January 29, 2021

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Big Trip is here to prove his name in the rap game. Formerly touring the world as a member of Denver rap outfit Low Hanging Fruit, the Rye, New York-bred, Denver, Colorado- based recording artist comes from true humble beginnings, miraculously surviving what should have been a death sentence. Now, he returns with his newest single titled “INTL (Sleep When You’re Dead), premiered exclusively on AllHipHop.

Following the release of his debut single “Pack,” which garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, “INTL” sees Big Trip reflecting on his USPS-supported commerce and lifestyle. The certified banger is paired with a cinematic visual to match, as Big Trip is seen playing a mechanic with his friends.

Speaking on the record, Trip states, “The lyrics in the song speak to my mindset that I’ve acquired throughout my journey of becoming a strong, hard working, independent man. Once I heard the aggressive beat from Dirty Harry, I knew I had something gritty and authentic to say. The simplistic flow and cadence created space for me to really let people know how I’m feeling. I’m tired! My mind’s always going, and my phone’s always ringing. My body aches for rest but my mind is strong enough to realize: all that resting can happen when I’m dead! Crazy thing is, I actually had a close call when I was shooting the video for the song. I had a seizure while on set and almost died. Doctor said I wasn’t taking good enough care of myself or getting enough rest. But the only thing I’m focused on is getting my money and expanding my network internationally, while being the flyest dude to do it.”

Watch “INTL (Sleep When You’re Dead)” and get inspired to get up and go after it!

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