March 5, 2021

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Alt-rock trio DREAMERS got their first big hit in 2016 with This Album Does Not Exist, which debuted #15 on Billboard’s New Artist Alternative chart. Over the past few years the guys who hail from Brooklyn and now live in Los Angeles, Nick Wold, Nelson, and Jacob Wick, have toured tirelessly gracing the stage with acts including X Ambassadors to The 1975 to Weezer and played huge festivals from Lollapalooza to Bumbershoot. Now a year into quarantine, the band still finds ways to perform and make music (they just debuted a livestream at The Roxy this past Wednesday).

Dropping today is their 5-song EP, Palm Reader, via Hollywood Records available on all streaming platforms. Mixing grunge, electronic pop and 70’s rock, the EP features songs including “Still Not Dead” with American Teeth and Wes Period, and “True Crime” featuring DeathByRomy. The highlight track “Palm Reader” is an upbeat pop electro rock single about finding love in LA while poking fun at tarot and crystals. Infectiously catchy, the single features killer verses from the legendary rapper Big Boi of Outkast and emerging singer-songwriter UPSAHL who’s written for Dua Lipa and just dropped “Happy Ending” with Mike Sinoda and Iaan Dior. Lead singer Nick Wold gives us the tea on the most recent collaboration, his opinions on Tarot, and his all time dream concert lineup below.

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Tell us more about how the Big Boi collaboration happened. What song or album inspired you more from OutKast?

We’ve been looking to collaborate more with hip-hop artists we love. We knew Big Boi had done alternative songs before with Phantogram and Little Dragon, who we’re fans of as well. It was a really cold reach-out and we freaked out when he said he liked the song and wanted to do a verse. I’ve been a huge fan since Aquemeni, and I had Speakerboxxx/The Love Below on repeat in my formative musical years. Even though I was primarily a rock fan, those are two all-time albums for me.

You’re also dropping an EP titled Palm Reader today, any fun facts or inspiration the fans might want to hear about the full project?

As our normal plans got all kinked with the worldwide quarantine, we decided to just start writing and releasing songs one at a time, and faster than we ever have.  This is the first batch of these songs, which is what we see as a new era for us creatively and personally after our second album.  Rock and roll is philosophy to me, and these songs are odes to that great search for meaning and truth. They’re a way of figuring out life, death, and everything.

Since the song is called “Palm Reader” – any fun experiences getting your cards read you want to mention? Do you believe in Tarot?

I think of tarot and palm reading as an art form and a fun game, but I don’t believe in it at all literally. I’m actually a big fan of hard science and skeptical reasoning. [laughs] Tarot readings in my life have mostly been a great way to flirt. The idea for the song started with me almost poking fun at the girl I was dating, for being so very LA with her sage, tarot and crystal mysticism. By the time I wrote the second verse, I realized maybe she really could tell my future since she had me wrapped around her finger. She could decide my fate.

What do you miss most about touring and performing live?

I miss traveling internationally, seeing corners of the world I never have, finding strange and funky adventures where least expected. I miss the power of a huge crowd: whether it’s one of those special times where we’re on stage in front of one, or whether I’m in the crowd beholding the spectacle.  This time has made us appreciate that more than ever.

Dream touring lineup for when things open up? Who would you want to play with or be on the bill?

Dream tour lineup is Nirvana opening for John Lennon, with Bob Marley and the Wailers and us playing the after-party. More reasonably I’d love to play shows with Big Boi, Upsahl, Grandson, Cage The Elephant, Shame, American Teeth, Wes Period, Irontom. Too many to mention really.

Craziest dream you’ve had recently?

I’ve been enjoying being stuck at home but always have dreams where I’m traveling, in airports and train stations. I had a dream two nights ago where I was holding onto a giant ball of gnashing teeth, keeping it from chomping everyone. I wonder if there are deeper meanings or if it’s my brain reabsorbing neurotransmitters and defragmenting the hard drive.

What’s next after the EP for you guys? 

We have more energy than ever.  We’re gonna have a lot more music, philosophies and visuals coming, it’s gonna get crazier and crazier.

Anything else here you want to let us know?

Nothing but to say thanks to anyone who read this to the end. Take time to daydream, and have a swell day.


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