January 7, 2021

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Flash Gottii is here to declare his place in the rap game. Talking his shit and flexing his diamonds with each release, the Kansas City native now calls Los Angeles home, locked in the lab each and every single day working and perfecting his craft. While many artists may be tied down to one sound, Flash prides himself in his versatility: singing, rapping, holding melodies, and everything in between.

Coming from true humble beginnings which includes being homeless and seeing his family struggle, it wasn’t until Flash’s mother got cancer that he decided to pursue music full-time. As being signed to 100ENT and the CEO of his own Flashgang movement, Flash effortlessly encourages his fans to stay lit, stay passionate, and remain true to themselves down to the core.

Stemming off an explosive stint opening for the likes of Trippie Redd and Blueface on tour, the rising star can hardly contain what’s in store for him in the new year. His last release “Talk My Shit” was a standout collaboration with New York’s own Ron Suno, pairing it with an equally braggadocious visual.

Flaunt caught up with Flash in downtown Los Angeles to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected him, missing tour life, where he records, relationship with Trippie, working with Ron Suno, his own weed strain called Flash Pack, the Flashgang movement, and more!

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You just came back from Kansas City, how was it back home?

It was cool, seeing the fam. I had a lil pop-up, I had everyone pull up to the parking lot. We be drifting in my city, doing donuts, sideshows in Kansas City. We’ve got the Chiefs, home of the Champions.

How geeked were you when they won?

It was fun. I was on tour with Trippie, it was cool. We’re down there the same weekend we’re going to the Super Bowl, we performed in Kansas City. It was crazy, perfect timing. It was lit, I came out with my Mahomes jersey.

How much do you miss touring?

A lot! I miss touring a lot, I want to get back to it ASAP. Interacting with the fans, the experience, going out in different cities.

Your first tour was with Blueface, then Trippie Redd. What’d you learn from touring with them?

I learned how to grow with your music and grow with the fans, how to interact, different things. How to control yourself when everybody’s looking at you, to show up every night and do the same thing. Perform basically, you’ve got to learn how to deal with the emotions.

How have you been holding up with COVID and everything?

COVID’s stupid man, it’s going dumb. [laughs] It’s going everywhere. I feel bad for all the people who lost their loved ones to this thing. I know a couple of people that had it. I’m ready for it to go away. I thought it was going down then it came back, got me back in the house.

Have any positives come out of quarantine for you?

Developing more of my sound, keep recording more. When the world opens, probably doing more shows. More radio, more outside rather than having to be inside. The great thing about quarantine: I’ve been growing my sound and developing different things. Being with different artists more.

Do you record at the crib?

Yeah, we’ve got the crib out here in Hollywood. 100ENT has a big studio, that’s where we record at. We record at my house too though.

What’s going on with the 100ENT gang?

It’s going good. Everybody’s growing, everybody’s making music. Stacking up everything, ready to get opened back up. the Coyotes are about to drop their EP. We’ve got, TruCarr he’s going crazy. Blueface still going crazy. Everyone’s working on music, dropping and getting ready for things to open back up. Trying to stay as active as we can.

“Paper Chase” is at over 1.4 million views on Youtube, how does that make you feel?

It’s a good feeling, I got that exposure and so many people got to hear it. I’m ready to make some more music though, I’m releasing more music.

What was the highlight from that video shoot?

Watching everything, it was crazy. We’re out in LA shooting videos with Trippie, Wack, and the whole gang. It’s crazy seeing how everything unfolded. We’re really going to the Super Bowl at the same time, it was good. A crazy feeling.

You and Trippie Redd have a few records, how has your guys’ relationship evolved?

We good, that’s my boy. I was out in Miami with him for his album. It’s crazy seeing all that happen. You’re seeing somebody work on their album, then the whole world sees it. It’s hard. It’s crazy. I’ll leave, come back, and he’ll have something crazy. “Damn, that’s hard bro.” Where was I? I should’ve been there. [laughs]

What were y’all doing in Miami?

Forreal just kicking it on yachts, family stuff.

Any other bangers in the vault?

I got something in the works with Tripp, probably drop on my album. I plan on working with him some more too, before I drop some things. I’m working on my album right now, ready to put things in the works.

Is there a name for the album yet? This is your debut.

Oh nah, I’m still going through the name. I feel so many emotions going through it.,so I’m putting together the body of work. After that, I can find the name. I’ve got some ideas for sure.

One thing you want fans to get from 2020 Vision?

That’s my first time dropping a project, trying to have fun with it. Let people hear the different sounds that I can do, the potential that I have. It’s an EP I put out on tour so that people can start to understand where I can go or where they can see me in the future with my music. I was doing different lanes in every song. On the EP, there’s a new type of sound. I love the feedback from it. Quarantine slowed some things up, that’s all.

How was linking with Ron Suno on “Talk My Shit”? He’s hilarious. 

That’s my guy. Shout out to Ron Suno, my dawg. It was crazy. We went out to New York, shot the video. I’m pulled up in Brooklyn, he’s from the Bronx so we’re driving the Wraith around kicking it. We had a song though when he came out to Cali.

How’d y’all tap in?

He had the song “Pinocchio Remix” with Blueface, he pulled up to the studio. I heard it like “aw yeah, this hard.” I like the New York sound.

Best memory from that shoot?

Us dancing, that was funny. He’s funny, he be hitting me with all the moves.

Talk about your own strain Flash Pack, how can people get it? 

Flash Pack came because I smoke a lot of weed. It’s about to be in all dispensaries, it’s going viral. The Flash strain came because I smoke a lot of weed. I was with a couple of my buddies, I know a grower. He wanted to link up with me so we put the strain together. It’s 3 flavors, 3 different strains right now.

How much you smoking in a day?

A lot. At least a zip or two a day. Every time I need a blunt, I roll up. Or somebody, have one of my boys roll ‘em up before so we keep getting high. I might pull up on one of my boys, they’re in the studio and they smoke. At least a zip a day, if not two.

Do you remember the first time you got high?

Yeah, I got high with my older brother. He got me high. Me and my boys got in a fight, one of my boys smacked the shit out of my other boy and he was mad. He was a lil bro, so he ended up running and we couldn’t find him. My brother walked in, my other boy was mad as hell: “I’ma kill him! I’ma kill him!” He couldn’t find him. We’re like “bro, chill out.” Smoked some weed with him. [laughs]

What’s the Flash Gang movement stand on? What does it mean to your fanbase?

Flash Gang movement is all my fans, all my peers and everyone that rocks with me. It’s a way to support what I’ve got going on and be a part of it. Everyone wants to be a part of something, so it’s my way of being a part of mine and what I’ve got going on. I’ve got a lot of gang members out there, it goes crazy. It’s a family that wants to have fun, a a place where they can come listen to me. A whole bunch of rockstars, whole bunch of young kids, whole bunch of old kids, whole bunch of everybody. Whole bunch of old ladies, old dudes, it be crazy. I’ve got fans out there in the UK.

How would you describe your drip?

I’m a rockstar. I just do what I want to do. I be swaggin’, tryna swag what I want to wear. I might do designer, I might do some cool shirts.

What do your fans love about Flash Gottii the most?

Probably that I could be myself, and have fun with everything. Not taking anything too serious.

What are you excited about in the new year?

Releasing new music in the new year, new videos. If the world opens back up, going on tour. I’m releasing one single to boost up the album. Elevate, keep going.

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