January 15, 2021

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In a world filled with pain and bad supplements, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the CBD consumer: WeedSport. Albeit aesthetically pleasing with its design harkening back to the iconic times of Gatorade and Andre Agassi, the product itself is surprisingly potent. With a range of products from balms to tinctures to bath salts, the brand derives its potency from quality ingredients and passionate owners. Flaunt spoke with co-owners David Wilfert and MichaelAnn Cohlmia to discuss their journey into the crowded market, what their plans for the future are, and how WeedSport was born.


What was the deciding factor in starting the company and getting into CBD?

We’ve been in love with the cannabis plant for a long time, being active and playing sports for many years as well. WeedSport was our way of combining two passions. During the medical years in California, we used to purchase a variety of topicals for various aches and pains. After one rather bountiful fall harvest, we began experimenting with all of the ways we could use the plant. We’re really happy with a salve we’re making and began to give it out to family and friends for feedback. After a couple years, WeedSport was born. The reason we moved forward in the CBD market instead of the THC market was that we knew we could share our healing product with a wider audience across the country if we used the hemp plant.

Will you ever branch out to weed as well?

Definitely. Our roots are in cannabis, and the original WeedSport was made from it. For a brief window of time, we actually sold our current CBD topical in California dispensaries before the state changed up regulations. So yeah, we’ll be back. We’ve been approached a few times, but are still in search of the right partner to help bring our brand to market. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to grow WeedSport nationally through our CBD products.

Who are celebrity fans of the brand?

We always hear rumors of who is using our products… artists, actors, and athletes, but a dealer never talks about their clients. 🤫


Where do you source your CBD from?

Since the founding days of WeedSport, we knew the plant was the most important part of the process and developed relationships with former cannabis farmers who were taking their craft to hemp. We have partner farms in Oregon and Nevada, who grow for us throughout the year.

Any future products in the works?

It feels like we’re always working on something new at the HQ. Lookout for a few fresh products in early Spring in our recovery line, and we’ll be making a splash this Summer in a brand new category. We’re also expanding our apparel section and will soon be unveiling a bunch of new collaborations in 2021.

What are your personal passions in sport and design?

We love going to Dodgers games more than anything else, and are constantly inspired by nature and all that California has to offer. Being able to stay comfortably active all year long is amazing. Yoga in the morning, tennis in the afternoon, hikes at sunset.

Top five design influences?

Brand wars always fascinate us, especially in the early years of the sportswear industry. General Consumerism of the 80s and 90s. David Carson. All graffiti writers from every era. Museums. National Parks.

Who are your favorite athletes in general? Who would you like to see use your product?

Eventually as laws change and stigma subsides, we want to be in every locker room, on every bench, and in every trainer’s bag across all professional and amateur sports. The power of this plant is undeniable, and with time it will permeate culture. We read that Russell Wilson spends over $1 million annually on recovery, and we’d love a little taste of that action. For us, we look for athletes who are boldly unapologetic and unafraid of being themselves.

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