January 25, 2021

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The trap legends are back! This time, Yellow Claw kicks off the new year with their newest single titled “BASSGOD,” with an equally fiery visual to match. Released via Barong Family, the record features Indonesia’s hottest rapper Ramengvrl, an enticing label prospect in Sihk, and a studio workhorse in Juyen Sebulba.

With the Dutch electronic producers exploding onto the scene in 2015, offering 4 full-length albums to date and shutting down stages all across the world, Yellow Claw continues to bless their fanbase with only the hardest bass thumpers for fans to blare through their speakers or headphones. With the release of “BASSGOD,” we’re reminded how much we truly miss that festival life—holding the masses over until they can perform the record in real life after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the creative process behind the record, Yellow Claw states, “It’s one of those records for us like ‘Amsterdamned,’ where the song, the video, and the art direction naturally came together. We began shooting the ‘BASSGOD’ video in February and got shut down due to COVID. Finally last month, we were able to finish the video in Jakarta. Very happy we believed in our vision from the very start and so happy to finally share this with our people as last year was BORING for the most part.”

When it comes to the record, the message is clear: don’t stop believing in dance music because if you need us, we will be there. Watch above and dance the night away!

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