December 16, 2020

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Jenny March is “All In,” literally. Born in Ohio but now based in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter is best known for her fiery, pop records that are as intimate as they are intoxicatingly catchy. With a multitude of lyrics that can easily become Instagram captions or hashtags, March’s music is reminiscent of a conversation with your best friend or reading someone’s DMs.

Now, Jenny returns with her cinematic, 90’s inspired official music video for “All In” directed by Colton Tran, premiering today exclusively on Flaunt. The record itself chronicles the story of meeting someone and the instantaneous connection that ensues, serving as the second single from her highly-anticipated forthcoming EP arriving next year. As a 90’s baby herself, Jenny pays homage to the music, fashion, and style of the decade.

Video Still 2.jpg

“All In” was inspired by the first time Jenny met her boyfriend and the adventures that followed, reflecting on everything he did to catch her attention. Speaking on bringing the record to life in the visual, she states, “I pulled inspiration from videos of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, which I’ve always been obsessed with. You see fisheye lens shots, low angles, pops of colors, and of course, 90’s ‘Robot’ backup dancers.”

On her forthcoming 2021 collection, listeners can expect an abundance of badass female energy about being true to who you are and not caring about what people think. Once restrained by other’s opinions, the EP has allowed the singer to fully embrace herself.

If there’s one takeaway from her music, Jenny wants you to feel powerful and confident. It’s your world and you can do whatever you want in it!

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