but I’ma keep trying. I love leggings you can pull them right over your stomach. They’re high-waist, they’re so cute! Babygirl down the leg, so cute! All the merch: Babygirl hoodies with 90’s on the back. I was born in the 90’s so all the 90’s babies out there, I love it all. It’s so casual, everyday wear. It’s stretchy. We go from size XS to 2X for my thick girls, for my skinny girls and everything in between. Make sure y’all get it, I’m so excited.

You shopped the brand in high school, what was B like then?

The same girl. Obviously the entertainment industry I’m in, you have to have hair, makeup, nails, heels for red carpets, which is great, I love feeling sexy like a woman and very dressy, but not all the time. Some people love playing dress up all the time, that’s not me. I like to be casual, comfortable, and cute. When you can be cute and casual in one? That’s what I wanted with this line. When someone wants to throw on heels, they can, but I’d rather be comfortable.

Can you bring us back to when you first created “babygirl” to be your slogan?

So crazy, it just happened. Even with the B.Simone tone: “oh my gosh, babygirl! What? Da-da-da.” It’s the high pitch in your voice as you’re talking, the B. Simone tone. My followers said “you always talk like this, it’s crazy.” I didn’t even realize I was doing that. One of my best friends said “girl you’ve been talking like that since elementary.” It came along with my brand, the “babygirl! Baby boy! You’re my boyfriend,” all these different sayings. I’d say it and people caught on so much, I kept it in my videos and with my brand.

Being a strong black female in the space, how can you continue to push the narrative?

Yes, it’s so dope. People try to put black women in a box, whether it’s a certain role in a movie or saying we can only wear urban wear. I’m showing you can do it all. Of course, focus on one thing at the beginning. Once you master that, use that to open other doors. I focused on comedy, that brought me in revenue when I went on tour. Did Wild N’ Out, I used that and invested in my cosmetic line. I did merch, I did movies, you constantly grow. You can do whatever you want to do.

Don’t let people put you in a box. Whatever your heart desires, try it. If it doesn’t work, try something else. Try it a different way, but try it. When I die, I want to leave empty. I don’t want to leave full with all these ideas: should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. I got everything out of me, I did everything I wanted to do while I was on this earth. That’s the narrative I want to push for B.Simone and what I’m pushing to all of my fans and supporters. Anybody watching me, do everything.


Do you ever feel like you’re doing too much?

Yes, and I keep doing it. [laughs] If I’m not busy, if I’m not stressed and working all over the place, I’m not doing enough. I don’t want to be sitting here. Even in quarantine, me and my manager made manitizers: hand sanitizers and fuckboy repellent. Be creative, use your mind. When you feel “oh I’m not creative” or you’re losing it, find yourself. Spend time and meditate, go on your spiritual journey and get your creative juices flowing again. I always feel I’m doing too much and I love it.

What do you like to do for fun? What do you like to do to decompress and not work?

Girl, I’m a couch potato. That’s why I keep gaining all this weight, you see these chubby cheeks. Been trying to lose weight, I’ve been on this HGC diet, I’m on a new diet every other week girl.

What’s the HGC diet?

[sighs] The most. You don’t eat nothing but air, definitely works though. I lost 15 pounds, I think I gained 7 back. I like to eat, I like to watch TV. I love movies, thrillers. If it doesn’t have me on the edge of my seat, I don’t want to watch it. My family’s like “okay, can we watch like a comedy?” No my life is comedy, I’m a comedian. “Can we watch a love movie?” No, I want to watch a thriller. I like adventures, doing different things. Even while in Vegas, I went to a magic show. Different activities I’ve never done before. I’m chill, I like to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Talk about B.Simone Beauty, how difficult or easy was it to kickstart it initially?

I have it on right now! I love my brand. It’s animal cruelty free, it’s vegan. It was difficult, I learned a lot along the way. Sometimes you can’t learn stuff until you’re doing it. You can read up on it, you can get advice from people, but until your foot’s actually in the business, you don’t learn a lot. I lost so much money, invested so much money. Getting stuff out of customs, shipping stuff overseas, them not getting it and having to ship it again, you learn as you go.

It’s the best, most rewarding investment. I love that I invested in myself, I believed in myself and it came back tenfold. We’re a year and a half in business. Some businesses don’t even make it a month, shit. We’re going to keep growing. I’m so excited to make new colors, new accessories, new makeup. It’s lipgloss and lip liner right now. We have a few accessories like make up bags, but we’re definitely moving to bronzers and highlighters.

How does it feel to have it all sell out?

The best, most stressful feeling. [laughs] Once you sell out, oh my gosh! Then it’s we’re really sold out, we have nothing left to sell. You can’t make money if everything’s sold out, so you always make sure you have some backstock so people can continue to shop with you. It’s dope.

I love that your IG bio reads Billionaire B, how important is social media for your career?

So important, I just manifest. Of course I’m not a billionaire yet, but it’s coming. I want to be the first black billionaire, CEO, comedian, actress, musician all in one. I’m speaking it, I believe it. I know it’s going to happen like I manifested everything else in my career. Anything I say and really focus on and put my mind to, it happens. Social media changed my life.

How was partying with DaBaby? You still crushing on him?

Aww, he’s so cute. He’s so fun, he’s so professional. He’s given me job opportunities and put money in my pocket. He didn’t say “hey girl, come be in my video.” He approached me so professional: “what’s your rate? I want to book you.” I got paid for that. Almost too professional, I’m like touch my booty or something. [laughs] We’re great industry friends. He inspires me, he’s a hard-working guy in the entertainment industry. I manifested that too. He’s my Halloween costume one year ago, I’m stalking him on social media. A couple months later, I got the call to be the lead lady in his video. A great opportunity.

Did you think you’d end up there?

Not at all. [laughs] This boy thinks I’m crazy. It started off serious: he’s really cute, I have a crush on him. Then it was an annoying joke. I’m the manifest queen, so I’ma keep this up. We’re going to work together, watch. A couple months later, we worked together.

Talk about your book, Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want.

We had the public situation happen with the book: out of 80 something pages, a couple pages… It’s still on my Instagram, I addressed it publicly and apologized to those creators. Obviously I didn’t know, I hired someone outside of my team to do a job and they dropped the ball. As the CEO, I took full responsibility, accountability. I’m still very proud of my book. The chapters I wrote, the manifest techniques I had in there I believe in. I want to write another one, do it the right way. I learned so much from that. I did a class on how to make sure your business and all your ducks are in a row before you release something publicly. All of us make mistakes, my mistake was public. A lot of work went into it, a lot of work to even get that out. Anybody that has the book, continue to manifest and keep going.

What can we expect next?

Hopefully get back on tour within the next year. Hopefully COVID-19 calms down, the world goes back to normal. More collabs with Footaction, I’m in a 2-year deal with them. Have some surprises coming up after this line sells out. I’m claiming it, manifesting it. More content online. I’m excited to grow my fanbase, continue to feed them good content and make them happy. Also gain new followers, there’s millions of people out there who don’t know me so reach them too.

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