December 22, 2020

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Lonr. continues to break down barriers when it comes to genres in the music industry. The California-born, Cape Cod-bred singer, songwriter, and rapper creates music as a source of healing for his own thoughts and feelings, allowing and giving listeners all around the world a chance to escape their own minds.

Riding off his critically-acclaimed debut EP Land Of Nothing Real released in April, he now returns with his newest effort titled “WORLD.” The song itself is nothing but his truth, with a message stemmed directly from his pain inside. Pairing it with a powerful visual, Lonr. belches his lyrics across different scenes from a dark warehouse to outdoors in the desert to staring directly at himself in the mirror.

Speaking directly on the song, Lonr. states, “My goal is for the world to understand my views and my upbringing, for people to resonate with my words and understand they’re not alone. I always want my supporters to be close and in touch with me—and to know, my world is their world.”

Watch below and feel Lonr.’s message for yourself!

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