‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ Tells The Story Of Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton

February 16, 2021

Sunday, February 14th

Hey y’ll! It’s been a LOTTTTT happening. I’m literally coming off a 15-hour work day today (Monday). Haven’t done any movie blogs in a minute because Covid took the one thing I cherished in life: going to the movies. I’ve definitely adapted since then. I used to have a no TV rule because it just felt like wasting time on the couch, but then I realized my mental health was deteriorating lmao. You can’t work AM to PM, 24/7 and still stay sane. You need to take breaks and time for yourself to chill, and that’s the positive that came out of quarantine for me. Even if it’s for 30 minutes or an hour, winding down is essential to your overall state of being.


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Still learning this work-life balance thing, but grateful for the progress I’ve made internally. The fact that I have an overflowing plate of work during the pandemic is a blessing and plus, my puppy Slim helps a SHIT TON. Anyways! Last night was Valentine’s Day, shout out to everybody who showed love. I had the pleasure of interviewing Trey Songz for his exclusive V-Day performance on Vyre Network, shout out to Lamar. I recently took on the Creative Director role for their True Magazine branch. Best believe I asked about the sex tape lmao, he was a great sport about it.


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Okay now to the actual movie… if you’re a hip-hop fan in the slightest, you probably saw your favorite artist post the soundtrack to this film. Had no idea what Judas and the Black Messiah was until I put 2+2 together (which I first saw on G Herbo’s page). First off, this would’ve been so lit if it was at AMC Theaters lmao. I miss that shit fr! It’s about the Black Panthers back in the day, specifically Fred Hampton. Definitely super heavy but super needed in light of today’s current climate. Systemic racism has always been an issue since we’re been on earth, and the fight continues everyday.

In the words of NPR, “The movie focuses on the last year or so in the life of Fred Hampton, the chairman of the Panthers’ Illinois chapter. He was only 21 when he was killed in 1969 by Chicago police during a raid on his apartment that was planned with the FBI.”

Daniel Kaluuya plays Fred, the main character, while LaKeith Stanfield plays the informant. Really a crazy story if we’re being honest. I love these movies not only because it’s a great film overall, but because it’s telling a true story. What you see happening in the movie really happened in real life, and it baffles me what they really went through or had to overcome on a daily basis. The movie’s 2 hours 6 minutes long but it went by super fast. zit’s hard not to be engaged because something’s always happening. This is a hella short review ’cause I got shit to do  but highly recommend it!! Especially if you’re trying to find something to watch like I know the world is… this one hits home for sure. Lmk what you guys think!! <3

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