March 8, 2021

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PTG365 is here to take over the automotive game, and they’re spreading their entrepreneurship game to the masses. While the 3 young male entrepreneurs hail from all different walks of life, they all hail from the same city: Queens, New York. Composed of Brandon Medford, Eric Whitehead, Dave Obaseki, PTG365 has grown to beyond just a multi-million dollar company, they are paving the way for the luxury car business to thrive whole giving back to their community.

Having sold the finest vehicles and closed deals for today’s hottest celebrities such as Mulatto, 50 Cent, T.I., and Swae Lee, the guys are thrilled to have partnered with Snapchat for their own show called Driven. Not only was Season 1 a complete success, but Driven skyrocketed to the #1 show on the social media platform. Additionally, they launched their PTG365 Academy to teach the youth about business and entrepreneurship while changing people’s lives, with proceeds paying bills to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PTG365 stands for “Price Is Too Good Everyday,” a concept that all 3 guys came up with collectively. Flaunt caught up with the self-taught entrepreneurs (all under 30)their roots i, whose mantra is “Cash is King but credit is Power.” Read below as we discuss how their love for cars, their favorite vehicles, having the #1 show on Snapchat with Driven, what we can expect from season two, the motivation their story gives to the masses, and more!

How did you guys all meet? 

Eric: I met Brandon in junior high school. We go way, way back. I met Dave at the age of 16 years old, I met Dave in college. They never knew each other, I introduced them both together before coming together and starting PTG365.

How does Queens, New York, play into your life and career?

Dave: I’m from the north side of Queens. I’m not going to say I’m from a bad neighborhood, I’m from Cambria Heights, but I grew up with people who are no longer here due to crimes that have happened from the north side of Queens. Not going to say I came from the craziest hood or the best suburbs. I have a middle-class working family but if you walk down a couple blocks, you’re in Shadyville. Hollis is called Cop Killer Queens so I tried to stay away from that life. Thank God that I’m here and I made it to my age because I can name a couple friends that didn’t.

Eric: Growing up in Queens made me diverse. I had a little bit of everything growing up. I grew up from a middle-class family, both my family was law enforcement. Growing up in a neighborhood with a lot of violence gave me that edge at the same time, so I was book smart and street smart. It made me capable of doing things that were unimaginable. I was always good in school, but I come from the background with a lot of friends in the streets. It taught me to hustle, it taught me self-motivation. If I can’t get it from family or certain things, I know how to fend for myself to become successful and to get what I needed.

Brandon: I’m from a great neighborhood, great community: Ozone Park, New York. Two working parents from a working class neighborhood. No violence really in my neighborhood, just a very diverse neighborhood. My parents are from the Caribbean islands so I was growing up on discipline and education in the household. They were very strict, I was supposed to go to college. Both of my parents are college graduates, my sister went to college.

I went to college and I dropped out. When I dropped out, it was a shocker to them. They couldn’t believe that I dropped out. When I started to make money at such a young age, at 19 I was making $100K. At 23 years old, I was making half a million dollars. They really started to believe everything I’m saying is going to come to fruition in life. Everything I told them when I was younger started to happen as soon as I reached the age of 19. They started believing me deeply and I’m here now, to this day.

Dave: Oh I didn’t know we were going deep like that. I come from Nigerian descent, school’s a big thing. I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Criminology, and my dad wanted me to be white picket fence family life. I knew I was built different because I’m a hard worker, and I can’t work for the man. From my culture, you not graduating college or you not making it in life, not only are you a failure but you’re looked down upon. So the pressure was on. My father did great in life and gave us a great house to live in, my mother was a nurse. She still works because she doesn’t want to be in the house bored all day.

Eric: I graduated high school at the age of 16 with an advanced diploma. I went to college. I come from a very strong family as well, so school’s definitely important. I finished school. I come from a great middle-class family. Everybody’s working, everybody’s successful. My grandmother was a principal of a school, my mother works for NYPD.. My father is a retired correctional officer, rest his soul. My whole family is law enforcement background. All had education. Growing up in Jamaica, Queens was a little rough in the area but I showed that you don’t have to be a product of your environment. I became successful with my team, we’ve made millions of dollars straight from there. I was working right out of high school.

Talk about your love for cars and when that happened.

Dave: Eric and Brandon were in the game longer than me. I never found myself to be a car person ever. I liked cars, buying cars, but selling it was never a dream of mine. It never dawned on me that you could be where I’m at doing it. Eric told me “David, you got a gift. You’re good at talking to people, making no’s turn into yes’s all the time. Why don’t you utilize having a gift for gab toward cars?” I’m like “okay, let me try it.” He wanted me to do it with him. I said “you know what beforehand, let me tap in and learn the fundamentals,” so I learned it.

I was a BDC, one of the bottom totem pole positions in the car world. I did it for the experience. I was a sales professional, then I became a used car sales manager. I’m a quick learner. I learned that talking people into vehicles and closing them in numbers, you can make a lot of money. It’s really super simple, I learned you can make a lot of money selling cars. I found a love and passion in it, the whole talking to a million customers at one time. Yeah it’s stressful, but I learned to love it. When you love something, money comes with it. I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the love of selling cars and the position it’s put my company in.

Eric: I come from a large family, all my family had a passion for cars. My family was always successful, it was a thing for everyone to always have the newest and the flyest car. I’ve been in the auto industry for about 10 years. I’m 27, I’ve been doing this since I was 17 years old straight out of high school. Right before I finished college with my associate’s degree, I was selling cars. One of my uncles was a finance manager for a dealership, also my mentor. I always wondered,” how did he always have the flyest cars? How did he always have a pocket full of money?”

I found out he’s in the auto industry. My love for family and them having always the flyest cars, I always had a passion for cars. I’ve always loved cars from the way they look, their appearance, to the way they sound, to how they drive… wanting to know different cars. Growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was Top Gear. It was the European edition, so I always wanted a British accent to do car reveals and car videos. To inspire people to drive cars, get out there and understand how cars are built, different manufacturers of vehicles. I’ve always loved cars. Even now owning as many cars as I’ve had in the past to my car collection now, to the car collection I’m possibly going to buy in the near future, I’ve always had a love for cars.

What’s your favorite car?

Eric: My favorite car right now is a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a car I’m going to be purchasing within the next year. Right now with the way global warming is going, it dropping down engines from making them from V8s to V6s and V12s to V10s, this is going to be the last generation of the Lamborghini Aventador. That’s the only Lamborghini right now where the doors go up, it has a V12 engine. What they’re doing with a lot of car companies is making them electric, so I have to get this car within the next year or it’s over. [laughs] Because everything’s going to be electric with no sound.

Dave: That’s also one of my favorite cars, I’m getting that car as well. My first favorite car is the Ferrari SF90, a car I extremely want. It’s magnificent, 986 horsepower. It’s a beautiful car. It’s not even a want, it’s a need. It’s a car that’s going to hold its value for quite some time and I’m going to keep it. I’m never going to sell it.

Brandon: Bugatti Chiron Sport because it’s a car that’s not seen at all, a car I’ve always wanted since I was younger. I always wanted a Bugatti because you don’t see those cars at all, I like having a something that’s rare.


What’s the most fulfilling part of your jobs?

Dave: Being appreciated for what we do. The accolades that come with what we do, and the joy clients get from when we deliver the vehicle to them when they think it couldn’t happen.

Eric: The best part of my job is making people turn their dreams to reality. People who think deals can’t get done, turning around and getting the deals done. Putting their dream car in their driveway, showing them if there’s a will, there’s a way. Being able to assist all families, all different walks of life, to show my peers and my mentees that you don’t have to sell drugs. You don’t have to be an athlete, you don’t have to be a rapper to be successful. I’m from your neighborhood, I’m from Jamaica, Queens. I’m from New York.

I went to school and became a multi-millionaire. I’m able to take care of my family, you could do the same thing. That’s the joy it brings to my life, showing you can be successful without doing all those other endeavors. Like Brandon said, I had a similar thing within my family. I used to tell them I wanted to sell cars. Coming from a family where my grandmother’s a principal, my mother works NYPD, selling cars? They frowned upon it until I showed them my first W2 and it was over $100K at the age of 17, 18 years old. They looked at it very differently.

Brandon: Changing people’s lives. Seeing those smiles on people’s faces, turning their dreams into reality. Surprising somebody, turning people’s sadness into tears of joy and happiness. Usually you see people’s tears because they’re in pain, or they’re sad or going through something, but to see people so happy and so excited, that really is a blessing. I’m very spiritual and into God. I know when you can touch people’s lives and help them to be a better person, you can change their lives for the better, God’s always going to bless you.

What does it mean to have the #1 show on Snapchat, with Driven?

Dave: Praise to the most high, it’s a great accolade. It’s amazing, what we’re doing has never been done. People try to duplicate it but it’s only so much you can do. It’s a great feeling. It’s humbling, it’s refreshing. It keeps us motivated, because now we need the #1 show on Netflix. Next is we need the #1 show on HBO, it doesn’t stop. It keeps going. The sky’s the limit for us, especially in the entertainment world.

Eric: I’m still super excited. The fact that I have a TV show. We knew that we’re going to be successful in starting this company. Together with our strengths and weaknesses, we found the ultimate tripod. A crazy trio. Having your actual own TV show, Snapchat is a major platform. We helped increase Snapchat’s stock with the TV show, now that they have Snapchat TV. I’m still shocked and amazed that they signed us up for a crazy deal. This is very amazing, I’m very proud of myself and my business partners that we have a TV show.

We never thought it would be this big, we had over 19 million viewers within one season. A car show about entrepreneurs from New York who are living and working proof that you can start from somewhere and go anywhere. We have all kinds of celebrities, all different walks of life, all kinds of doctors, all kinds of attorneys, they’re all coming to get cars. Who would’ve thought it would be this big? Not I, that’s a fact.

How did the partnership come about?

Dave: They reached out to us. A lady named Lindsey, wonderful woman over there. Big Fish is one of their brokers or middlemen, where they find talent and bring the talent to HBO, Snapchat, etc. They found us so we went to Manhattan, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was like seeing fans at a table. They knew everything about us, we didn’t know anything.

Eric: It came about from all of our articles, we collectively have about 20 articles between Forbes Magazine, Essence Magazine. We drummed up a lot of buzz, that’s how they found out about what we were doing. We were a hot commodity, all the celebrities were contacting us. Everybody wanted to know what was going on, everybody wanted a monster dealer. If you weren’t getting your car with confetti, a bow or red Carpet, it wasn’t it.

When they contacted us, we all thought it was a joke. We thought it was a scam. “Hey, we want to see you guys on TV, can you guys get on a Skype call? I’m thinking this must be a joke. They started doing interviews in a white wall in an office. When they contacted us back and started sending contracts, it dawned on us like wow, this is really real. TPeople are still calling us: “hey, your show is absolutely amazing. Have you thought about this, have you thought about that?” It’s only going to get bigger and bigger.

What can we expect from the second season of Driven?

Dave: We have double the celebrities, bigger machines, more excitement, more energy. Another thing for the second show. We’ll be tapping into our personal life. You’re going to get into more details about me, Eric, Brandon’s personal lives. It’s going to be freaking amazing. We have more celebrities on this season than we do on Season 1. The cars are even more expensive, so super excited.

Eric: Since we had over 19 million viewers on Snapchat, they gave us more time for the episodes. The episodes went from around 6 to 7 minutes, they extended the time of how long the episode goes because of us. We definitely made some headway with Snapchat, broadening Snapchat TV. I didn’t even know that it was that many people on Snapchat because everyone’s all on Instagram. The show was so successful that they extended the duration of the shows. A lot more content, a lot more cars.

They gave us a little bit more creative control, so we’re flying on jets, we’re living life the way we live life. They get to see us interact with our family. They get to see what more it takes in a deal. We get to educate the consumers more to let them know the differences, for the younger kids or the adults watching who purchase cars who don’t really understand or know what the difference is between leases and finances, cash deals and rates. They gave us a little bit more control and let us be a little bit more of us.

You’ve sold and closed deals for big celebrities such as Mulatto, 50 Cent, T.I. and Swae Lee. Favorite memory? 

Dave: Exposure, meeting the client. You have to understand something, these clients are giving us their personal information. They’re worth millions and multi-millions… 50’s worth multi-millions of dollars. T.I., multi-millionaire. These clients have given us their personal information to buy a car. Mind you, they’ve purchased cars before. On top of that, there’s hundreds of people who are in the same car world who will pay for their service because of the exposure. They’re coming to us, they’re trusting us. That trust alone is impeccable.

Eric: My greatest memories overall would be the interactions, actually getting to meet these celebrities. Growing up and watching TV or listening to music with most of these people, now them inviting me to their houses, traveling with them, partying with them. Them being comfortable enough to trust me with handling their financial purchases on their vehicles. These are millions and millions of dollars of vehicles. The best part is establishing that relationship with them, where it’s not just a client, it’s a relationship where you become friends with these people.

Who would’ve thought I could call up Swae Lee, or T.I., “hey wassup bro, I’m in your town.” They say “pull up with your car.” Next thing you know, we’re out having cocktails and having dinner, living life. Them looking at us not as your car dealer, as a friend. Establishing that relationship. Another memory is being able to travel. This job has opened up doors. For me, working in a dealership and sitting, working 9-9 or 9-5 every other day, to now being able to travel the world and sell cars. Ship cars, meet the cars in another city, be able to live life to the fullest. Make a great living and take care of my family at the same time is absolutely amazing.

Talk about launching PTG365 Academy to teach the youth about business.

Dave: PTG365 Academy is a course we’re dropping where people, our mentees, are signing up to learn how to master sales, how to master becoming an auto broker to do what we do. To master branding and marketing themselves, but there’s a $1,995 fee to do that. That information is million-dollar information. I’m literally giving the blueprint of how I got to where I got to. We’re dropping 3 huge courses: brand development/marketing, becoming an auto broker, and last but not least, sales. It’s dropping the first week of April. You’re investing in yourself. In the car dealership world to become a finance manager, they send you to a school in Arizona or Texas, one of those states and you pay $10 grand. You have to pay $10K for the certification to learn how to structure numbers and understand warranties, etc. We’re offering more than that for $1,995, it’s to help put whoever entrepreneurs that’s tired of working for the man on another pedestal.

Eric: Coming from where we come from, a lot of people don’t think you can become successful by selling cars and we showed that. We pioneered the game and revolutionized the auto industry. Due to this pandemic, a lot of dealerships have been closing. We’re giving people game to show them you don’t have to work for somebody to be successful. If you are working for somebody, how to maximize your skills and your potential to take it to the next level and make as much money as you can. Unlimited earning potential, make millions of dollars and be free.

Whether you want to work for yourself or independent, we’re giving you the game. 3 genius mindsets coming together to show you how you can be the best you can be at whatever you’re doing. With our sales course we’re charging people to take, it’s not sales with selling cars. It’s sales overall, because everything in life is a sale. Whether you’re at the grocery store, you’re buying furniture or selling cars, it’s a sale. Or even purchasing a home, it’s a sale. You want to be able to capitalize and maximize the opportunities presented in front of you.

We’re giving you game on how to maximize it, A through Z. A course where you can meet your mentors and talk to them, questions and answers: “how do I do this? What are ways to do this? If I hit this wall, how do I not hit this wall again?” Because we’ve been through it, we became successful. We’re all under 30 years old and we have a TV show about what we’ve done. We want to show people how to get it done as well and become successful. We’ve been blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, thank you God for everything. We want to give back to the people and show them that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Being self-taught entrepreneurs under the age of 30, what was your secret? 

Dave: I was born into this world motivating myself. I was working at the age of 13 when I didn’t have to. I motivate myself. I love being in a room and I have the least money, I have the least knowledge of anyone. When I sit down and I listen, I’m like a sponge. I listen, I apply it to my life, and I go hard. I motivate myself, I’m self-motivated. I don’t need somebody in my ear saying “do this, do that.” I’m already motivating myself. I’m 29 years old in a damn near million dollar house, before I’m 30. It’s a 7-bedroom house with 3 living rooms in New York. That’s a lot of money in New York: 6,000 square feet, 15,000 square feet in the pool area.

For me to get to where I’m at, I had to motivate myself. I’ll say my father was key to that. My father, my partners– super key to that as well because we all reciprocate each other’s energy. So if Eric is on 100, if Brandon is on 100, I have to be on 100. If I’m on 100, Eric and Brandon can’t be on 50. It doesn’t work. So mines is I self-motivate myself. I don’t really need to be pushed to be motivated, but I love being in the room and being the small fry, because I know what they did to become a big fry, and I listen and I learn and I just go and apply it to my life.

Eric: There’s no secret. I’d say my family. My family was very big on education. From young, I always had a passion. I always wanted to be successful. When my family told me no, I always wanted to hear yes. I had the mindset to by any means necessary, I’m going to figure it out. Mind over matter. Once you get your mind into it, that’s the hardest part. The rest is getting it done. I’ve always been self-motivated from young, whether it’s with school or applying myself in anything in life. It was all a mindset. You need to either have an open mindset or a closed mindset. My mindset has always been open to grow, to build, to learn, and want to understand different things.

Reading a lot of books, I used to read so many different books from my youth until now. Albert Einstein said, “a man who knows everything knows nothing.” I always wanted to know as much as I could, I’m never afraid to ask questions. If I don’t know something, I’ll ask the question to figure it out or learn. Your brain is a muscle: the more you put in your brain, the more you let out, the more you can retain. That along with being passionate, having an open mindset, and that hunger and determination to be successful was my motivation right there. To make my family and myself proud, to show people I can do it, to prove to myself, to prove to my peers that I always pay attention when you’re teaching me things. I want to be the best that I can be.

Anything else you’d like to let us know?

Eric: Driven Season 2 on the way. The PTG365 Academy because we’ll be giving real game. We are changing lives day to day. Even before this course, we from PTG365 itself have inspired many people who’ve worked for us to open up 20 or 30 different brokerages. We’re here to empower everyone. If you want to learn, sign up now. You won’t be disappointed, I can guarantee that.

Dave: PTG365 Academy, please make sure you put a lot of emphasis on that. I want that to be its own entity in this article: PTG365 Academy and what it comes with. It’s very important to make sure that’s stamped. The world needs to know we’re dropping that first week of April.

Eric: And we’re still selling cars too, that’s very important. If people are interested in purchasing a vehicle, if they’re able, we have access to all makes and models at the best pricing hands down. You don’t have to set foot in a dealership to purchase a car. We have rebates. You can lease, you can finance, or you can buy a car outright cash no matter what city you’re in. We have the opportunity to sell you a car. Any car your heart desires and your finances can afford, we can make it happen.

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