January 14, 2021

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Journee has finally unleashed her debut EP, and we’re in love. It’s Not You, It’s Me clocks in at 6 tracks total, inspired by the most generic breakup line in relationships. Spearheaded by her breakout single “This and That,” the project details all the ups and downs that come with having a significant other… with a focus on the latter.

Off the rip on her “Like That” music video, Journee is heard stating the words: “It’s a Journee, not a process, but I’m your best bet. If you think you gon’ do me like that, that’s a bad bet. I’m a bad pitch period. Money is my end goal, ‘cause all we’re adding is commas and periods.”

Hailing from the Bay Area, San Jose to be exact, Journee embodies the definition of an up and coming R&B artist on the brink of breaking through to the mainstream. Equipped with a smooth, sultry voice, endless passion, bad bitch confidence, and real-life storytelling in her lyrics, Journee is your girl-next-door exuding inner and outer beauty that bleeds into her music.

Describing her debut EP as her “little introduction to the world,” Journee is currently pushing lead single “Cappin,” a favorite picked directly from fans. Flaunt caught up with the singer-songwriter in downtown Los Angeles to discuss her experience with Covid, the inspo behind the EP, meaning behind the cover art, her 1801 team, advice for upcoming artists, a normal day in the life, and more!

How have you been holding up with Covid and everything.

I had Covid in July, so that shit was crazy. I had it for 3 weeks. I got tested after a week and a half and found out I was positive. They gave me the Z-Pak, some medication they’re giving for it. It was pretty bad, I was bedridden for 3 weeks.

How’d you get rid of it?

They gave me the Z-Pak and that really helped. I was taking Nyquil and a bunch of random medication so it wasn’t too bad.

How did that affect your artistry?

It slowed down some stuff I wanted to get done, but it wasn’t really too impactful. It was pretty quick, it went away.

How excited are you for It’s Not You, It’s Me?

I’m extremely excited, it’s my first project. I’ve been getting good feedback from it, it’s going well.

How long was it in the making?

The first song we dropped off was a year ago. “This and That” was the first single, the first song I ever really dropped that went on all platforms. It’s been a year and a half.

What’s the meaning behind the title?

It’s the most generic breakup line we decided to do. Most of my songs are breakup songs and songs about the bad side of relationships. That’s why we decided to go with that, the most generic breakup line.

Is this inspired by real life?

Yeah definitely, a few different situations I’ve been in. A few different guys. [laughs]

Do they know it’s about them?

Nah. They might have an idea, but I doubt it. I haven’t told them.

What does the car symbolize on the cover art?

We used an Acura Legend to say I’m a little young legend in the making. It’s an old school vibe. It was fun, we shot it on the East Coast because my team’s out there. We did it out there in Jersey.

 How did you find your team?

They reached out to me on Instagram. They were pretty serious, they called me up and they flew me out to the East Coast. Zak and them at 1801 Records.

Were you posting covers then?

Yeah, that’s how they found me. It was the covers, then I dropped “This and That.” They saw the video and said “yo we want to sign her.”

Did you have any type of team before that?

I was working with a few different managers but they weren’t good at their job, so I decided to go with 1801.

What advice do you have for inspiring artists who are trying to find a team?

I say keep going. Don’t really look for a team, let them come to you. You don’t want to be searching for someone. You want someone that believes in you wholeheartedly and is going to do whatever they can to help you with your career. Keep going, keep posting. Put out a lot of content, they’ll come to you.

“Options” is a vibe, bring us back to that studio session. 

The song “Options” is about dealing with not necessarily a bunch of different guys, but more so one guy and letting him know that he can be replaced. He’s replaceable and not everything’s guaranteed. Telling him that you got options, he’s not the only one that’s available. [laughs]

What songs mean the most to you on the project and why?

“Cappin” is my favorite song off the project, mostly because of the way it was made. Me and my roommate had a quick little session, he produces. We created that song, a dope little vibe. The concept behind it is dealing with somebody where you feel like their actions and their words don’t really match up. Then “Like A…” is pretty dope. I didn’t write that one but a songwriter called Tre Ace did, he’s really dope. He closed out the project perfectly with that song because it’s explaining how I turn coldhearted after everything I’ve been through. How I’m starting to act like a n*gga, starting to treat them how they treat me. That’s why I like that song so much.

Your fans like “Cappin” the most right?

They like it a lot, surprisingly. I doubt myself a lot. I didn’t know if they was really going to fuck with it, but they really do. That’s the single we’re going to push and the video we’re going to do next.

Talk about your creative process, you said your roommate is a producer?

Yeah in the IE where I live, an hour from Los Angeles. We always collab and do random stuff. He’s getting signed to House of 99 right now so he’s been pretty busy. I like to write by myself. My creative process is pretty simple, I be in my room writing to beats. I prefer to be alone. With the team, I’m starting to get used to writers and collabing more.

Are we going to get more of your story in the music?

Hopefully for my album. I’m trying to work on that as far as coming up with ideas on how to really make songs about my life more than just relationships. Hopefully that’ll be portrayed on the album.

What can we expect from the album?

Hopefully you’ll get to know me a little more. Hopefully some features and collabs with some dope producers.

What features?

I can’t really say much. I know for producers, we’re working with Hitmaka.

3 things you need in the studio?

I definitely need some incense, some candles, and some alcohol. [laughs] Either Casamigos or wine or Henny, don’t matter. It depends on the vibe.

What’s a normal day in the life?

A normal day for me is waking up, hitting the gym or hitting the park to run. Not everyday, but I try to. I be chillin’ around. Right now, everything’s slow. When I’m out here, I’m in my room writing or I come to LA for a few sessions. When I’m on the East Coast, I’m always doing something like a session or a photoshoot.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to paint. I’ve been painting a lot, I got into that during quarantine. I try to do portraits. It’s weird, I do portraits without faces. It’s just their figure. That’s really all I do for fun right now during quarantine.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I love streetwear, comfortable clothing. A lot of baggy stuff, but mostly streetwear.

What are you most excited for with the new year?

I’m excited for putting together my album. Hopefully closing out this deal with this major label, hopefully that’ll be finished top of the year. Mostly that major deal is what I’m looking forward to. [laughs]

What are you looking for in a major?

Definitely someone who believes in me, but pushes me as hard as my production team [1801] does.

Talk about the reality of independent grind.

I’ve been making music technically since I was 10, that’s when I did my first song. I started taking it seriously 3 years ago. After 1801 found me, it’s been nonstop going back and forth to the East Coast. It’s been a minute but compared to a lot of people, I’ve definitely been blessed with that quickness of things happening really fast.

How often do you go to the East Coast?

Shoot, every month. I’m out there more than I am out here. They want me to move out there

Would you consider it?

Yeah, I think I am. My whole team’s out there, no one’s out here.

What’s one thing you want fans to get from your project?

I want it to be empowering to women. I want them to know that they don’t need a man to do whatever it is they’re trying to do in life. The independent way is always the best way. Love yourself first before you get into a relationship. Hopefully, they can get that message behind all the songs.

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