December 1, 2020

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Cantrell gives us hope that real hip-hop is here to stay. Hailing from Albany, Georgia just south of Atlanta, the rising lyricist sees himself within the gap between the older generation and the new, reeling in influences from the elites such as Outkast and Eminem and combining it with today’s modern day sound.

Today, he returns to unleash the official music video to his new single titled “Wake Up Wit It.” With production from MiSCHiEF BOY, the record sees Cantrell talking his shit with that unmatched energy when it comes to his bars, punchlines, and storytelling. Working with David Luke closely on the project, Cantrell immensely values his space—therefore writing the song alone at the mic. With a ratchet and righteous undertone, he took the saying “wake up with that muhfuckin’ thang me” and put it with faith instead of a tool.

Speaking on the visual, Cantrell states, “With that flip, there’s strength in that. Instead of packing the video with all of my homies, I wanted to show that strength in a different way: through the diversity and power of the black woman. There’s no bound you can put on any of those 4 women, but they all come with a different flavor and represent black women in their own unique way—that’s powerful to me. I wanted women to get their shit off like the homies always get to do, it felt right. Get that energy off, have some fun, show off some of your layers, and I’ll sweep the floor for you when you’re done being amazing.”

He adds, “And if I could’ve had 100 different women doing it 100 different ways, I would’ve.” When it comes to his faith, Cantrell aims to put God in the most familiar places possible, thinking that’s where He’d want us to find Him anyway. Watch above and get inspired!

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