December 15, 2020

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Lauren Lakis is a breath of fresh air in the music industry, arriving with her own version of  “delightfully gut-churning shoegaze.” With enchanting, haunting tones, the Baltimore native draws inspiration from the fatalistic spirit of the city and pairs it with raw, honest lyricism. Along with her band, the singer-songwriter has toured the West Coast extensively, sharing stages with Drowse, Coastlands, Emmet Palaima of Elizabeth Colour Wheel, and Flor & Winnetka Bowling League.

Now, Lauren returns with her newest single titled “Sail Away,” carrying the theme of someone running away with their inner child, protecting and parenting them at all costs. For Lauren, it’s the fact that she had to become her own mother at a very young age.

With her own mom struggling with addiction until Lauren was 10 years old, Lauren wants fans to know they can overcome the traumas of the past and rewrite the story they carry about themselves. You don’t have to let your past rule or prohibit joy in the present, the mistakes of our parents do not define us.

Speaking on the record, she states, “I was channeling the subconscious desire to heal. I mused on what it meant to be a daughter in every sense—a daughter of my mother, my father, God, and all of my ancestors preceding me—to be here now in this moment, with all of the familial baggage I no longer wished to carry.”

Shame serves no purpose other than to confine us to the prison of the past, it’s time to let it all go! Stream “Sail Away” above.

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